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My Top Five Date Flicks - Zuma's Open Call

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Ok, I'm up to the challenge!  Zuma wanted us to post our top five date night movies.  At some point in my life, these movies have had (and still have) a special meaning for me, so they had to be included in this list.  At some point, I'd actually written a review of the last two movies (SPOILER ALERT!!), on my View to a Thrill blog, so I am posting them here.  I hope that you enjoy my picks!!

The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner

  "The Bodyguard" starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner

The unlikely love story between a no-nonsense, former secret service agent and a spoiled, wealthy pop star.  I've always been a sucker for'odd-couples' who find one another despite their current circumstance.  The music is phenomenal, the plot is exciting and the romance is believable....and the kiss at the end of the movie is breathtaking.


 "Somewhere in Time" starrring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve

This is most certainly a four hankie movie.  A playwright's life is changed by an old woman's plea for him to come back to her.  Through a series of mystical events, he manages to travel back in time to find her and he does.


"The Notebook" starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

An old man relates an old story about a young couple who were in love but separated by her parent's inability to accept a poor man as her intended.  Through a series of events, they are reunited and things really begin to get interesting.  This is a mystery that will have you crying like a baby in the end.


"P.S. I love you" starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler

If you were dying, do you think you could have the strength to look beyond your own personal pain to try to ease the suffering of the ones you leave behind? Gerry Kennedy (Gerard Butler) knew that he only had months to live and he wanted to spend that precious time reassuring the woman that he loved (Hilary Swank) that life was for the living. He understood that living was as much a process as dying and he had to help her realize that somehow. The last thing that he wanted was for his wife to be metaphorically buried with him.

That sentiment played throughout the movie especially when the director opted not to show a deathbed scene….that would have been too calculating and the antithesis of the larger message…..the celebration of life and the difficult journey in getting there. His posthumous letters would turn out to be the exact road map to lead her in that direction.

The success of his plan would surprise Gerry himself, as it seems that it led Holly to someone who loved him too. It was good to see her family and friends rally around her to provide able assistance to his plan, most notably, Holly’s mom and his nemesis (Kathy Bates, who could relate having had her own sense of loss) who couldn’t possibly deny him his last request. This movie gave a compelling argument for pushing through your fears and reaching out and holding on to loved ones; it was a perfected balance of love, loss and renewal.

Though some would classify this movie as a ‘chick flick’…..I think that it could affect anyone dealing with such a heart wrenching loss. It’s a movie that inspires a person to summon up the courage to go on, even when they can’t possibly imagine….how to.


 "August Rush" starring Keri Russell, Freddie Highmore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Until last night, I was convinced that the best movie to watch when you’re feeling blue is a comedy. I’m beginning to think that I was wrong.  Movies that inspire and encourage you seem to be the antidote for a troubled heart. After the laughs from a comedic movie have subsided, there is still a longing, a void in the spirit that isn’t quite filled.

August Rush is a magical blend of the type of hope and unwavering faith that is borne in childhood and unfortunately jaded and diminished as time and life experiences takes a toll on a human life. Freddie Highmore gets his first top billing as the boy who is convinced that he will be reunited with the parents who love him and are equally invested in finding him as well despite all evidence to the contrary. In the face of incredibly insurmountable odds, he remains focused on following the music that will lead him home.

Along his journey, he encounters a series of colorful characters; some of whom have his best interests at heart and some who have poorly obscured hidden agendas. Two stand outs are Jamia Nash (Hope) and Leon Thomas (Arthur) two beautifully gifted young musicians who befriend and unwittingly teach the essence of music to Evan along the way.

Robin Williams does a chilling turn as Wizard, a smarmy mixture of the Pied Piper of Hamlin and Fagin in Oliver Twist. He inspires fear in his charges under the guise that under his tutelage they would be safer than being left at the mercy of the system he so despises…perhaps because they failed him in some way? It becomes all too clear that after discovering that August (nee Evan) is a musical genius that his concern has more to do with his love of the almighty dollar than protecting ‘throwaway’ kids.

Keri Russell (Lyla) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Louis) made you believe in the possibility of love at first sight. After losing the light of her eyes through an ostensibly ‘fatherly’ gesture, Lyla set out to find the answer that was denied her eleven years, two months and 15 days prior. Ironically, at the same time, Louis gives in to what he has running from and simultaneously drawn to, his love for a woman he only met once.

All three are brought together in a symbiotic realization that they were drawn together by the very thing that united them so completely. Finally, they were reunited by the music that called them all together, the same night, the same place, the same time, sharing the same heart. This movie reminds us to listen to the child inside of all of us by believing in the possibility……of whatever our dreams may be.


