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MAY 7, 2010 3:48PM

Top 10 ads for #30Rock's Dot Com Kevin Brown

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Poster produced by Michael McInerney

In recognizing the many talents of Kevin Brown aka 30 Rock's Dot Com, American Actor and Stand-up Comedian I questioned why am I not seeing him in ads! 

"Dot Com" is known for his role on 30 Rock as being part of a two man posse for the infamous "Tracy Jordan" of TGS. 

Since "Dot Com" is exploding in popularity this blog will make 10 "advertising suggestions".   The public definitely want to see more of the affable Kevin Brown aka 30 Rock Dot Com.

In reviewing previous 30 Rock episodes there are 4 (four) naturals for "Dot Com" to represent.

–Episode 1.15 Hardball
Dot Com: Want to go to Vegas and buy a bunch of sarcophagi.
Tracy: Nah, I don’t even use the ones I have.”

1. Travel ads- with Las Vegas at the top of the list!
-Episode 1.19 Corporate Crush

Dot Com:
I’m gonna get an iPhone! Everyone’s gonna be jealous!
30 Rock fans would understand the message!

2.Technology ads- especially  iPhone, IPad

The Livin'XL with Grizz and Dot Com webisode series Flip video sponsored it.

3. Flip cameras and camcorders- " Dot Com" as the Spokes Person!
Recent events revealed Comcast taking over NBC Universal!

4. Comcast- is their image going South and do they need "Dot Com" to the rescue?

#30Rock fans understand how women need men to listen to them as    Jack revealed in 30 Rock Episode 4.15 Don Geiss, America and Hope
Real life-

Tweet: Avian: Is it just me or did grizz and dot com lose a lot of weight

5. Weight loss ads

Tall and Big man- Kevin Brown is 6ft 5 in. and he weighs.......

6. Big and Tall Men ads

Example of  
Tracy Morgan  advertising for VW http://www.speedsportlife.com/2010/02/02/rational-bohemian-6-dub-chick-be-trippin/   At the risk of being crass, it’s worth noting that if “diversity” is VW’s ultimate goal, and I suspect it is, Tracy Morgan-Jordan’s entourage of “Grizz” Chapman and “Dot Com” Kevin Brown would be far superior candidates: warm, charming, overwhelmingly more intelligent and reasonably skilled in the fine art of voice modulation. After all, if a refined, classy, wholesome pre-fall Tiger Woods couldn’t sell Buicks, what makes VW think Tracy Morgan can boost Passat numbers?

7. Car ads

What about booking 30 Rock's Dot Com as a Stand-up Comedian aka Uptown Kevin Brown on a cruise and then.....

8. Cruise ads

Snack ad(s)  including candy i.e. Snicker !  Would be a natural

9. Snack and candy ads

Dr. Pepper has Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock! 
10. Pepsi or Coke?

Which would be your preference to see Dot Com in for diversity of course?

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Facebook:  Kevin Brown aka Dot Com 

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