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September 16
Making trouble whenever possible
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DECEMBER 15, 2011 9:15AM

I'm a chump.

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I've been having a whole series of negative days.  Here I am, stuck in friggin' Oregon while I could be reaping my rewards in some Baja paradise. I'm stuck inside of Cold Duckville, spending six or eight hours a day on my computer.  And wherever I go, all over the world -- I get the same message.  Things are bad, and we're all f*ing, f*fing, f*d. I think that's the technical term for it.

First, the economy.  I hear from one expert who used to be Bill Clinton's wingman on the National Security Council, and he's predicted what the European Union was going to do beforehand.  He didn't sound too bad.  He seemed to think that things were manageable over there. So, I wrote my chump piece that Dr. Lee probably rightly reamed me out for.  And then, usually sunny Jim Cramer goes on, and he says that the EU is f*ing, f*ing, f*d.  Oh well.

And my life, or my wife if you prefer.  I told the lady in the supermarket that the docs have been doing a daisy chain on the little woman all month (thus costing me a boatload of money and denying me access to my citrus orchard), just so that they can buy a few tschotskes (sp?) before Christmas.  And after all that, they came up with a very scientific diagnosis, which was -- she's old.

Just before I got here, I pulled up a mass media image of Obama, and the picture makes it look like Barack's about ready to pick his nose.  Yes, that's what the mainstream media is playing this clown for lately.  Obama = Nobama.  No way is  this chump  going to be the POTUS in February, 2013.  Before I got up, my wife wisely said, "What makes you think that things would be any different if Romney or Gingrich was President?"  And she's right.  Think of Washington, DC as nothing more than one giant, infernal wind-up machine.  Is this a great country, or what? The American Empire.

And speaking of which, scanner's piece just blew me away on OS yesterday.  Scanner is always an awesome writer, but his embedded video was even awesomer.  The fruitcake wingnuts have been talking for years about the secret FEMA camps as they get their broadcasts from the aluminum foil hats   on their heads that they're wearing in the bunker.  And yet-- there in Donkey Dump, Indiana is an "Amtrak train repair station" that has all of the trappings of Auschwitz.  Cute.

Don't forget to congratulate your local senator for buggering the Constitution with the 93-7 passage of the National Defense Authorization Act.  First Amendment? Fourth Amendment? Fifth Amendment? Seventh Amendment? Fuhgetaboutit! Visit exciting Donkey Dump, Indiana!  All expenses paid!

I look at the computer all day, and I wonder why I'm cranky and depressed all the time.  I did something different and theraputic last night.  I didn't touch the computer, and I actually got around to painting that wall after five months.

 I'm a chump.

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I've got that "old age" diagnosis going on with a family member right now. People think doctors can solve everything with a pill or a procedure--they can't. At some point, the system fails.

At least you got that wall painted--things get accomplished happen when we turn off our computers for awhile.
After going and read the bill on indefinite detention yesterday and pondering the consequences, I slammed my computer lid shut and broke the motherboard.
so I am sitting here with my power cord twisted and still cussing Lefty.
We get what is bought and paid for.
something has got to give.
We are all screwed.
I did 6 Decembers in Eugene.

Computers were about the size of a moving van and nobody had one.
But it can be a bleak time there. Go to the library at the university. Home away from home back then.
Visit exciting Donkey Dump, Indiana! All expenses paid!

I've been looking for something to do on my 11 day weekend!

al loomis did a post yesterday asking us why we bother to vote. Good question, but if all conscientious objectors quit voting all we'll have left are the fanatics.
tchotchkes, and it's a good idea to ignore the news when it's this bad. Look at the bright side: we'll be dead before the real shit hits the fan.
Donkey Dump is beautiful this time of year!! Come for the 'Sentenced with no trial!' stay for the executions!!! TEeehee!! :D
Yes scanner is great but I still think Oregon is a far better place than where I am at back home.Remember it could always be worse.
Russian born satirist Gary Shteyngart has painted the near future you are forecasting in his novel Super Sad True Love Story. If you haven't read it yet and you click on the hyperlink above to Terrence Rafferty's review in Slate, scroll down to the last paragraph on the first page to get to the political meat. It's chillingly prophetic - so much so that it seems to me we're already almost there.
Lefty.. I agree. Turn off the computer (or use strictly for entertainment) and turn off the TV or any other devices which bring us NEWS. You are correct in that every little thing is fucked; also correct in that there's not a damn thing you, or Obama, or Newt (gag) can do about it. Or me..
So... turn it all off and ignore blissfully! Telling you truly, my life has been a lot better since I did exactly that around three months ago.
Go to Mexico my friend..
yes, yer screwed. and well-deserved.

you can have democracy, but, i'm sorry, you have to want it, and you have to have the spine to get it.

every word from your keyboard has been: those politicians are nasty, and i wish they would stop. you should be saying, we are a nation of chumps, that votes for politicians even when they are visibly leading us to the slaughter-house ramp.

i'm not sure why there is this wide-spread feeling in the usa, that the constitution is the word of god. there is evidence to the contrary all around you, but you see it not.

chump? house-slave, more like. no matter, old folks can just keep their head down and say, "vote for obama, he's a democrat." god help the young.
You are no chump, lefty. And there are a hell of lot worse places to be stuck in than beautiful Oregon. From one chump to another: Don't worry. Nothing is going to turn out alright anyway.

Remember back in 2000? America was the the sole superpower, the Hyperpower in fact. The Russkis were toast, globalization was starting to hit hitting its stride, we had a balanced budget, and we were the world's hegemon, leading the pack in soft power, hard power and every other kind of power. Power, baby, we had it and if anyone didn't like that, tough shit. Yet not much more than a decade later it's time to:

"Think of Washington, DC as nothing more than one giant, infernal wind-up machine. Is this a great country, or what? The American Empire."

Yep. The only thing moving us forward now is a rapidly dissipating momentum, but oh well, we had a good run and the history books will speak with reverence of our benign Empire of Peace...
oh u people thinkin things=fucked.
when have they not been?
to practice holy self-discipline & indifference
is the key to gettin along in this world. Render unto Caesar
what is his. you got riches in yer head and in yer writing
that Caesar cannot touch.

the fact that it's all fucked up but u are not
should bring u comfort, so give yerself a pat on the back.

play pink floyd for this mood of yerz.

"The lunatic is in my head.
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me.
Brain Damage
The "old" diagnosis reminds me of when Thurgood Marshall stepped down from the Supremes. At his exit pressser reporters get asking if he had this or that medical issue. Finally he told them "No, I'm just old".

As for the rest, FEMA camps, Euro-crisis, a Republican end to this Dem interlude, just keep telling yourself that you won't live to see the worst effects of global warming and nuclear proliferation.
-- a few tschotskes (sp?) before Christmas
Strictly, Channukah (no matter how you spel it)

Don't worry. Texas will be Sahara West soon enough.
The NEED TO BELIEVE is stronger than the WILL TO SURVIVE. If this were not the case, we'd all be feasting on roast banker chitlins by now (is that the right spelling of chitlins?). If we are all screwed, then perhaps we can all pull ourselves together, en masse, and rise up against the fuckers. We will lead the way, you and I, if we have to do it on crutches!