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APRIL 1, 2010 1:10PM

U.S. Congress to go NASCAR. Members to wear corporate logos

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Members of Congress to Wear Corporate Logos of Key Contributors in all Public Appearances

Washington (AP) -- The Federal Election commission has unanimously approved new rules requiring members of Congress to display corporate logos on all clothing worn in public appearances.

This move was seen in response to the recent Supreme Court decision reversing campaign reform laws and allowing unlimited use of corporate and union funds in campaigns.

FEC Chairman Matthew S. Petersen said these regulations were driven by the need to fully disclose who is making contributions to members of Congress campaigns. "We just took a page out of the NASCAR rulebook. What is more American than NASCAR?"

Speaking in front of a poster of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


(Photo credit: AP photo/Glenn Smith

Petersen said that while members of Congress won't have to wear jumpsuits, tastefully appearing logos will dot their attire.

In addition, C-SPAN President and CEO Brian Lamb indicated that in addition to displaying the members state and party affiliations in all C-SPAN broadcasts, they will now display the the corporate logo of the member's largest corporate or union contributor.

Lamb explained, "So know while Senators are debating on the floor about Finance Reform, you'll see the logos of Citibank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, as members debate the need to regulate the financial services industry. This will provide more transparency to our viewers and we're excited to do it."

At first, many politicians were wary about this, but some reflected the changing of time. NASCAR is an all-American endeavor. "We feel there's a certain level of patriotism, like wearing an American Flag lapel," said a Senator from Connecticut who asked not to be named, but who is not retiring at the end of the term.

A Republican leader in the house commented, "Now all those left leaning Democrats will have to wear the Union label for all to see."

This regulation begins on April 31, 2010. 

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OE, Con Chapman's looking for you. He said you're infringing on his territory.
Cranky -- I think that was a compliment.
You had me for a minute there!
If only it were true.
Damn! you mean it isn't true. I'm so disappointed. I wanted to know who was the high bidder for Mitch Mcconell
This makes so much sense doesn't it. And it's constitutional.
Great, I can hardly wait. Since corporations are now living people, I now support the death penalty.
Dr. Spud -- I burst out loud laughing at your death penalty line.
wow, this takes transparency and advertising to a whole new level, eh? rated.
Wouldn't it be refreshing to see some truth in advertising here? They could wear their bought-and-paid-for hearts on their sleeves - literally. ;)
I seriously doubt the corporations would want idiots advertising for them. That wouldn't be profitable. the otherO/E Great *****r*
you and Spud need to go on the road :D
One of the best of the day!
Caroline -- It would be refreshing and you knew what you were getting.

Smithery -- you're from PA, what logos would Specter be wearing?

bike -- My only quibble with you comment is hearts. They have hearts?

Robyn -- Or Preparation H from pharma manufacturer.

o/e = This would be more entertaining than Super Bowl commercials.

Sally -- Look at the possibilities for Project Runway.

Julie -- I think Spud wants to play golf.

buffy -- Thanks so much. Your comment made my day.
Brilliant Supreme Court work-around.

And what Cranky said :-)
I WISH this were true! Trouble is, there wouldn't be enough room on their suits for all the logos they would have to wear.
I can't wait for some Congressman to show up wearing the Extendz logo on his fly.
And, while this may be satire, it makes a hell of a lot of sense.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good piece. Thanks for informing.....
Good piece. Thanks for informing.....
"A Republican leader in the house commented, "Now all those left leaning Democrats will have to wear the Union label for all to see.""

So HE'S going to wear what? Wal Mart, banking and insurance company logos? Or how about just tattooing "Rupert Murdoch" on his forehead!

Well done, OE.
I find this so funny for I visited my first Nascar race track today! Bristol! I had no idea.....
If only this were true.....
Sorry I missed this -- great stuff! And proving yet again, great minds, same gutter, my latest post offers a similar -- tho far from as clever -- modest proposal for identifying the corporate sponsors (and masters) of our duly elected "representatives".