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OCTOBER 12, 2010 9:00AM

Dot Com Productions #30rock

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#30rock's Episode 5.03 "Let's Stay Together" was on Diversity!

Jack Donaghy goes to Washington to substantiate the NBC merger with KableTown.   Congresswoman Regina Bookman played by Queen Latifah threw Jack a curve ball by demanding more diversity in its programming lineup.  Other guest was Rob Reiner playing a Congressman .

Regina Bookman:
Why is that NBC looks about as diverse as a Wilco concert?

Jack: I would point to Sunday Night Football which features many black players and coaches.  And Anthony Anderson the star of Law & Order which is entering its 21st
[Jonathan interrupts him]
Jack solicits Tracy's help for some diverse programming..
Jack: Dot Com, you run Tracy’s production company, right?
Dot Com: Yes, Dot Com Productions.
Tracy: That’s “Tracy Jordan” spelled backwards.

Photo credit....Photo: Dotcom (Kevin Brown), Tracy (Tracy Morgan), Liz (Tina Fey), and Jack (Alec Baldwin) ponder the merits of diversity -- and talking dogs. Credit: Ali  Goldstein/ NBC 

Tracy: Call Grizz.  I need someone around who’s not just a yes man.
Dot Com: Whatever you say, Tray.  Oh come on, Walter.

Tracy: I personally love cop shows.  I can’t wait for Law & Order to start back up.
[Grizz whispers}
Tracy: Why?  It was a tent pole!  A tent pole!

Dot Com: Here’s something I’ve been working on.  It’s called “Let’s Stay Together” after the Al Green song.  It focuses on an African American family in Detroit in the 70’s.  Mo-town.  The auto industry.  Vietnam.  Watergate.  “Let’s Stay Together” is not just about a family trying to stay together, but a nation.
Grizz: What if there was a talking dog? ( a talking dog yikes!)
Tracy: I’d like to see that incorporated into your rewrite.

We see Dot Com a couple of times including the end as Tracy and his entourage preview the project with none other than John Amos most famous for the 70's show "Good Times" and "a talking dog".
John Amos 

Season 5, Dot Com has been in two(2)  out of three (3) episodes.  Thursday October 14, 2010 is the much talked about #30rock "Live Show" with: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and Kevin Brown aka Dot Com! 

Here is a link Dot Com fans are going to want to read: An Interview with Kevin Brown - 30 Rock's Dot Com   Mike Morucci gets the scoop on the title "Let's Stay Together" a song by Al Green!  

Watch on line the full episode of "Let's Stay Together" on NBC 30 rock.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the talented "Dot Com" on season 5 of #30rock!

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Wow. I Love Al Green. I met a Ollie's Daughter in Nova Scotia. I see your not a Canadian.
She drove a Harley Bike.
She had tattoo's on her thighs.
Butterflies and Dragonflies too.
She was one Pioneer Fisherwoman.
More Farmers die in Nova Scotia too.
Farmers love when Fisherman to to sea.
Angry Fishy Smelling men hate Farmers.
Farmer smell .com.cowmoo.manure too.
I will Play Al Green.
Let's stay together.
Google Nature Boy.
Elijah Nature Boy.
I met Elijah in DC.
What a wild world.
I requested the Lewis Armstrong song be Played at the milking Parlor after I conk`
"kick a cow bucket"
What a beautiful world this could be`
I see bright shining faces, sparkling smiles,
people exchanging glances to convey`I Love You.
Sky is blue, cats meow, and Farmers pick `Greens.
Have a great calm day. Exchange some merry virtues.
I's look up Elijah Nature Boy and run off with nice folk.
I only glanced at Elijah `s blog. He is a great wild critter.
Art James, thanks so much for stopping by!! 8-)