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MARCH 29, 2010 2:33PM

30 Rock's Dot Com, Tracy Morgan and Al Roker?

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Kevin Brown 30 Rock's Dot Com (aka Uptown Kevin Brown) opened for Tracy Morgan this past week (March 25th-28th, 2010 prior to Passover) at Carolines America's Premier Comedy Nightclub on Broadway.    

The audience embraced  Dot Com and the level of excitement was on par with that of the Democrats passing  the Healthcare reform bill... I can only imagine it must be the same reaction for Dot Com as that of VPOTUS Joe Biden " it was a big f***ing deal".     

Tracy Morgan is "SIZZLING" right now: what with his starring role in the movie "Cop Out" with A-lister Bruce Willis;  his about to be released movie "Death at a Funeral";  the big VW commercial: Slug Bug Punching Game; his recently released book " I am the New Black"; him starring in the 5th season of the award winning 30 Rock ; A-listers i.e.  Danny Glover and  Tina Fey  imitating him on various shows ( greatest form of flattery)...and his comedy routine on the road!  What the what?

Dot Com expressed himself on twitter dotcom30rock  and facebook  Kevin Brown aka Dot Com  about his Carolines experience.....

dotcom30rock : I did my 1st show at Carolines one Bdway tonight... It was allot of fun thanks and Bigups to Tracy Morgan for putting me on...

dotcom30rock : Now that we got that we got the first show out the way Its time to go HARD 2morrow nite... 

dotcom30rock : We just ROCKED the 1st show at Carolines, we're gonna DESTROY this 2nd one... LOL 

deedeekanhai Just left @Carolines and @TracyMorgandotcom30rock  KILLED it!!! "Tell Al Roker..."

dotcom30rock : I am shocking the whole audience, because they don't know Dot Com is a comedian

I had the opportunity to ask questions of  DD who attended the show.  

OD:  Did you know Dot Com was a Stand-up Comedian? 

DD: I did read something about Dot Com being a Comedian in Tracy Morgan's book... But, for the most part I know Dot Com from 30 Rock...

(OD's reaction- did not know Tracy mentioned Dot Com in his book.  Must now  read his book!! )

OD: Did Dot Com meet your expectations as a Comedian?

DD:  Dot Com was hysterical... He had great energy and the crowd LOVED him... I am sure I am speaking for everyone in the room, he was a HIT and held his own!

OD: What quip/joke did you like the most from Dot Com....

DD: I loved his "lojack story"  (hmm!)

OD: How would you characterize Dot Com's opening and hosting for Tracy?

DD:  He is a great opener for Tracy Morgan... I would say that the people in the audience were 30 Rock fans by the reaction to the mention of the show... AND it was a pleasant surprise that he was opening... IF the story he told about AL ROKER and how he came to open for TM was true, it was funny as s%5...... He does a great TM impression!

DD:  Get him on HOWARD STERN... I would love to hear that interview...  

Twitter buzz with other comments about Dot Com at Carolines....
@bretkovacs: I got roasted by Dot Com at the Tracy Morgan show tonight.

@draketex Front row seats to Tracy Morgan tonight at Caroline's. 
dotcom30rock was the MC and "picked" on me all night. Best night out in ages.

Sidebar: Ted Murphy CEO of IZEA (Sponsored Tweets) spent time with #30rockgrizzanddotcom while in Manhattan last week and ustreamed a Q&A with Dot Com.  Grizz joined them later....

Birthdays of 30 Rock cast: Alec Baldwin April 3rd, Kevin Brown aka Dot Com April 4th and Grizz Chapman April 16th  Dot Com  DOIN BIG THINGS!!!!

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You always bring us the good stuff. Thanks for the links.
Thanks for stopping by Thoth. Much appreciative of your support!
Love this! You know I'm going to repost to Blogging Black Miami. :)When is he coming to South Florida?
Vanessa, will do my best to get him here.... 8-)
wow! Now that must have been awesome to watch!! Awesome! Thanks for writing this! Rated!
Tabatha, I so wish I could have seen it but not in the cards.... thanks so much for stopping by.