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FEBRUARY 25, 2012 7:57PM

Goodbye to You

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Conch House

It’s time to clean out this Conch House and say goodbye to a little island paradise that gave me more beauty than I could have ever imagined.

                I rented this house knowing it was a temporary home. I have had nothing but temporary homes for the last few years, and this was not going to be any different. Only it has been different this time.

Banana tree 

Secluded as it is, I have had company every day. There are two mourning doves that perch on the deck rail outside my bedroom. An iguana pair suns themselves on the seawall a few times a week. There are more lizards than any troop of boys could catch. There was a snake on one occasion;  a black racer. I did not welcome that particular bit of nature, although they are harmless.   

Two White Ibis and two Glossy Ibis wander the front of the house pecking around the bushes and bases of the trees.  I sometimes see them drink from the pool in the back.  Brown Pelicans stop by frequently, cruising low and stopping to float for a time on the water. There is a lone Double-crested Cormorant that often paddles by close to the sea wall; I see it two or three times a week. Always so low in the water, only its head and neck exposed.  Then it slips under and is submerged for what seems like an impossible time.

                There are others that I cannot identify.  There is a hawk that visits regularly, but I have never seen it well enough to know what type of hawk it is. What I thought was a woodpecker, but now think might be a Kingfisher shows up now and then, as well as many more mystery birds.


                But what is going to break my heart is saying goodbye to the palms. They are the last things I see at night, before it is too dark to make out more than their silhouettes. They are the first thing I see in the morning. There is almost always a breeze coming across the water, and watching them move is like watching a beautiful dance.  My favorite, the tallest one in the shot above, put me in mind of my mother from the first night in the house. I have no idea why, but I think of her when I look at that palm.

During a few of last summer’s wild storms I watched it bend low, the fronds stretched out on the wind. I was comforted by that palm, knowing it had experienced many many wild summer storms. I decided that I would not panic unless it broke, or the lightning struck it down. We were both always fine. 

Night Palms 

                I grieved my mother’s death in this house, surrounded by nature. Now it is time to say goodbye, and say thank you.



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I took these photos yesterday and today with my cell phone. The pictures do not do justice to this lovely home and area.
A feeling of contentment came upon me as I drank in your photos and read your words.............. (*sigh*)
Oh, goodness. I can only imagine how hard it is to say 'goodbye' to such a beautiful place ... to paradise!

Only today I have accepted an offer on my home of 12 years so, failing anything going amiss between now and the settlement, I'll be saying 'goodbye' to my own little paradise soon. Something I'm not looking forward to. I can understand your heartbreak but I hope there's a new little piece of paradise that's waiting for both of us.

Good luck!
This is definitely the place to be if you are looking for calm. Thank you for reading!

Good luck to you, Little Kate. I have had so many changes the last few years that it should be water off my back - only it's not. It's hard. Be sure to let us know what happens, I'll be wondering about you, and wishing you the best outcome.
Thank you. : )

Change doesn't ever seem to be easy but I'm hoping for the best and choosing to take a chance.
Yes . . . and then there is someone such as:
Kerry & Company ill/ilk. It's good to grieve.
The grieving must be done. Be very sentient.
Feel . . .
Weep . . .
It's to heal.
Nature heals.
View Nature.
I'll grieve too.
We must feel.


We're narcissus
so ill-numb sick
and in-a-denial
Grieve well . . .
It's complete . . .
Then -
fragrance exudes
a ancient notion
and I believe we
must feel-grieve
and grieve well
and pass through
and sleep well
Kerry's ill/ilk
seem miserable
and they act ill
They are so sick
Never doubt that
Beware . . . serious
We'd best discern
Such a wonderful place. So sad to leave it, but you never know, there could be something equally as restful and beautiful that awaits you.
man, that would be a hard place to leave. reminds me of a place we used to stay in kauai. lovely birds and breezes. i hope you find a spot that's as beautiful.
Just lovely!!!

Rated, but of course!!!!
You were comforted by that palm and you were both always fine even during the wildest times. I love that. Maybe it's the reason you can say goodbye without regret or too much sadness. And also feel grateful about it. Beautiful surroundings and even more beautiful memories.
Last year my wife and I were sitting on the porch of the home of a fellow teaching volunteer, and I asked her if she would miss the view of the Gulf of Guinea when she departed. "There'll be other views," she said matter-of-factly. And that is what I say to you.

Thanks for posting this.
You're making me pine for the tropics. Goal: move back to the sea air and palm trees. I love how you are sharing this trip with us.
Art James, thank you for the kindness. I agree with you that nature heals, and that we must grieve-feel.

Sheila, you never know what is around the next corner, do you?

Thank you, Candace. I hope you are ok, and that you have found something to look to, the way I did that palm tree, to give you some peace.
Tink, It would be great to see you commune with nature out here. I have told you before I am sure you would become leader.

Margaret, sometimes it's good to feel the power of those storms, don't you think? And come away with beautiful memories.

Ah Patrick, that is true. Your wife is a wise woman. I think it is the secret to happiness, trusting that your beautiful moments may end at times, but will continue on and on.

