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From the Forest to the Shore, Connecticut, USA
March 12
Director of Change
An unnamed non-profit health care provider
Change is good...that's what I keep telling my colleagues. It's difficult and hard. It's challenging and rewarding. It's fraught with peril. It needs to be done...yesterday!


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Fox News would support the Confederacy.

Lincoln would be a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Hannibal Hamlin would be ridiculed like Joe Biden

George McClellan would appear on This Week and criticize US Grant.

Lincoln would be known as the Great Equivicator.

Mary Lincoln would be criticized for being… Read full post »

Flashback three weeks ago. Riding on the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan, a tourist from Ithaca, New York sat next to me and struck up a conversation. It was unseasonably warm for April and the tourists on the ferry that day were rewarded with warm breezes and clear blue skies.

"It se… Read full post »

For the first time in decades Connecticut's executive and legislative branches are both in the same political party. Democrat Dannel Malloy was able to get a budget passed, programs cut, and taxes raised in his first semester as Connecticut's governor, despite handwringing, naysaying and mudslin… Read full post »

It didn't take long for this intrepid reporter to find a list of Osama bin Laden personal effects captured during Sunday night's raid by U.S Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview, I was able to get the list of personal effects found in the compound that allegedly was… Read full post »

MAY 3, 2011 10:04AM

Responding with restraint.

Certainly the events of the last Sunday night have captured the hearts, minds and attention of the world. The jubilant reactions here in the U.S. have surprised me. It's a free country, and people have a right to free assembly, but I didn't see the need for high fives or flag… Read full post »

I've done this before. Twice. I tell you two truthful statements and one lie. You select the correct answers. Then you post two truths and one lie.

Any Questions? Let's begin:

I sat in the cockpit of the Vice President's plane Air Force Two.

I sat at the controls of what… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 28, 2011 10:31AM

When a police officer wants to talk to you about your blog.

A few weeks ago I got a voicemail from my wife. "Sweetie, an MTA police officer stopped by to talk to you about your blog." I was in the tunnel that runs between Grand Central Terminal and 125th St and was without a cell signal.

I took a later train than usual… Read full post »

I had returned to New York after a 35 year absence, and had recently been married, My wife and I were living apart during the week and we saw each other on weekends.

I'd come home from work to a sparsely furnished one bedroom apartment. I had free internet in the building… Read full post »

Please look at these ten ideas in their entirety.

 1. Eliminate "limited liability" for corporations. They want "freedom of speech" like individuals, let them be "liable for law suits" just like individuals. Put the shareholders, board of directors,  and the officers of the corporation… Read full post »

APRIL 11, 2011 11:02AM

The Cinematic Imagery of Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet passed away this past weekend, and after reading a few of his obituraries, all of which were well done, I looked into my memory for the images of some his movies which are better at defining his work and him than any obiturary writer.

Twelve Angry Men

As the… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2011 7:18AM

Random thoughts from a Sheepdog

Here are a few musings this week:

Paul Ryan's "courage" is based on his ability to pander to his base. His numbers don't add up. How moronic.

The Washington media haven't mentioned the word "bipartisan" in over a year. They need a high colonic.

The Red Sox lose six in a… Read full post »

Say what you will about the current crisis in Washington, an uninformed electorate will get what it voted for. It's amazing how things change when we discuss politics.

In early 2009, and throughout the next eighteen months the meme was bipartisanship. The Democrats controlled the White House an… Read full post »

Since I had surgery for my sleep apnea in 2009, my dreams have been incredibly vivid. Shot in Cinerama® or VistaVision®, they are lush with detail, but aren't quite 3-D. Since they are so memorable, I am able to relate them to my wife, who is always envious of my ability… Read full post »

A job interviewer asked me in the 1970s: What is your greatest strength?

My answer: My sophomoric sense of humor.

Needless to say I didn't get the job. Oh how, I painfully lacked self awareness back then. And perhaps now.

I perpetrated a number of practical jokes on April Fool's Day… Read full post »

Through luck, determination and grit, I was able to score an exclusive interview with Cleo, the Egyptian Cobra, who was reported missing by Bronx Zoo staff earlier this week, and was recovered late yesterday.

 OES: Cleo, thanks for joining me for this interview.

Cobra: Sheepy, it's a pleasure. Y… Read full post »

MARCH 30, 2011 8:25AM

Lights Out at the Reptile House

The recent escape of an "adolescent" Egyptian Cobra from New York's Bronx Zoo Reptile house brought back a flood of childhood memories. In random order

A scene from All in the Family

Edith:: SHhhhh… Read full post »

About two and half hours of my day is spent riding the train to and from work. There's a lot I can accomplish on this ride. I can read, write, text, e-mail, sleep, but mostly I watch the people. I get great reward from this pastime.

On the Friday before Martin Luther… Read full post »

In the George Burns' book Gracie: A Love Story, a conversation is purported to take place between then up and coming vaudvillians Gracie Allen and Jack Benny before Jack takes the stage.

Jack Benny: Gracie, I hope to live up to your expectations.

Gracie Allen: Don't worry Jack, you will. I'… Read full post »


Salts Sticks resting on a 10 inch dinner plate made by Benkert's Bakery, Great Neck, NY

When I say the endangered list, I don't mean food like roasted Polar Bear or Spotted Owl stew. Nor do I mean food that has been genetically engineered or irradiated so it glows in the… Read full post »

My wife and I both had to work today, she in Connecticut, me in the Bronx. So while I am now done, she'll be catching the 11:47 train to New York and I have about an hour of time to kill before meeting her at Grand Central Terminal.

So what do I… Read full post »

Most of my career I've managed  not to have to move from one office to another. Since I've been back in New York, I am now moving to my third office in 18 months.

The company I work for has four locations in Manhattan, three of them within a five minute walk from Penn St… Read full post »


Courtesy bruceatkinson.com

Seabrook Station in 1981

 I worked as a Security supervisor during construction of a nuclear power plant in New Hampshire in the early 1980s. I watched the reactor vessel when it arrived in Hampton Harbor, welded to an ocean going barge.

I watched as the… Read full post »

MARCH 12, 2011 7:28AM

Happy Birthday Fay Paxton!

Best birthday wishes to the delightful blogger of the midwest, Fay Paxton.

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David Broder, Washington Post columnist, and the so-called "Dean of the Washington Press Corps" died yesterday at 81. His death notices and comments from colleagues were a journalistic version of a Field Marshal's funeral, filled with all the pomp(osity?) and circumstance of such an occasion.

Broder… Read full post »

Talk show host Johnny Carson once opined that the shortest amount of time ever measured by man is between the time a light turns green in midtown Manhattan, and a car horn sounds. At the other end of the spectrum, it seems that the slowest amount of time is when you… Read full post »