SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 10:41AM

A psalm for my soldier

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Photo courtesy of US Army

My smile flew away the moment you kissed me goodbye and walked through the gate. 

It waited patiently for you to come sit beside and hold it within the warmth of the hollow of your hands and safeguard it 'til  you reached your destination. 

I remembered that you had the good sense not to look back because you knew that you would see the jumbled, emotional mess you'd  be leaving behind. 

We didn't talk about the almost month of Sundays when we would be separated by an ocean or two, instead we talked about what we'd do the moment our eyes caressed one another again. 

We marveled about how we'd sit down and discuss the 'must-haves' for the new house that would accommodate the things a sentimental fool like me couldn't bear to part with. 

You never complained because you knew how difficult it was for me to let go of things near and dear to my heart. 

We spoke of wishes and hopes and dreams and gave no power to the underlying fear that went unspoken, but certainly felt. 

Be safe, my love.  I pray that you will come back to me, if not whole in body, then in mind and spirit.

But should God decide that He needs you more,  know that my heart will be forever waiting for you on the other side.

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Brilliantly written, very touching and heartfelt.. Brought me to tears. My heart aches for all the loved one waiting for the return of their loved one that are over there. And my heart strings twist for all the soldiers over there. I pray for all their safe return and the end of the war soon.. Thank you for this..
Corgi, this is lovely. My heartstrings are singing still.
Renee, this is lovely and full of grace. I feel your melancholy longing and sense of devotion in this. Well done, honey.
Beautiful, Renee. My prayers will join yours for your soldier.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. May they all come home safely...and soon.
Whether this is your husband or boyfriend, please let him know that I said thank you for his bravery and his service. I pray that he returns home safely to you, and that you have many happy days ahead of you!
Well well done....oh my.
oh my god, girl. this is exquisite!!! wow, i'm sorry for your pain, sweetheart, but so moved by your words. the best anti-war piece ever!! love love love and gratitude!!!
Oh.....I've been away for awhile....sorry for replying so late! Actually, this has nothing to do with me personally, it was just my way of imagining what those who have loved ones fighting (for what?) and how they must feel about the real possibility of losing them. It was simply my personal tribute to the enormous sacrifice that they are making. I am humbled by your warm, sympathetic and loving words....thank you.
thats lovely AND it made me cry. i'm married to a soldier so i know exactly what you are talking about...but as a mom, i think it would frighten me even more for one of my sons to get on that plane.

we are at fort bragg..where is your son stationed. i will pray for God's ever watchful eye to protect him and bring him home safely to you!
ok so i just read your, i never read them first..its not your son in the pic...but it still made me cry and i think your words speak for lots of moms out there
May he safely return to you.