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FEBRUARY 19, 2009 11:08PM


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This morning, as I was walking Stella, my Great Dane, to the park, someone stopped and pointed and said:

"Hey, you got a saddle for that yet? Har, har, har."

Dane owners get that a lot, probably even more than actual horse owners. Here are some other great lines:

"Is that a dog or a horse? Ha, ha, ha."

"You ever ride that thing? Heh, heh, heh."

"How much for a pony ride? Huyuck, huyuck, huyuck."

And then it kind of repeats itself.

"Where's the saddle? Snort, snort, snort."

"Nice horse you got there. Teehee, teehee, teehee."

"Can my kid get a ride on that? Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck."

So, let's see. I hear that about once a week and Stella's been with me about 6 and half years so that's 6.5 * 52 = 338 times now.

I got Stella when she was 6 months old. Elizabeth had told me there was a Great Dane pup being housed at a kennel by a woman who was in hiding from her husband. Apparently, this happens a lot: an abused woman finds herself in a situation where she can hardly look after herself let alone any dependent pets. I was dogless at the time and had no intentions of getting a dog but, what the hell, a quick peek at a Great Dane pup wasn't going to hurt.

Stella pup

 Later, at the kennel, there she was: six months old and already 85 pounds. All gangly legs, long neck and big ears.

"Hey, she looks just like a horse!" I said. "I'll have to get a saddle for her."

And that, folks, is how you get suckered in.

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Being a former Great Dane walker (my sisters) I appreciated your words. Sooo true!

You forgot "Hey, Who's walking who?" or is it "whom"...

Stella is a beauty.
Oh, I LOVE Danes. Love love love. If only I could convince Mr. Remedy that they're really just great big overgrown Whippets. :-(
I love Great Danes. Knit her a sweater with a saddle in it. :)
Scoubi Scoubi Dou!!!!!!!!!!
What a gorgeous dog. I used to walk my friends Great Dane along with her Boston Terrier. I would always get: "What a pair!" or "You should get a cart for the little one."
I get similar comments about pony rides with my sheepdog He's very tall but not as tall as a Dane.
He's a cutie pie. My daughters want a OE sheepdog, or a bloodhound, or a great dane, depending on what they find at a shelter... when they get their OWN place. That's the kicker. Their OWN place...
Hi Verbal Remedy, a whippet could run circles around Stella. Stella's more like a overgrown, umm, very slow sloth but without the slothlike features of being slothy and more dog like. Ok, so maybe your analogy does works better.
People crack themselves up don't they?
I feel ya on this.

P.S., lovely dog
We had a black Great Dane when I was a little girl. Actually my grandparents did, but since I lived with them all the pets were mine. His name was Baron and my grampa got me a cow girl outfit and took pictures of me riding Baron, bareback. I probably weighed about 35 pounds at the time.

That dog liked to lick and if you were a tiny kid, well, he could bowl you over with his tongue. LOVED him. He had a sidekick Dalmation named Spotty. Both of them were the sweetest dogs alive and scary as hell to strangers when they got to barking when folks came down the dusty road to the ranch.
Stella is gorgeous - and I'm pleased you didn't feel the need to clip her ears. The tallest dogs we've had were Greyhounds, the heaviest is my Chocolate Lab Butchy weighing in at 120lbs...but I wouldn't turn down a Dane if one selected me some day ;) Rated.
Wow, that is one great dog! What a face!
Her is the Best Girl ever........
Aww, she's a beauty! I would love to have a big dog but I don't have the yard for it, which is to say I have no yard. And at this point I can't have ANY other dogs, Hobie enjoys being an only child!
Gorgeous! I bet my Sasha (65 lb. German Shepherd, small for a Sheppie) could walk right under Stella's legs.

Does she like to play at all? Will she retrieve?

All four paws way up (rated).
She's a babe. Wonderful post.
Hi DogWoman,

Stella still plays when she's in the mood which is for about 15 seconds every day. I've also got a dobie, Rocky, and Stella plays with him by picking up a big stick, similar to the one in the picture actually, and beating him over the head with it. I guess that's not really categorized as "play" is it?

Rocky doesn't mind, though, because instead of having a skull comprised of organic material, he had it replaced with adamantium which is a fictional metallic substance used by comic book heroes like Wolverine - yeah, weird, huh? I don't know where Rocky gets it from either.

Does this thing do video? I'll have to upload a play session if I can.
Never met a Dane I didn't like, except one, I've met a lot.
Rated for Dane love.
I have a Cane Corso mastiff, and have experienced all of the same comments. I've also had people allow their tiny dogs to charge over to him, sometimes barking. A Chihuahua once tried to climb up his leg. I think he only tolerated that because he had no idea what the Chihuahua actually was, and he spent those few moments staring at it quizzically.
Mrs Bee has been nagging me about getting a Great Dane for a while now. Hope she doesn't see this post, it'll only make things worse.

Up until last year my dog-walking trial was being a 6ft 3 man walking a 15 pound Daschund. Ambling along minding my own business, greeted by cries of "Nice Weiner!" or worse, "Small Weiner for a tall guy!" from passing cars. Almost always from women (a guy will rarely comment on another's Weiner), some of them alarmingly young (you don't want some kid mentioning you to her dad as the Weiner guy). Anyway ol' Oscar finally succumbed to the ravages of age a year ago. A big gangly Danish thing is not going to be an adequate stand-in.
Aw, Stella looks so sweet! We had several Great Danes when Iwas a kid so I'm very familiar with all of the horse comments. Thanks for a sweet story.
Rated for a beautiful mug! My neighbour used to have 3 great Danes at one time, all rescue dogs of some type or another. Apparently, if some dogs aren't good enough for the show dog circuit, they are not wanted!???

She told me that the dog standing up was taller than me, and could bowl me over (I'm rather petite, at 5 foot nothin').

You've inspired me... I have some pretty cool dog picts from this past Monday. Will have to wait until later on this weekend to post....
Stella is a beauty. There's something majestic about her.
She's gorgeous! I love Danes, especially the harlequins and the brindles. But really, I'd take any color. :)

We took in a stray that we believe was a lab/Dane mix. His face & etc were all lab, but he was about twice as tall as he should have been. He was a gorgeous boy, especially after we got him fattened up. He went to a permanent home with two other labs to play with, and he towered over them. It was very amusing. :)

Here's one of my favorite Dane funnies: http://tinyurl.com/b2gtld
Beautiful dog, and I've seen the video of him playing, very cute. There is a weimaraner GD (very eye-catching) nearby and a regular GD. I have a black lab mix who is scared to death of both of them because of their size, but they are the sweetest, goofiest, most playful dogs ever.