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Apr 19, 2009    My Top Five Date Flicks - Zuma's Open Call

Apr 16, 2009   Dirty Haiku Thursday - Chaotic Bliss

Apr 15, 2009   Spring is in the air!

Apr 12, 2009   The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want

Apr 09, 2009   The soulful pipes of Ms. Rachelle Ferrell

Apr 08, 2009   A prayer for the lost and forgotten - Annette2009's Open Cal

Apr 05, 2009   Man-sharing: when your ‘man’ belongs to someone else

Apr 01, 2009   How she learned to love spinning wheels - Finale

Mar 31, 2009   How she learned to love spinning wheels - Part 4

Mar 30, 2009   How she learned to love spinning wheels - Part 3  

Mar 29, 2009   Happy Birthday, Nan ate hay!!

Mar 28, 2009   How she learned to love spinning wheels - Part 2

Mar 26, 2009   How she learned to love spinning wheels - Part 1  

Mar 23, 2009   When engagement rings become pacifiers

Mar 17, 2009   Question about unusual activity on my Statcounter

Mar 12, 2009   Lessons learned from being abused

Mar 07, 2009    "Take A Little Trip With Me" - Zuma's open call!

Mar 06, 2009   The best kind of loving

Mar 03, 2009   My favorite poems - Feathered Things' open call  

Feb 28, 2009   "It was a dark and stormy night" - Sheldon's open call

Feb 26, 2009   Obama sings "Never gonna give you up!"  

Feb 24, 2009   Lenka, one of my favorite singers right now

 Feb 23, 2009   The Travel Prague-nosticator, Part 4  

Feb 22, 2009   The Travel Prague-nosticator, Part 3  

Feb 21, 2009    The Travel Prague-nosticator, Part 2

Feb 20, 2009   The Travel Prague-nosticator!, Part 1        

Feb 19, 2009   "I quit this bitch"

Feb 17, 2009   My Own Private Vancouver

Feb 14, 2009   Love sent you here to me

Feb 10, 2009   Why I love the Dixie Chicks

Feb 10, 2009   Feliz Cumpleaños, Karen!!

Feb 09, 2009   The Noun Game

Feb 06, 2009   B. M. O. C.  

Feb 05, 2009   Etta James: "I can't stand Beyonce!"

Jan 30, 2009   The Kentucky Derby and the Black Church

Jan 28, 2009   A list of my top 10 pet peeves

Jan 26, 2009   The Siren Call of Mount Kilimanjaro

Jan 26, 2009   27 things I want to do before I die  

Jan 22, 2009   A poem of stark indifference for the man I love

Jan 19, 2009   Sitting here thinking of.......

Jan 18, 2009   Are you watching the concert at the Lincoln Memorial too?

Jan 18, 2009   The goodbye that was never said

Jan 14, 2009   How old will you be if you don’t get your bachelor’s?

Jan 13, 2009   Post your favorite bumper sticker! 

Jan 10, 2009   Romancing the Stone (Castles!)

Jan 03, 2009   13, suffers from eczema and is the mother of two

Jan 03, 2009   Life at the Salvation Army Home & Hospital  

Dec 31, 2008   Pictures of my Garden Sanctuary  

Dec 30, 2008   Renee's 25

Dec 04, 2008   I bust the windows out your car...........  

Dec 01, 2008   The Lost Art of Dating

Nov 29, 2008   My own best company

Nov 20, 2008   101 Words: My nuclear family  

Nov 06, 2008   Stay Gold, Barack!

Oct 28, 2008   Born Suspect  

Oct 23, 2008   Shuffling The Race Card  

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Oh dang this is good. Congratulations on showing how this looks!
Dang you have done a lot of posts.. Good ones too..
I forgot to add: Congratulations on many of my favorite reads, too!
Thanks, Ladies, you are so sweet.....I just had to try this...the instructions are on Designanator's latest blog.
That looks like a lot of reading to ge through, but I am sure it will be time well spent.
Jon, actually it was just a way for me to archive my posts and place them as a link on the left side of my blog in the links section.
this makes it a lot easier to look back and choose topics!
what a neat tidy mind you have, and how helpful that will be for me to track down your posts. Thank you.