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September 16
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MARCH 9, 2012 7:24AM

A comic opera war. I really mean it.

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While we've had the crazy-making of the "Let's pretend we want to start World War III by trying to gin up an attack on Iran" has continued, a lot of the world has been ignoring the monkey shines going on between Great Britain and Argentina one more time over the desolate real estate that calls itself the Falkland Islands.

In the bad old days of Margaret Thatcher, it was said that the British-Argentine war was like two bald men arguing over a comb.  Really, the Malvinas (as the Argentines call it) is probably smaller than the greater Cleveland area, located hundreds of miles away from the South American continent.  For some reason or other (unknown to me) the Argentinans have decided that the centuries old occupation of these formerly uninhabited islands amounts to British imperialism, and now the Argentine President, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner  has been doing everything in her power to make life miserable for the Brits one more time.

Airplanes landing from the Falklands in Argentina have been forced to redirect their flights to Chile, and a cruise ship that landed in the Falklands before going to Tierra del Fuego was redirected to a Chilean port.  The Argentine government has made every effort to enlist support of its Latin American neighbors in an attempt to protest British imperialism, and has even enlisted the ill-informed support of Morrissey and Sean Penn in support of the Argentinians bogus claim to the territories.

The fact that hardly anyone on the islands speaks Spanish, or that they are all descendants of the original British settlers on the Falklands makes no difference, as does the legitimate claim of the Falklands government that they only want to be left alone to do their daily activities without Argentinian harrassment. 

There are several reasons for this comic opera buffe'.  First, the Falklands are very rich fishing grounds.  Not only this, but the Rockhopper exploration company has found potentially lucrative deposits of oil and natural gas offshore.  Internally, the Kirchner government is operating much the same way Juan Peron would have -- manufacturing a crisis to paper over the problems of inflation, dependancy, and sometimes shoddy government by the administration in Buenos Aires.

If you want to know more, I'd strongly urge you to google "Yes, they have no bananas (in  Falklands and  in Bs. Aires)."  This gives some good information from both the British and Latin American press on the ridiculousness of it all.

Between the war talk over Iran, and the Falkland Islands war non war -- is it any wonder to doubt whether there is any intelligent life on Earth?


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You wrote . . ."gin up an attack ' . . .
end of Life's Live on-Stage Opera
editor and his pals
and core members
share free lollipop
You know I enjoyed
Maybe editor has a
mole on his behind
He sing Opera low
He solo so low base
He sounds a honk
He lead flock of
Geese to Sheol
and seem nasty
Thanks for this
We gotta speak
or we pass wind
and foul the air
We crave truth

Ay some respect
No kill a human
nor fake creeps
It time for walk
Oil??? and here I thought the Argentines were just just miffed because a Princling was flying his helicopter around the islands... either way I love the image of "two old bald men fighting over a comb."
Too bad that real people died during their last little Tango.
And there will wars and rumors of wars -- that's hardly prophetic, given man's contentious nature. Maybe Britain should solve two problems by trading Ireland to Argentina in exchange for the Falklands.
Argentina taking over Ireland???? I have no idea what kind of offspring that would produce. Kind of like a merger between Vietnam and Lithuania.
I guess it's important for leaders to prove they're manly men, no matter what gender they may be. Intelligent life? More like egos that cleverly rationalize their primitive nature.
The Falklands again? Uy. I remember the first time. I favored Britain's claim for one reason: Who actually lived on the islands.
OLN, the bald men/comb quote came from Borges. Had Argentina not invaded the Falklands in 82, I think the UK might gradually have cut the islands loose. It was costing them a fair bit and much more ever since the war.

No idea how this current contretemps will turn out. I have yet to speak to an Argentine who isn’t thoroughly convinced that the islands really belong to Argentina. Since my ex is from there, as are a bunch of ex-nieces, nephews and in-laws, I’m reasonably familiar with the issue. It looks like Argentina has done a better job diplomatically this time round. In 82 Peru was the only country unequivocally supporting their claim. In the months afterwards it wasn’t unusual to see “Gracias Peru” T-shirts being worn.

A few months before the 82 invasion, a Canadian couple had immigrated to the Falklands. They feared an imminent nuclear war and wanted to be as far from a battle zone as possible.
Yes, and the Cameron government is acting very much like Thatcher, the big cunt, did. Doing everything possible for the rich while making life miserable for everyone else. Let it go, colonialism is over.
Hell yes, oil. The banksters that run both the British and American government would sell their grandmothers for oil.
Well, this is the first I have heard of this and am glad to have read your blog post today. Greed, greed and more greed....