Fifth Estate Best Practices and Democracy

Fifth Estate Best Practices and Democracy
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
August 17
Melissa Cornick, Television Producer, Communications Specialist
Let's contrast the needs of the Fifth Estate with those of corporations and governments that have gone global with strategies and best practices. If the people can be equally successful in their pursuit of happiness, then how?

JULY 15, 2010 10:01AM

Microsoft’s Employee Cheerleader for Russian Spies?

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US federal agents say Russian suspect may not have been an actual spy.  

                             CBS News photo Alexey Karetnikov

Alexey Karetnitov probably didn't directly collaborate in the activities of ten Russian spies. He probably just knew them, the Feds say, according to CBS News

Karetnitov was employed at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. where he was a “Software Design Engineer  on a team which helps to code Microsoft products says a story by Mashable.  Karetnitov was deported back to Russia reports the Washington Post.

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