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Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson
Monument, Colorado, United States
December 20
The Cleaner
I am a published poet and exhibited artist living in the shadow of the small, but lovely Mount Herman, a part of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. I raise children, tend gardens, cook, write, clean, sculpt, read.....................................................................................


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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 10:19AM

Peak to Prairie: a Photo Essay

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Colorado has these periods of freeze and thaw.  Some winter days can be in the fifties, while others are in the teens.  Monument rock is made from the sediment of the ancient sea that once covered this area.  Water still plays a role here, freezing, melting and boring holes in the limestone, constantly changing the face of the land.  


Frozen Creek and Ice Melt 

Frozen Creek with Ice Melt

Sunset on Foothills of Rockies 

Sunset Over Foothills of the Rockies Viewed from Monument Rock

Snow Melt Around Monument Rock   

Snow Melt Around Monument Rock

Monument Rock as Night Comes On   

Monument Rock Before Night Comes On 

Water Wear

Limestone Worn by Water


Tiny Sliver of Moon Above Monument Rock

 Almost Dark at Monument Rock 

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I like what you're working here, and like each individual for different reasons. The last, because of the conversation between the rock and cloud; the "limestone worn" because of the animation implied; the "snow melt" because of the even subtleties of tone and hue; the "frozen creek" because, again, of the animation. These elements are rich, and you're mining them well.