Fifth Estate Best Practices and Democracy

Fifth Estate Best Practices and Democracy
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
August 17
Melissa Cornick, Television Producer, Communications Specialist
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JULY 9, 2010 1:05AM

How About a Dialogue, Scienceblogs and Pepsi?

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Someone at PepsiCo came up with a not so bright idea to buy credibility on the venerable ScienceBlogs by posing as a nutrition blogger.   

                     Pepsi Refresh Scienceblogs

Pepsi is involved in a world of good, so why on earth would the company involve itself in a setup job?   I really like the Pepsi Refresh media campaign.  Eager socially-responsible people in a quest to uplift the world can vie for millions of dollars for their favorite charity.  I have actually met people who voted and won a Pepsi donation to their charity of choice.  You can’t get more noble than that.

But instead of a regular blogger, Pepsi hid the fact that the blog, Food Frontier, had a contingency of Pepsi scientists behind it.   The dishonest approach of Scienceblogs and Pepsi created an online firestorm in the rarified air of the scientific community.

Time to hit the Refresh button. 

Under its note of apology,  ScienceBlogs asks these questions:  “How do we empower top scientists working in industry to lead science-minded positive change within their organizations?

How can a large and diverse online community made up of scientists and the science-minded public help?

How do companies that seek genuine dialogue engage?”

Hey, Pepsi is Refreshing the World by funding great ideas so how about this one:   An open forum between the bloggers on ScienceBlogs and the Pepsi scientists about this fiasco and other topics going into the future would be just fine.  If you truly want dialogue, Scienceblogs, then give it a chance.

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This is not surprising to me. This is not unlike pseudo-news shows where they start off with their conclusion and then give you all kinds of credibility challenged information to justify their conclusion. Pepsi is just stacing the deck so that they always come ot looking better than they are.
The consensus of commenters on the Scienceblogs post in which they announced that they were pulling the Pepsi partnership (where you posted) is this: Let scientists blog, just as they have been able to all along, but don't combine the issues of money and dialogue.