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AUGUST 20, 2009 10:50PM

Will I change when I win the lottery tomorrow night?

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I was feeling lucky this afternoon when I sauntered past the newsstand on the way to Grand Central Terminal. My most recent post made the right hand side bar and was getting a lot of views, rates, and comments. When I saw that the jackpot was 207 million dollars, I felt a sense that I'm sure gamblers have when they sense they're onto a sure thing.

The number 207 has more meaning than mere happenstance in my life. For the first 18 years of my life 207 was the subway station where I boarded the subway taking me to school and to work.


The playground where I played as kid was located on 207th street. See those trees in the right side of the photo? That's the entrance to Inwood Hill Park.

Then for 22 years I lived in the state that has the 207 area code. 


In fact my cell phone number's area code still is 207.

This sounds like I'm destined to win this lottery. Since 22 times 18 is 396, the math is very simple. Take one from three and you have two, add one to nine and you have 10. Carry the one from ten and add it to six and you have 207.

As Hannibal Smith of the famous A-Team was known to say, "I love it when a plans comes together." A-Team...A Train. I know I'm gonna win. 

The odds of me winning are almost as good as getting meaningful health care reform passed this year. Besides the money won't change me and I won't quit my day job, 'cause I need to stay enrolled in the company health plan. 

I'm reminded of the old saw about Saul who prays to God every night,

This goes on night after night for years and finally after hearing Saul's prayer "Please God, let me win the lottery please?"

A deep voice is heard from the heavens:

"Saul, meet me halfway, buy a ticket."

I've met our supreme being halfway.




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I just read a story about a man here in Australia who won 2 million and kept the ticket in a tin because he needed time to "get his head around it". Seven months later and he just came forward to collect.
I love this! I hope you win. I had to laugh because yesterday, my facebook status was "please give me the opportunity to prove that winning the lottery won't change me." Unfortunately, last night's Powerball drawing didn't cooperate. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did.
If I won the lotery I'd quit in a heart beat. But then, I'm unemployed, so that'd be easy :-)

Good luck doggy.
I couldn't sit on a winning ticket for seven minutes much less seven months without going nuts.
Well good luck to you OE. I like your numerology. I've been to that Inwood subway station - a lifetime ago.
Lisa -- That's funny, who knows if anyone will win tomorrow, but I thought I'd have some fun amidst all this health care reform angst.

Boomer Bob -- Thanks for the well wishes. May you land a gig soon.

Trilogy -- If it was that long ago than you probably remember the Alpine Bakery in the space where the photo lab is in the picture of the subway station.
If you're talking about the Powerball, someone in SC won the 200+million last night. At least the winning numbers were sold there. Sorry about that - it wasn't me. (Sorrier about that.)
...I like your numerology vibe; keep the job if you win as your healthcare premiums will insist of their share. rAted! Good night and good luck!
Good Luck! If we don't hear from you for a week, we'll know you are in hiding with the winning ticket!!
OE, we'd love you even if the winnings did change you - hell, we'd love you even more! I can only imagine the "friends" you'd have coming out of the woodwork.
Don't forget us little people, OE! I haven't even checked my last two tickets for the California (we don't want to give you any prizes) lottery.
I may be offline tomorrow evening, so "congratulations" in advance.
IT sounds like destiny, fate, and divine intervention. Good Luck!
Sheepdog207: I've never bought a ticket, but I hope that you win.
Good luck. Just remember your old pal Trudge164. ; 0
nerd cred -- Different lottery, NY Mega Millions.

Chuck -- The numbers are interesting.

Lois -- I couldn't sit on a winning ticket.

Tia -- Thanks you're very funny.

Zuma -- Does California give you an IOU if you win.

Steve -- I think you have Premature Congratulations. Is that treatable?

tai -- IT is a coincidence...unless I win.
Emma -- Thanks, I hope so too.

Trudge -- I won't forget.

L&P -- Egg creams for everyone!
I think you may be onto something, Sheepie! Sounds like a sure win to me! (All of my friends call me the Eternal Optimist--wonder why?......) Let us know as soon as they draw the numbers! I'd love to have bragging rights! D
it's tomorrow there right now! what time will you find out you won? congrats in advance. it's dead-bang!
News Flash! - Next OS meetup at Sheep's new penthouse digs
The stars are aligned in your favor. Now the numbers must cooperate.
OE - Hi there new best friend. Did you know that we're also closely related?
I like your reasoning--best of luck!

