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September 16
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SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 5:53AM


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Mornin' ladies and germs,

old new lefty is going to channel his inner  passive aggressiveness to the max and present salacious material that is designed to offend everyone at some level.  So here goes.  Let 'er rip.

The world could end on Monday morning, and nobody knows it.

This is true.  I searched high and low for the hidden truth, and couldn't discover it anywhere in the mainstream media in the world.  Okay, Russia Today gave 25% of the truth, but believe me.  old new lefty had to really dig for this little nugget.

You've heard of the European Debt Crisis?  Well it's happening now, and it's like a James Bond movie.  The atom bomb will explode on Monday morning when the market opens unless the suits stay awake for another 72 hours straight and try to get this little bankers' dustup settled. The bottom line is -- the little people are getting held over the open flames for the benefit of the banksters. They  want their ill-gotten gains in the forms of guaranteed rates of return and high S&P ratings on their government bonds that they're holding from the PIIGS.  And now there's a contagion spreading into German banks. The French aren't looking so good either.

And somehow, the people are upset that they have to be held over open flames for making payment on their government debts.    They're getting structurally adjusted just like the IMF did to a bazillion Third World countries. Hello, Yugoslavia.  Hello, Somalia.   And we can see how good all that worked out in the last twenty years.

Gee, just because the banksters are telling them to sell all of their public assets to plutocrats.  Raise taxes on the poor people.  Take taxes away from the rich people. And their social benefits  are "being adjusted."   Don' need no steenken' education, health care, pension benefits, workers rights, or whatever good things you can possibly think of that come from well-working governments.  And I can tell you.  Pay no attention to that massive civil unrest in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Iranian state TV  (PRESS TV)

What's with these guys?  I know where people are getting all of that  9/11 crap.  They're getting it from watching Press TV out of Tehran.  Watching that channel is the clearest sign that their government is rotting from within The mullahs impose more  bizarre theories and slants on the news. More  and more, one  gets those WTF!?!?  moments while watching it.  It's been said that if you watch Press TV just once, you'll join Al Queda and try to plant plastic explosives somewhere, probably blowing your ass up in the process.

I woke up my wife, and I said, "You can see how the crazies have taken over in Tehran.  Why, it's just like they have a Tea Party in charge, with as much power as the Tea Party has over here."

Their asshole buddies, Syria, and Libya under Mo are having some hard times.  They're beginning to think they're backing a losing horse, and so they're  swinging roundhouse curves.  And they're missing.

For example.  The Iranians are heavily promoting the Truther movement.    You know who I'm talking to. What next?  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?





















drum roll
















Pardon me while I puke.  Unless you lived in NY, DC, or somewhere else (like the military), there's about as much reason to celebrate the tenth anniversary of 9/11, as there is for me to celebrate the tenth anniversary of my hemorrhoid operation.  I would put both 9/11 and my hemorrhoid operation in pretty much the same category, as both had similar consequences.  Both were painful. Both were operated on by quacks.  And you can see the results.

9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 ...

Say it a million times.

Will it do any good?

Did it do any good?

How about those wars?

How do you feel about the fact that over 2,200 military men have committed suicide as result of our Global War On Terror?

Nobody complains about the war profiteers.

Nobody complains about the fact how screwed this country has become in the last ten years.

I'm an imperialist.  I admit it. I benefit from the American way of life as we know it.  Me and my country have lived off the fat of the world, while we drove to the mall in our SUV to the sports bar so we could watch the giant flat screen.  I've seen my situation, and my community, my state, and my country go into a state of decline ever since that abominable  act occurred.

And I see the banksters benefiting. And I wonder how long working and non-working people can stand the punishment that the rich are inflicting on the rest of us.

And I begin to correlate that probably the most worshipful 9/11 wallowers are the Sarah Palin supporters.

Al Jazeera had a special about Donkey Dump, Kansas.  The whole state is dying from global warming and income redistribution as well as  the Tea Party.  Donkey Dump ordered some steel beams from the World Trade Center wreckage, and Junior in the welding shop put something together to stand awkwardly in the village square.  And Al Jazeera comes.

And still, there is no truth.

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No offence, Lefty. You freaked me out a little about the Europeans, but the banksters have a way of getting what they want. As to the great Anniversary ... I have nothing to say. I wrote a crazy letter at the time, but I'm over it. The event seems far less horrible than the way it's been leveraged by cynical politicians. I'm sure many dead Iraqi and Afghan women and children would agree with me.
What goes around - comes around.

who is promoting truthers? tehran? syria? huh? have no idea what you're talking about. its true that the iranian prez ahmadinejad [sp?] is on record stating its a "complicated intelligence operation".
I'd be extremely surprised if the Iranians hadn't already had good things to say about the Protocols. Hell, Egyptian television ran the Protocols as a miniseries a few years ago and it was wildly popular, and Egypt has diplomatic relations with Israel. The Iranians (at least the President) are heavily into holocaust denial, to the point where they've hosted at least one international conference about it.

Hate to say it but when you're Jewish you understand it comes with the territory. Not that I can't be shocked. There's a YouTube video of Syrian television from a little after the Hatian quake. As you may or may not know, Israel supplied one of the first medical teams on the ground and it was substantially more comprehensive than most of the others, including the main one from the US. Syrian state television said this was true because the Israelis were there to steal organs from quake victims in order to sell them.

The Iranian case is stranger than what I alluded to in the first paragraph. I can remember from the news coverage in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 (in '01) that there were pro-American demonstrations on the streets of Tehran at the time, and Iran didn't have diplomatic relations with us. The WTC bombings were so offensive that they initially offended the Iranians. What happened very soon afterwards is that President Bush made his Axis of Evil speech in which he fingered North Korea and..................Iran. Any good will we'd gotten he squandered instantly. His father's son he ain't.
I guess the Greeks think like Bachmann and the Teaparty Gods, that not paying what you owe will have no detrimental effects. Maybe it doesn't, who the hell knows Lefty. Maybe the people in Donkey Dump have the right idea. Weld something together, hell, it's work, right?