Phyllis, this part of the journey ends now. I will gearing up for a solo cross country drive. Me and the dog heading west!
Oh, I just fell in love with the place in your pictures and words. I hope the move is smooth and like Patrick's wife said, "There will be other views." Take care and get some pictures of it with a real camera!:)
Lovely farewell to a serene setting. I did that when I left Hawaii. R
Mango, I agree. I need to get to town and get a decent camera before I leave next week.

Marilyn, isn't wonderful to make friends with a place?
Why have you spent the past few years in temporary housing? I'm sorry you have to leave such a place.
Kosher, it is good to "see" you. I rented my house to move in with my “new” husband. Less than a month later that house caught fire. There was major damage, but no one was home, so it was OK. Then more of life’s twists and turns.
Sorry about the fire and I hope you find somewhere you want to stay and can stay, assuming that you find being slow-motion nomadic negative.
Beautiful photos, and I really like iguanas--grew up with all manner of animal including lizards and snakes (my brother's). The Florida Keys is on my bucket list. R.
Thank you, Erica. Please PM me if you do head to the Keys.
Could really feel your loss here. And yes, palm trees dance and the sound of the wind going through them is one of a kind too. Lucky you, for this experience.
Thank you, Beth. I am lucky, although I do like to be reminded of it sometimes. It's easy to take for granted.
So sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Mine left us nearly 2 1/2 years ago and I was privileged to care for her the last few years of her life (94 years). Your good wishes for my blog were very much appreciated. It's going slowly, and small changes here are helping and not-helping, at the same time. It takes time to put my thoughts together and, hopefully, it won't be a self-serving, narcissistic endeavor. I truly want to be a better and emotionally healthier person.

Your now former home was lovely. Hold positive memories of all you enjoyed in your heart.
So sorry you must say goodbye to this beautiful home. Hope your next home holds many lovely surprises for you.
I read this post a while back and can't believe I didn't leave a comment. It hits home in so many different ways. I've stood in my empty houses and literally out loud, said, "Good bye house."
So many memories and it only takes a few to make a house a home.
Roundgrandma, I am so glad to see you. Because of your comment I went over to check on you, and was happily surprised to see you have added to your post. Please create new titles in the future so that I and others will know you have something new posted. You are a gifted story teller - there is no whiff of narcissism in your writing.
I have always loved your name. I enjoy seeing your positive comments, and appreciate you reading and commenting on this.

I would imagine based on things of yours that I have read that you are a person who would understand. Thank you for reading!
I am glad we have finally met! Thank you for reading and relating. It's like there are some places that just hold you.
So are you driving, or done driving? Dogs make excellent driving buddies, except they can't drive while you nap.
This was beautiful, and I'm totally in sync with you about the palm. When I was visiting in Naples, we saw a smiling dolphin that I believed to be my mother. I think after we die, we do attach ourselves to plants or animals, as a way of staying close and saying, "I'm still with you." I hope wherever you are moving, the landscape will be equally nourishing to your soul.
Oh my goodness, it looks like a little piece of paradise. Just looking at the photos gives me peace.
Onislandtime,I have lived in a rented house for almost 10 years..an old house with a garden..it had olive trees and lemon trees..roses..but most of it I was so haρρy there..It is my home although I have left..I feel it like my home..the one ρlace on earth that I was haρρy...I can not still say goodbye..although I have left..I want to go back...Terrible feeling...Feels like you do not have a home..a ρersonality...So thank you for sharing..Rated with best regards..Believe me I have cried for leaving this house...Sometimes I wake uρ αnd I still can not believe that I am not in "my" rented garden...Wishes..
Phyllis, Yes! I reached my destination yesterday. Have been unpacking what I brought along, and celebrating being off the road. If I get some gumption I will do a post... Thanks for checking in!

Pam, Reading your comment brought tears to my eyes. I love your belief about people who have departed this life attaching to animals or nature. What a lovely feeling, and one I believe. Thank you!

Fay, If anything I put up gives you any peace or goodness in any way I will be very pleased. Your writing has educated me and made me think.
Your beloved olive tree and that house and garden will always be with you. I think sometimes we find a place that provides so much nurturing it is a love affair of the soul. You are a kind soul.
Bon voyage. Safe travels.
Lovely post. I hope your "moving on" goes smoothly.
Gorgeous post. What a gentle place to grieve.
islanders, like palm trees, move at their leisure and they dance with the wind, that they might not break
may you find a place as lovely as this
[r] onislandtime, better to have loved this home and now lost it to never have had it, i say. I appreciate your screen name all the more now. thank you for sharing this amazing haven with us. you did well with cell phone cam for sure! i wish there had been audio, but i was hearing it as I gazed. how poignant to have grieved for your mother here. nature can be such a comfort and reminder of a spiritual dimension beyond our poor human powers to grasp it intellectually and emotionally.

best, libby
I came back here hoping to see something about your move and Voila! I would have to be dragged away from that house under sedation to get me to leave. You have lived my dream. I know it had to be difficult to leave.
O.I.T. as a fellow island lover (kauai is my very fave), I understand your sadness in leaving/saying goodbye. I lived part time on the island and also wintered on the big island for five years in a row...hated leaving (seemed that it was always difficult at the airport and eaaaasy in arriving) and miss it terribly. love that island time philosophy and still want to live it, especially within the confines of city cement racing- around-lunacy. dreaming of going back. like you, I terrrribly miss the nature/creatures.