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APRIL 29, 2012 11:58AM

(The First) 13 Reasons the United States Has Gone Insane

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The United States has gone insane. Seriously. Healthcare sucks. We're at the bottom of the barrel statistically in so many ways. Conservatives have the dumbest talking points ever. No one can count. No one really knows the definition of socialism. So, I'm starting a list. I have no idea why I picked thirteen. It was a number. I could list more.

 (The First) 13 Reasons the United States Has Gone Insane

 1. Anyone listens to Ted Nugent at all, for any reason. This includes that stupid and derivative song "Catscratch Fever." Did you know that the disease is passed through kittens primarily and can cause sterility? Me neither until I got it once, and the doctor informed me with a glee that was kind of unseemly. So, that song is just stupid. And what Ted thinks otherwise? Who gives a fart?

2. Anyone on the right denies the legislation against women isn't problematic. Are you kidding me? Arizona made pregnancy a legal event that happens two weeks before conception. Seriously, that is the stupidest fucking thing ever. I'm embarrassed for Arizona and for us, for having to put up with Arizona. We've been compared to farm animals. Our ability to obtain birth control has been challenged. It's war, baby. And since women make up at least half the population, it's a profoundly stupid thing for them to do. 

 3. Anyone who believes education is a bad thing. You know, when I was a kid, education was something that made you a good citizen, something of which to be proud. An uneducated citizen is more easily controlled, not more snobbish. Why in the hell does anyone believe that?!? 

 4. The whole drone business. I'm curious. How will police be using drones, even in neighborhoods that they might deem 'at risk?' (I'm really just imagining the possibilities.) Even the small ones could pose problems near airports and the like. The large ones ... hell ... no way. Let's all imagine the plane crash caused by one. And the headline. And the really little ones that look like insects? I keep having this vision of smashing one accidentally on my car windshield. Look, we have satellites for this stuff already, unfortunately. 

5. Mitt Romney and his wife's attempts to make themselves look like they suffered in years past in a financial way ... it's not going well. He sold stock to supplement their income. Yeah. That's something to which we all have access. Well, I do have access to stock, through my family. Livestock. I could have begged my father to sell a cow. Perhaps for some magic beans.

 6.  The state of healthcare in the United States compared to the rest of the developed world is bad. The United States came in dead last in care and almost two or three times as expensive as Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, the UK, Germany, and New Zealand. America spends an average of $7200 per capita, while the next costliest country is Canada at $38oo. So, the next time you complain about socialism (which you can't define without checking) and the cost of your taxes (lowest in years), think too how you can't count because, if you paid taxes for universal care, you'd pay less overall. MUCH less. So, either you're agreeing to pay more because you can't count or for some weird principle involving being a rube. 

7. People support the travesty that is Toddlers and Tiaras by watching it. 

8. People actually believe success is only about hard work. Hard work is not a bad thing, but it does not inevitably lead to success. 

9. Studies show immigration is a zero (or even negative) in our country. Still, the xenophobes are passing really dumb laws, guaranteed to make us look like asshats who don't really believe in  our own Constitution. Again, embarrassing. 

10. Tennessee has passed a law allowing the teaching of creationism. Some people are saying it's okay to teach both to get 'a fair look at both sides.' Um, no. One side is science. The other side is church. If you really want to have religion in public schools, you better think about the consequences really carefully. Will you be okay with Satanism 101? Because you'll have to be!! Along with all the ooothhheeeers you people don't like. You know what I'm saying. 

 11. There are still no flying cars in my driveway. Yes, that's a personal note. On another personal note, my mother thinks that's okay. 

12. Look up aspartame on the Internet. Just look up how it passed the FDA. Stop drinking it right now.

13.  People buy water in bottles, water that comes from municiple sources, instead of turning on their faucet and putting it into a container they own. That's just all kinds of stupid. Not only is the water in your faucet regulated, when bottled water is not, they have bottles now with filters built into them. And they look cool. 

That's my thirteen reasons. But, it's The Crazy Years over here. What is going on with some of you people out there?  Please tell me some sanity is left somewhere and some respect and understanding for our Constitution. And if you spout a talking point at me, I'm going to delete it. I hate that crap. I want a reasoned argument, with fact and things. Not some pundits' drunken musings as they sit on the toilet before they go on camera.

