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September 16
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MAY 27, 2011 6:35AM

The next US President will be from Minnesota

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Ha, I fooled you!  You probably thought I'd lost my marbles and gone out and predicted that Tim Pawlenty will beat Barack Obama in 2012.  Wrong!  Tim Pawlenty is a lot like my brother Clyde, a Christian fundamentalist that manages the bad but neat trick of being boring and weird at the same time.  Sorry T-Paw, I just don't think you cut the mustard.

Instead, I'm going way out on a limb and say that in 2016, the Democratic field of viable candidates will include Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, and some Democratic governor  from somewhere.  Who knows?  Maybe even Oregon.  I know that I'd sure work and vote for a presidential candidate that was a Democratic governor of Oregon. But none of these guys will probably have a chance compared to the next president, and I don't mean Garrison Keiler.

No, old new lefty's crystal ball says that the next POTUS is most likely to be Sen. Al Franken, who will be our first Jewish president. And then maybe our policy towards Israel will be able to change in a meaningful way. But until then, we're kinda trapped on that issue (to our discredit).

And Joe Biden?  May Mr. Spock (Barack Obama) live long and prosper, even if I have serious issues with him.

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Nice trick to get us to your piece, ONL! :-)
Sign me up for Al! We need a president who can make jokes and mean them.
I was hoping for Jesse 'the Body' Ventura.
That could get interesting.
Of course, the author of "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" might run into some difficulties for taking such a crude shot at the overweight, even if the basic concept behind the book was sound.
I think that Sherrod Brown is a real contender, but I don't think that Sheldon Whitehouse would have much of a chance, given his name. Whitehouse in the White House? America won't elect a man with that name. It's like President King. Wait! We had a president named Rudolf King, but his name got changed to Gerald Ford. President Whitehouse makes about as much sense as a President called Barack Hussein, if you ask me.

But, I'll be wrong. I mean, if in 2003, I'd said that the next POTUS would be a black state senator from Illinois, you would have gotten out your butterfly net and given me 10,000-1 odds
Well, you certainly get points for wild speculation -- but you might be right about the state. I'll give you another wild speculation, Biden is replaced on the 2012 ticket by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar or former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm

Actually, that might be a distinct possibility if Obama were in a stronger position.
You did fool me, but John Belushi will be president before Al Franken.
Hubert Humphrey died many years ago.

I do believe that you should share whatever you've been drinking or smoking... lol!

At least you woke up everybody!
Now that would be interesting as hell! There's a lot more to Franken than just some goofball who used to be on "SNL". And hopefully, he won't be succeeding a single-term Republican. (I fear that the Republicans are at risk of imploding and certainly hope that Sarah Palin's expected announcement of candidacy speeds up the process).

Unlike most of the clowns in the Senate, Franken knows when a joke has gotten really tired — so he voted against the "Patriot Act".
Given Obambi utter cluelessness in the 2010 election (among other things, all those states that he let go Red due to fecklessness are instituting Poll Tax laws), his cluelessness with respect to the jobs problem, and general disconnectedness; 2012 could even elect Palin. Now that corporations are allowed to buy politicians overtly, don't you think they just might?
Sarah Palin and other wingnut prognoses are negative as long as Obama can suck up to Goldman Sachs and the hedge funds for all the campaign contributions he can eat. As I said before, I'm not afraid of an Obama victory in 2012. I'm afraid of Depression II in 2013-14.
Hillary runs in 2016, with or without a Obama re-election. She wins hands down if Obama does not get re-elected and she wins by a narrow margin if Obama wins re-election.
Al Franken with Jesse Ventura as VP - now *there's* a ticket. Thanks!