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There were actually some redeeming features of The Bodyguard, including Whitney Houston's rendition of that Dolly Parton song. I haven't seen the rest of these, but they don't actually look like what I would consider "date night" movies. Maybe it's just that I've been married a long time, but these look to be better as "girls night out" movies.
Gotta go with Hellboy II. It's got adventure, stunning visual imagery, and romance. It's the perfect date movie!
I'm liking the sound of August Rush ...
Very well done and a great contribution for the open call Renee.
Has me thinking......One of the best I've seen on a date was the one
about the girl that baked pies ( dammit what's the title?maybe you know)
I hear you, Rich.....but this is only from a (one) woman's point of view. I will go out on a limb and presume that most women like quirky romances and guys would do well to take heed...especially if they want to get lucky on date night. HA! On the other hand, I tend to be kinda sappy....but give one or two a try anyway....you may be surprised.

ikilledhiswife, I haven't seen any of the Hellboy movies....hmmmm....seems strange on the surface, but I think I might give it a try. It got pretty good reviews on Rotten tomatoes...thanks for the tip.

Trig.....I can't remember the name of that movie either....I remember the trailers, haven't actually seen it though. You should see A.R. , it's not entirely realistic, but aren't movies a form of escapism? I think you will like it.
I'm in complete agreement with The Notebook and P.S. I Love you (Gerard Butler is my second favorite man, right behind Dennis Quaid). I'd like to add to the list: City of Angels; Jerry Maguire and an oldie, Love Story.
I love all the movies you have selected and I would have to say they would be my picks for date night. I haven't seen August Rush and by your review I am going to have to find it and watch it. Great Post and awesome picks..
Trig the movie you are thinking of is called "The Waitress". It is a very good movie.
I've seen the first two, but am unfamiliar with the rest. These posts should help us dolts (men) figure out what you girls like for date movies. I suspected chick flicks would fill a lot of space, but I'm sure the right type of chick flick is also important.
Whoa! This is an illuminating and outstanding post. I've never seen some of these films, so I'll add them to my list of DVD's to get.

You summarized beautifully what a good date night film should be about: bringing people together through shared life experiences...big ones!

"All three are brought together in a symbiotic realization that they were drawn together by the very thing that united them so completely. Finally, they were reunited by the music that called them all together, the same night, the same place, the same time, sharing the same heart. This movie reminds us to listen to the child inside of all of us by believing in the possibility……of whatever our dreams may be."
P.S. I Love You was a wonderfully made film and I'm a big Hillary Swank film. Very romantic. The Notebook and Titanic (not on your list I know) just make me cringe, but the ladies love them. "Somewhere In Time" was made pre-wife and she loves that film. She's always thought I remind her of Christopher Reeve (pre-accident). Ahem, I obviously don't see that!
Not a fan of "The Bodyguard". Kevin Costner was robotic in it and "August Rush" is one of my wife and son's favorite movies recently.
GREAT list and it's all subjective and has much more to do with the person you were with and the memory.
I LOVE your list. I've seen them all and would do so again. August Rush was heartwarming! I admire that you were able to pull your list together to mark the five. Rated because you MET the challenge with a great list
Ohsotender....I will absolutely co-sign your three selections.....I love all of them! Thanks for stopping by!

FE....you will not regret it! Please go rent it. And yes....it was the Waitress!

Mike....no surprise here.....you are a very wise man! ;-D

Thanks, Z for the opportunity to discuss our faves!! I agree...it is about bringing people together.

KOB....I agree with the robotic characterization.....however, I think that was intended. They were total opposites which made the story sweeter to me. ;-D

Aww...thanks, Scupper! I appreciate it....looks like we're the only ones who've seen A.R. thus far....hehehe
I hate to say it but these are very chickflick-ish.

I've seen them all and I see the appeal in each one and if you can get the man in your life to watch these, you have fabulous powers of persuasion.

Hmmmm... fabulous powers of persuasion? Now that might work.
Hey, Duane....ahem.....oh, we have our ways........
It sure looks like somebody didn't wake up on the romantic side of the bed, today, Lover. Sorry to be such a downer. You won't be surprised to hear, then, that I consider a trip to the What-A-Burger followed by an Angelina Jolie movie to meet all requirements for dinner and a movie.

Concerning luck, your point is well taken.
Rich, I'm not mad at ya! I guess that romance thing has to go both ways for it to work! lol
August Rush is one I'll have to rent. :) if only as an excuse to stare at Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Somewhere in Time, I love the concept behind it, and soundtrack is wonderful
Please do, Julie and tell me what you think of it. Ok?
Ok :) dropped it in the netflix queue at #1, hopefully it will get here before Karen can swap it for one of hers