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I'm going to have to go back and provide links at some point. But, all this stuff is horribly real. And there is Google.
Thirteen is a good start, but, as you said, one could list more. A radio DJ in Ohio recently told someone he should enlist one of his friends to screw (rape) his gay daughter 'til she was straight. USA USA USA!
Great list! But let's just call this the first>/b> thirteen reasons, shall we?
Yeah. I figure I'm mostly preaching to the choir. But, it made me feel better.
My god, is it really impossible for me to do one simple html tag?
Jeanette--You have a point. I will do it.
Liberals/progressives are supporting the man who extended the Bush tax cuts and Bush war efforts
Yes. You're right. And that's even more insane. But, alas, the conservative alternatives are really, profoundly bad in comparison. Ron Paul's philosophy is ridiculous. What about community? That's vital to any republic, too. I couldn't support any of that crap. At least with Obama, I'll get a few things supported. The real issue, however, is not the President. It's CONGRESS. Almost to a person, they suck.
I like Rocky Anderson, but I'm not sure he could win. I don't want to make the "Ralph Nader" mistake.
It's not that you are wrong, O. , it's that our dynamic, can-do society is so full of itself, that it has always thought that WE can make Brainwashing work. I'm referring to Culture clash: the idea that WASPs could turn any number and type whatever of culturally alien groups of people into good "Liberals" , or whatever. It's a lot like saying that since men and women are more or less the same the world over, therefore any man can marry any woman and make it work if they try hard enough. Theoretically, that might be true, but life is too short to make it happen. Where that leaves us now, I would say , is that we should seriously consider following the example of Czecholoslovakia: agree to a "divorce " now of some coherent ethnic groups, (if we can identify them) , and go our separate ways, BEFORE we start shooting (again).
O.: You were quick to say that Ron Paul's ideas are ridiculous, but have you noticed that his program would actually accomplish a great deal of what Liberals claim that they value (no war, etc).? I don't believe myself that Libertarianism is viable, but at least Paul is honest, so much so that I fear for his life.
I shall return after I google "aspartame." Preliminarily, however, your other points seem sound, and I have nothing to offer in opposition . . . with the sole exception of that relating to a flying car, which I must think about more. In the meantime why don't you move on through number 25 because the first thirteen are pretty entertaining.
I don't agree that people can't get along. I'm all for diversity. I don't like racism. AT ALL. I would not support breaking the country up into different ethnic groups, nor do I think it would be a good idea.

Ron Paul has no need to fear for his life, except in the conventional way. And no, I can't support the ideas that would abolish social programs, which I support. I like my fire, police, army, roads and so on. I don't think looking only after oneself is a good idea. I think it's selfish, not very macho at all (although I suspect that's why it's so popular among young men--it sounds so macho but is just dumb), and rather shortsighted. I believe in communities working together. I think that's our best way. And statistically and with the successful examples of other countries, I'm convinced I'm right. But, you're entitled to your viewpoint.
Brassawe--Thank you! And what happened with aspartame will horrify you. It's poison. And the plastic bottles? Not great either.
Can't believe you left ALEC and the NRA off the list. Putting more guns on the street to reduce handgun killings is akin to drilling more holes in a leaky boat to let the water out. Only in America.....
My lord. You're right. I should have put the Koch brothers on the list. Well, they need to be the list more than once.
Love your reasons, glad to find you!
...and with the bottled water, now 97% of us pee particles of plastic. Yup, 97% of us have plastic in our systems from bottled water and plastic packaging of our food, that we heat up in microwaves to leach out the plastic into our food better!
Aagghhhh. This country is crazy.
And yes, cancer-causing aspartame. More 'crazy.'
Sorry you don't have a flying car yet...

Love your avatar, btw. I just left the redwoods last week. *sigh*
Signed, southern girl in the west who dreams of the south....but won't live there again, at least until my kids are done with school thanks to the blurring line separating church and state that literally has been blurred out of existence in certain Georgia schools....
...oh, maybe I'll just visit the south from now on. : )
Thank you! I so wish I was back in the West. I'm working on it.
I forgot!

Corporations aren't people either. That's insane. Our Scotus depresses me with the general apparent lack of ethics among some of its members concerning objectivity and the law.
You can preach to me anytime. I sing alto.
This is a good list. I am afraid, however, that it is going to have to get much worse for many people before things change. Will go look up aspartame on internet. What does Coke Zero have in it?
Amy: "Yes, Coke Zero contains Aspartame, therefore it should be considered extremely dangerous for long term use. Aspartame studies have also recommended further investigation into possible connections between aspartame and negative effects such as headaches, brain tumors, brain lesions and lymphoma .These findings, combined with possible conflicts of interests involving CEO Donald Rumsfeld in the approval process, have engendered vocal activism regarding the possible risks of aspartame."
"Diet Coke has more aspartame with 125 mg vs 58 mg in Coke Zero per 240 ml."
(both from wiki answers)
I sing alto, too! Although, right now, I sing Reno Cocktail Waitress. I caught some stupid kid disease and am just getting over it. I sound like I should call everyone "Sweetie" and "Honeybuns" and serve them drinks, before heading off to my cigarette break. (Ugh. Cigarettes. My students who smoke! Their papers! They smell! But, that's another story.)
Well done, ma'am, but you shouldn't write when you're angry. (Well, maybe you should if it's cathartic.)
You're my new hero. Thank you. This is a great list.
Well, if I've made an error in facts, you have to let me know.

