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OS Weekend Fiction Club
December 31
Hello fiction writers of OS! Here you'll find weekly prompts for Fiction Weekend, as well as links to stories written for each Fiction Weekend Open Call._____________________ EVERYONE is welcome to participate in the open calls. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS TO WRITE A FICTION PIECE! __________________________________ Here's how to take part in Fiction Weekend: 1. Every Monday, a prompt will be posted here. Come by and check it out. 2. Ideally, try to write a fiction story based on the prompt. But if the prompt doesn't inspire you, you can write a story on any topic you like - THE ONLY RULE IS THAT IT HAS TO BE A WORK OF FICTION. 3. On Thursday night or Friday morning-ish, the Stories List will be posted for that week. If you've written a story, announce it in the comments section of this post. Please include a short description and the title. 4. Show support for your fellow participants: If possible, please try to read and comment on at least three stories. ________________ For more information, or if you have any questions, please see the list of links below, or feel free to contact me!__________Happy reading and writing!


JANUARY 12, 2012 5:07PM

Fiction Weekend Stories for 1/13/12 - 1/15/12

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This is the place to read Fiction Weekend stories for this Friday/Saturday/Sunday - and to announce your own piece! 

Stories will be posted throughout the weekend, so feel free to check back regularly for new pieces to read.

If you're participating, announce your piece with its title and a brief description in the Comments section of this post.

This week's prompt was:  Write a story based on something you see in the official video for Lady Gaga's "You and I".

Here's the video:



If you can't see the embedded video, please click here .

Or, if this prompt didn't do it for you, you could write a fiction piece on any topic, in any style you wanted. 

Everyone is welcome to join in - if you feel inspired, go for it! 

The only requirement is that a piece announced in the comments be a fiction piece.  For information about how to announce a story, etc, please see our "Bio" in the left margin of this page.

If you're not sure what qualifies as "fiction" in terms of the Fiction Club, please read this 

 You have all weekend to write your story and announce it in the comments section below.

Happy writing and reading! 

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I refuse to watch Lady Gaga. Sometimes there is just a visceral 'no' reaction to someone and she does it for me.
Phyllis - I respect that. But the prompt, as I explained in the last post, isn't about Lady Gaga. You can put the song on mute as you listen. The video itself is a pastiche of weird and intriguing images - many of which I feel are telling compelling stories. Unfortunately, I feel like there's so much going on in the video that we don't get to appreciate the stories, really delve into them. That's what inspired this prompt, not Lady Gaga herself.
I'm on satellite and the video has taken forever just to get a glimpse. Maybe something in the video will connect to what I wrote.

My story is about a guy who gets framed. Hope you have tim eto read it.
I'm on satellite and the video has taken forever just to get a glimpse. Maybe something in the video will connect to what I wrote.

My story is about a guy who gets framed. Hope you have time to read it.
I'm hopin' all y'all enjoy this:

My short story this week is Mine. Well, obviously, what I mean is Mine is the title of the short story that's mine, er, the one—damn it, you know what I mean! It follows the prompt (to a fault) and is about cyborgs, assassins, clones, and not letting go of that one "special" girl.
I think this is a fantastic prompt! It makes me wish I had the time to write a story this week, because no matter what you might think of Lady Gaga's talent as a musician, I almost always find her music videos intriguing. Ah, well, I'll just go ahead and read everyone else's stories...
Neha -Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the idea! And you know, if you can't write a story this week, you can always write one following this prompt another time. That is perfectly okay. If you're inspired, go for it!
I wrote a short story about hacking and online behavior titled "Code".
My inspiration was a story titled "The Talisman" by Pardo Bazan
Just posted my short story:
Hi, I wrote a bit to go with last weeks story, a prequel, as it were. I hope you enjoy it.
I loved this prompt. There is so much going on in that video. I kind of went for the essence of it that I felt and out came another romance. Geez. My mind wants romance so badly that it just can't help itself. However it is a universal theme and I loved how the video showed lots of cuddling in the midst of chaos.
My story, "My Nebraska boy", is inspired by the video, as the title probably suggests. It deals with love, longing, and complicated family relationships. I hope you like it!
This is my first attempt to be a part of this fiction club.

The title is "Confessions from a freeloading teacher", about a man who is trying to not be like his father, but he does in a way, only to redeem himself later through the kindness of strangers.
Please be kind with your comments.