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NOVEMBER 17, 2010 4:56PM

Open Salon Men on Top (in all their glory)

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Ladies and women, fantasize all you want about those sexy men that are unattainable. They are, in fact unattainable. Is that what makes them sexy? The fact that you can't have them?

So lets look in the virtual world of Open Salon and see if there are any who make the list. Virtually, of course.

Man Talk Now has a high level of self esteem and perhaps a modicum of self awareness since posting here. Did I mention he has a high level of self esteem? I wanted to be explicit on that.

Bill Beck has served his country as a member of the United States Marine Corps and his community as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. What can be sexier than that?

Gwool is a mid twentieth century man trapped in the 21st century. He loves his kids, but still somehow bumps into the furniture when it come to the gentle sex, er, I mean, women. But isn't that sexy in its own way?

Smithery has created a real life relationship from a virtual encounter...a real life love story. He is a gentleman and isn't that sexy?

Stim is from our nation's heartland. He is a keen observer of the human condition. He know what he wants and when he sees it he takes it. I'm told by women hat take charge men are sexy.

These five men are just a samll sampling, a tip of the sexy iceberg or popsicle, if you prefer that inhabit the virtual world of Open Salon.

Perhaps you might choose to nominate some Open Salon Man whom you think is sexy. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Post it in the comments and I'll link them in the post.

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What a yummy plate of men!
You forgot Scylla the Rock. Passion and brains are a devastating combination.
I love them all, they are all sexy to me, especially when they say sexy things about my poems, which are meant to be sexy too.
rated with sensuality
Miko -- You are a discerning woman.

Zul -- I will add Scylla the Rock.

Lisa -- You are very kind, indeed. I will link these later this evening.
Well I did a whole blog on Tink before they changed the contest and notice he is not there..:)
rated with hugs
I'd like to add myself. How do you know I'm not a guy? And a damned good-lookin' one?
Near as I can tell, OE, your a he, not a she. Kind of reminds me of Nicholson's line in "As Good As It Gets" when the gay character Greg Kinnear blows him a kiss. "I'd be the luckiest guy alive if that did it for me."
Linda -- Tink is in a class by himself.

BV -- How do we know anything?

Gwool -- Fear not, I was trying to get your blog some exposure with female readers...that is all.
My goodness! Congratulations to all of you. I haven't won anything since kindergarten class representative. I must have that speech somewhere.
Scylla, Matt Paust, Cranky Cuss, Fred Hallman, Dr. Spudman, at home pilgrim- SIZZLING
so many to choose....I would hate to overlook any...how bout the ones that have disclosed their pot belly status.?..Luminouse Muse...Dave Kinne, Betamale and any other ample bellied cuties.
- perhaps Leepin Larry can go console Tink.
Is there going to be a calendar?
I volunteer to pose with a spatula in hand and strategically placed oven mitt.

(shuffles off looking for a kleenex)

I lost my stud muffin status when I got an EP dammit and I got 30 pack abs too. the other o/e
From one gentleman to another, I'm honored to make the list, OES. Thank you.
Um...I can show you several instances of Bill Beck's anti-semitism and prejudice. Is that the quality that gets you on the list. I don't got it, but I can work on it.
I didn't want to get into this since I really don't like the contest itself or the name but... I do think OS has some really interesting, funny, intelligent, OK, Sexy guys.
Sheep - You got me out of the woodwork on this one.

Smithery is without a doubt the sexiest man I have ever met.

You're right, he is a gentleman. But he is caring, thoughtful, generous with his heart and his compassion, is a wonderful father, and exquisite conversationalist - whether written or spoken.

And his kisses are both sweet and fiery.

So YES - He gets my vote!
PS - And he is HILARIOUS! He has a charming, contagious laugh and makes me laugh every single day.