But, thank you for the well done, even if it was slightly backhanded. I wasn't super mad, only disgusted. I think it's okay to write when disgusted. Super mad .... I usually 'save' and check later. Lately, with the Congress, I've been disgusted pretty much 24/7. I'd have to wait to write until sometime in 2050, if I waited for that to pass.
Sorry, the kudo wasn't intended to be backhanded. My only point was the anger/disgust showed. I generally like your comments, too. Cheers
Thank you, Deborah! That's nice. I wish I could feel comfortable laying claim to the label 'hero,' but I'm not.

I think the real heroes aren't me. Those people are overseas, fighting. They are back here, suffering, because our Congress sucks. I really wish I didn't know that the US is building forces near Iraq presently. :( Damn it.
:) That's okay. Ignore me on that. My family is the KING of the backhanded compliment. I'm probably slightly overly ... something or other. I often hear clinkers like "Your hair looks so much better!" and "Those pants aren't so tight!" from them. I can laugh now, but as a sensitive teen, we had our moments. Alas and bless their hearts.
You could add the rich bitch Housewives from anywhere or the stupid HGTV rich vacation houses or....they just make people think it is normal to act bad or have two giant houses or......sigh....our government is flushing itself down the toilet while we watch stupid shows. I don't know that we can be saved anymore.
lilliarently irane, & googlefishing thing afterwards.
You ask for reasoned arguments: there are none. Your "rant" is very opinionated and comes from a limited perspective. I can see that you have asked for a rebut that is not from a "pundits' drunken musings as they sit on the toilet before they go on camera"....? Maybe you should have thought about this before posting....?
The only way we could get crazier is to put the toddlers in Tiaras in charge of the drones.

But it might just be an improvement to put the toddlers in charge of Congress. You might actually be able to talk them into voting for things that promote the general well-being of children. Such as making education affordable and of good quality from K through college.

I can't argue with any item on your list.

Your Ralph Nader "mistake" was not a mistake. Both 2000 and 2004 were "fixed," and there was no way the outcomes would have been any different.

america IS a banana republic, and by the way big money is still undecided as to who the next plantation master will be.

Watch the market and the next two phony unemployment reports for clues. "Follow the money" was THE lesson of Watergate.

Now that I have thought about it, I have to agree. The fact that you do not have a car that flies really is insane. What is the deal with that?!
Insane has a lack of choice built into the concept. I would say we are getting wilfully ignorant.
Brazen Princess: And yet, you present no facts. Just lame insults. So, you know, you fail. Sad. You'll have to try harder than that to look smart. What are your thoughts about how our healthcare situation is so expensive and so bad? Which do you prefer? Being a rube or not being able to count? What about bottled water? Do you have other information? Is it that you like Ted Nugent? What is it?

You see, this is what I mean. You insult, but you can't give a reasoned argument. It's too bad, really. Instead of seeing us as fellow citizens, you try to make yourself superior by calling me names. So, you know, you just aren't making the cut.

Shiral: I know! That makes as much sense as anything.

markinjapan: I see your point. I do. It's just that Ralph should have dropped out. While I realize that bad things went on with Scotus, had he done that, let's be honest, the outcome would have been different despite Jeb's best efforts. :/ I respect that we disagree.

Julie! hi! I agree. It's willful ignorance. What else could it be? Like old Brazen Princess upthread. She simply strikes out, without making any sense or even finding a position beyond one of weakness and high school antics. sigh. Depressing.

Kate, sadly, I'm almost there. They are beyond help almost. Plus, they are killing their economy with all this foolishness. I'm unclear when that's really going to sink in for them.
You nailed each and every one of these. This should be an EP, so I'll give it a Zumapick, dammit.
Great 13 reasons odette. And at the beginning there were 13 states so there's that symmetry. Must be a lucky number.
Hope you read my latest. It's about Merka, too.
"Anyone who believes education is a bad thing.... An uneducated citizen is more easily controlled, not more snobbish. Why in the hell does anyone believe that?!?" --- because they aren't educated. And most of the rest of your list follows from that.
I see Brazen Princess isn't all that brazen. No response to any of my questions. cluckcluckcluck Not surprised.

@zuma Thank you!
@Abrawang Well, dang. I'll pretend that was always it! ;)
@Stim Thanks!
hmmm...cant comment till i discuss this with my most knowing friend...soon as he gets the ball and brings it back...gettin anudder beer...
Smiled and rated. If I think of something clever about United Statesian insanity, I'll add it later.
You have yet to tell us where you think is better and why you are not there now.
You have yet to refute any statements, but it's unsurprising. Because you. can't.

I want to be in the United States, of course. But, I don't want to be in the Conservative Confederation of Religious Morons Who Suck Corporate Dong. Which is what the conservatives are trying to turn it into at present. I believe it's still legal for me to complain and want to change it. At present.

PS--Why don't you go start your own little theocracy somewhere else? Right back at ya!