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JUNE 26, 2010 2:25PM

Repost -- The Kiss

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As they collapsed in each other's arms he could feel beats of  her heart recede to a normal rate. Never before had he felt this passion. Never as a teenager or with his first love so many years ago.

They had such diverse backgrounds. She was older than him by a year. And when you're 44, what difference does that make? She did anything he asked, without reservation, and it was intense. It had been over a year since that first kiss.

The awkward meeting outside the restaurant that was closed. The separate drive to the Audubon center. The long conversation sitting under the tree about why they were both looking for a lover. She wasn't what he was expecting. She had very short red hair, big blue eyes, and was bepectacled. She was barely 5'3, but had lovely legs and ankles.

Her voice was warm and her manner sincere. Her story about her husband who had come out found a male lover and moved in with him. The sense of betrayal, and the loss of her own self worth. Her need to have a physical relationship with a man.

As he awkwardly told his story about the loveless marriage and the frustration of feeling trapped in a relationship. His resolve to stay married until the kids were of age. It was only four years. He could get through that somehow. But he needed and wanted something more.

Their conversations flowed easily. The feeling of comfort. Neither judged each other. They were there for the same purpose, yet they each had their own reasons.

He made her laugh. She hadn't felt like laughing in a long time. She wanted to please him, she could sense the lack of fulfillment in his life. As a writer, she could see him as her muse; and she could be his muse. She knew this could work.

As their conversation worked out to the end of its string, he looked at her and said, "I guess we ought to kiss and see if there's any attraction, here."

As they moved toward each other, a car drove by and they pulled back. They both looked to see if they recognized the car and driver, and realizing they did this simultaneously, they both laughed. At the situation and themselves.

He gently took her hand and pulled her toward him. Their lips met. The feeling was electric. The explored each other and the taste, the touch, the feeling was almost overpowering. They were lost in moment of that kiss, and if the venue had been different, they wouldn't have taken this to the next level.

She shifted in his arms and her movement brought him out of his memory of their first kiss. They were soulmates, and true to each other. But both encumbered by marriages of convenience.

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Uh-oh.....this seems very real....somehow I think I've been down this road....I kinda learned to opt for the detour signs after that :)
Wow! Been there, done that whole convenience thing. r-
Nothing like that first kiss, unless it's the fifty first and it's just as erotic and promising of things to come as the first one. (see how I'm ignoring that whole married thing?)
Lovely and poignant -- and beautifully written. The scenario is, I suspect, more common than we may realize. Now, I want to know who was in the car. Probably no one we care about, but...
Oooo, I remember this spicey bit of romance! Love this!!! I see a pattern with re-posts that bring on the heat!
Made me think of my first kiss with my sweetie. Not the best date, not even a very hopeful scenario. I leaned over impulsively to kiss him goodbye, never expecting to see him again. I think my feet were hanging out the door for 15 minutes before he let me up for air. Heheehe. Making out in cars is fun, and better than when you are a teenager.
You dawg! Great writing and very entertaining.
Lisa -- Thanks.

SCJ -- Just fiction, but you thinking this was real is a nice compliment.

Dave -- That's too bad.

GA -- It's fiction...

Steve -- Thanks for the feedback...I'm sure it was no one.

JC -- Pattern or coincidence?

OB -- First kisses are like that.

Dr. -- Make your putter want to stand up?
Oh I was so sure it was real!!!:) .r.
What's your profile name on AshleyMadison?

: )

you dawg!
I knew that... and if I didn't your tag reassured me. Still... standing by the comment.
Nice repost! I wish I had time to go through all the archives of my favorites here on OS. I am doing it gradually. Thanks for the repost!
Love, this, Doggie! As Writer Mom would say, "players."
I need to go find my husband now.
A kiss is just a kiss. Except when you're at one end.
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