(I buy lotto tickets--you can't win if you don't play! Though, I think in the years I've played I've won about $12--oh, well...I can dream!)

Your numbers sound good though!
I don't think it will change you. I'll hold on to your cash if you want, just in case. It's the least I can do!
My hairdresser in Ohio won $8 million in the lottery. He still cuts his wife's hair. If you win, I won't ask you to cut mine. Good luck!
wow, im' totally rooting for you, OE!! you're on a big roll here. don't know anything about lotteries anymore, but, shit, ya nevah know! love love lvoe and gratitude for all your excellent work and humor.
You know, you could share the wealth....
If you win OES, let's move to a tropic isle and open our own bar on the beach. You pay, I'll do all the work!
Deal?! :-D
Good luck bro!
We are finally getting the lottery, here in Arkansas, in two onths! I'll be looking for that lucky number. We can say we knew you when...........
Yarn -- I have a certain feeling and it's positive.

FF -- I'm not sure when the drawing is. I'll just check the web site on Saturday morning.

Ardee -- Your comment reminds me when I rented a condo across the street from the ocean. Everyone was a friend in the summertime. In the winter, not so much.

littlewillie -- and what do you think the odds of that happening are?

Stim -- With chutzpah like that we must be related.

w/o paddle -- Yeah I'm so greedy I never play until the jackpot gets up into the hundreds of millions.

Sandra -- Since you told no truths and three lies in my open call a few months back, I know I can trust you. ;)

Cartouche -- Thanks for not adding pressure here. I can breathe easier now.
That's one of my favorite jokes btw. :-D

I'm one of those people who would need to turn in the winner immediately for fear of losing the damn thing.

Good luck, OES. There's power in numbers, to be sure.

*Stops sulking about the powerball drawing because Lisa didn't win either*
I just saw your comment to LuluAndPhoebe.

I want a real eggcream. If it ain't made in da Bronx, ya kin keep it.
teddy -- thanks for the support.

Delia -- you're very funny.

Greg -- a tropic island? as long as it's not in the bible belt, we might be able to negotiate.

fab -- I'd like to congratulate Arkansas and welcome it to the 20th century.

Bill S. -- I have the same fear about losing it as you do. As for Egg Creams, I learned how to jerk sodas when I was kid from my great Aunt and uncle who owned a candy store on the corner of Leland and Gleason Avenues in the Bronx. Is that good enough? I also know the secret of making a great malted, too. PM me for details.
I hope you're planning on winning Powerball because the MegaMillions pot is mine. It's my birthday and the least they can do.
Yeah, I get that. I do those numerology tricks all the time. I have feeling that if you add, subtract, multiply and divide enough, it will always come out to the desired number. Call me OCD, but I do it with license plates while I'm driving.
To answer the question in your title, it depends on what you are wearing.
If you win, I've got some investment strategies you might be interested in...
Juli -- Happy Birthday. Since you're from the Chicago area you can relate to "well maybe next year" ;). May you have a wonderful day.

John - I could have also mentioned the 207th crosstown bus that took me the Bronx Zoo and NY Botanical Garden which is the BX12 bus and 12 is the same day as my birthday, but I thought that would be overreaching. On the other hand there so much traffic when you drive what else is there to do?

O'Really -- If this has to do with clean underwear, well we've got that taken care of.

Surly -- You jest! Please talk to Sandra Stephens who will be handling my money.
In answer to your question? Yes. But good luck anyway!
Oh you didn't hear about Sandra's indictment? (Allegedly) I'll be stepping into her shoes and am here to help.
Oe: They pay the prizes, and they pay the education money! The lottery is untouchable.
Haha! Don't forget us little people when you hit it BIG! Good luck sheepo, for sure... :)
I don't buy lottery tickets but do play the Publisher's Clearninghouse Sweepstakes. If I win, I'll buy a building to house my parish, so we can stop meeting in a rented rehearsal studio on Sundays, and have services every day. I'll also buy a small house in the Catskills so Iggy and I can spend time in the coutry whenever we feel like it; not just one or two weekends per year. I'll make some big donations to charities that have only received small ones from me in the past (Heiffer International, Habitat For Humanity; The Jane Goodall Foundation.) Oh, and I'll spend some time going nuts at book stores, buying everything that looks interesting. What are your plans?
If you win, just promise you won't stop blogging. I hope you win! Me, I don't play the lotto. Can't spare the $2.