NOVEMBER 17, 2011 4:50PM

You can’t mace old ladies, dude!

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I laughed out loud at this comment. It was written after a post very early on during OWS after a police officer pepper sprayed a peaceful protester in NYC.  There was a comparison to the treatment received by the Tea Party demonstrators who received a free pass for their demonstrations, even the ones calling for 2nd Amendment remedies to the action of the police in NYC.

The comment was, “Why did the Tea Party, many members referencing guns and “taking back the country” and churning up hate, not treated the way those early, peaceful protesters were? Someone quickly answered, “Because you can’t mace old ladies, dude!”

I laughed because I got the joke. It was so outrageous to think of police pepper spraying our grandmas.

Jokes on me.

Kate O’hehir wrote an excellent blog on this today.

This has turned the corner. 

There is a reason Mayor Bloomberg blocked press coverage of the night raid on the protesters in NYC. A photo can galvanize the public like nothing else. Can anyone forget the image of Kim Phuc, the girl fleeing her village naked and horribly burned after a napalm attack?

The photo on Ms. O’hehir’s blog puts so much of what is wrong with society right now in crystal clear focus. 

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Too bad we can't spray back.
Yes, the students at UC Davis were chanting, "You use weapons! We use our voice!" before they were pepper sprayed. They were seated peacefully. I just can't understand the mentality of the police.
I for one applaud the use of deadly force on these old dames!
Trouble, is what they are, with a capital "t".
I suspect they are the masterminds behind all this tomfoolery,
but that is for now just a theory.
Handing out cookies and communist rhetoric!
I hear reports of them going around tucking everyone into
their sleeping bags,
whispering subversive anti-american stuff
into the young peoples' ears, like,
"sweetie, you can be anything you want to be in this life,
sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite."

The cops have finally caught on: wipe out the leadership,
these ladies "of a certain age".
Oh James,
Please fill that out and post it. So true. So true!!!
This rips me up because I was a big proponent of the middle aged and seniors joining the Occupy movement.