(OK, I'd better stop now, 'cause I could go on and on about him...)
I'm honored and mystified. And judging from the lurid response to my avatar over the years, women like a sexy, hairy back.
OE if Bill wants to be in a caledar you kinda need to make it now although my NOLA fireman caledar objectifying men who are much too young will be hard to give up.
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You left me out!!!!!!!!!! Dat's it.
Congrats on the EP. Everyone needs a little spam in their life. And a calendar? Never thought of myself as a pin up before...
This is a very informative post. Half of these people I thought were women.
Good picks. I'll choose Gary Justis myself, I think.
Having had waffles for breakfast at Stim's house? Real ones. Not virtual? I can tell you that you made a good call my friend. I don't always eat waffles. But when I do? They are at Stim's house.
There are just too many to count. I can't think of one single male writer here that has not impressed me. Does that make me 'easy'?
There is a boatload of men on OS who are sexy. One? Divorce Bard. Anyone who can make a poem out of everyday life in iambic pentameter is brilliant, and therefore sexy.
I'm voting Bellwether.
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Tink on Top!! Tink on Top!!!

**Grabs a pair of sun glasses and runs into the thornbushes**
Does medieval armor

is still important in these days? Love to read this.
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vzn, who regularly posts lists about beautiful women on OS; mr. sunshine, whose words can woo anyone; Dom Macchiaroli (though it feels weird to say that because the guy's like an older brother to me); Cranky Cuss (no explanation needed), ocularnervosa, whose always got the spot-on comment; and so many others....
Oh, and how could I forget the witty Renaissance man Snoreville Redenbacher, or Thorville, or whatever he's calling himself today?
Of course there are so many. That fence-repairing mayor in Texas comes to mind, "John Walker." He doesn't post so much now, but every now and then he drops a comment down. OS could produce quite a calendar for my wall: boots, quills, cameras, sculpture, gardens, mountains, art. So much is here for a great backdrop! Good fun, sheepy.
I nominate my secret crush, Greg Correll...he's a mensch as well as sexy...
Sheepy, your furry face is pretty hot...and I can't believe no one has mentioned Steve Blevins!
Scupper: What a pleasure to find that I still, occasionally, cross your mind.
@Alysa: Why, thank you, my friend. I'm honored. I knew they'd love me in France! Oh wait, they also love Jerry Lewis. Never mind.
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This is a shopping paradise
To all the men--tall/short, young/old, straight/gay, cute/not so--I raise my glass.
Dear OEsheepdog:

I want to thank you very much for kindly including me in your list. The company is excellent. I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Unfortunately, I was at a spa in Palm Springs having my self esteem polished. It gets a little worn and tarnished, you see, as a result of:

-Constant use
-Encounters with unreasonable people who can't see the wisdom of doing what I think is right, especially when I'm wrong
-Unsuccessful efforts to engage intimately with a lady
-Successful efforts to engage intimately with a lady, but which efforts end badly

Fortunately, my self esteem is now freshly buffed and shiny, and I hope to employ it vigorously in my ongoing efforts to achieve objectives ignoble, unwise and unattainable.

Once again, my sincere thanks, and I will be happy to pick up my award at a time convenient to you.


What makes for a sexy man anyway?
You're top dog with me.
And to think I was safe in selecting asm (a sexy man) no longer posting much. Boy, was I ever busted. Hi John. Um, it's good to see you in OS again.
Not wishing to be a home wrecker, I decided ages ago that if Mrs. Pilgrim should ever be dopey enough to leave home, I will wait a proper amount of time, then come calling with a nice platter of grilled fried dead barbecued pig legs and snouts for the Mr.

If they lived a little closer, I would dab on a little rosewater, and pay a visit to Monsieur Chariot, Doctor Steve Blevins, and Mr. Kim Gamble with a noodle casserole. If that Joan H. didn't have her meathooks so deep into Leepin' Larry, he'd get a nice casserole too.
Hells Bells, clearly it is Steve Blevins!!!!

How could there ever be any doubt!

Second choice would be a tie between "Sheldon the Wonderhorse,"
and our lost, much revered, "Squirrel."

Men that make us think and laugh......what could be better than that? (Well, yeah, hot sex quickly following.......but in the absence of hot sex, these fellows surely put me in the mood.)

What are you people thinking????
Of course, you need to be on this list too. And I'm secretly crushing on Abrawang. I just like the way his name sounds....
Check out my honey and his DEAR JAMES open-salon post (portrait attached) and you decide. Mmmmm.

R by Lois