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OCTOBER 14, 2010 5:21PM

I Apologize for Being a Paranoid Poor Speller

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sopt that right now!  

On Open Salon, I have long had a reputation for being compassionate and fairly reasonable for the internet.

Not lately though.

I have had some serious medication issues this past month which had me questioning my sanity or, at least, my spelling.

I switched to a new medication and managed to accidently overdose on it about a month ago. Four days ago, I noticed that my spelling had gone all to hell. Even simple words like “louse” did not look right to me. I posted four times in three days, more than my usual output, because I was monitoring my brain.  

On Monday, I went to the on-call quack who told me I had “serotonin syndrome”. The Mayo clinic calls it “life threatening” and lists processing issues. The quack told me to keep taking my old medication and see my good doctor in a week.

So, I went off all my medication.

I have gotten kind of attached to my brain. I have lost too many body parts this past year to tolerate the loss of one more.

My good doctor called me today, wanting to see me. I love this guy. He made the local newspaper last winter when he took two hours to crawl on his hands and knees during an ice storm to attend his patient who was delivering their first child. There was a doctor in attendance at the hospital; he would not have needed to go. He explained that he wanted to share this event with his patient and her family.

A prince of a guy.

He told me that I did not have serotonin syndrome and checked me out for a possible TIA (mini stroke). He explained that I probably had some ADHD (great, a new diagnosis) but explained that almost everyone had a touch of this, the creative individuals being more likely to have it. (Did I tell you I love this man?)

So.I am back on my old medication which will help my ADHD tendencies and am off to see my good friends for the weekend. There will be a Halloween party with a live band, and I have my costume which involves barbeque tools and an apron.

I plan to dance my ass off.

I apologize to anyone I pissed off or otherwise managed to confuse.

I will be back to post on Monday about the progress of the Oregon OS Meet Up.

Mea culpa.

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No one on this site makes as many mistakes as I do, both in my posts and especially my comments. I have a hard time typing, a bad hand and shoulder, so the hell with it. I'll just take the abuse. People will bitch about anything, let them bitch!
I also hate to make spelling mistakes and typos but I wont lose sleep over it. Glad you are better and staying on your meds. This past spring I just got sick of taking my daily regimen, and of the expense of one of the meds, and I quit taking them. Because of that I got very sick and my doc jumped me for it and now I am happily medicated and feeling better. And I got a low cost replacement for the expensive one!
Sounds like you have a wonderful doctor! And you have good friends. What a lucky woman you are.
Dicky and Scanner!
Thanks guys. My many friends on OS give me much more than I give them.
In fact, my counselor ordered me to blog every day!
Out the door...
Depending on speel-check here - those littel red lines that point out what I screwed up. I'm pretty sure that I'm on the road to alzheimers myself. (mistakes not corrected here to prove my piont)
dance your ass off, and take the view that your spelling should be the standard.
Transient Ischemic Attacks (hope I spelled it right) can be an anomaly or they can be a warning, so they shouldn't be ignored. Keep an eye out for other symptoms and stay close to that sweet doctor for awhile.

As for ADHD -- what was it we were talking about?
Definitely dance your ass off. ~r
A bird with an ADHD problem...hm. Fly upside down much? No, seriously, glad you're feeling better. Try not to run into any windows. That smarts. Rated.
o'stephanie: Dance your ass off, woman. I deliberately fuck-up just to see, you know, if anyone is keeping score.;>) Now that I heard that birth story, I love your doctor too!
This is funny. Wish I could meet you in OR.

You think you did a bad? I take Ambien so my back pain doesn't keep me awake all night. Ambien is some weird-ass stuff, Steph. My wife says I sometimes do and say things after taking it, none of which she tells me I have any memory whatsoever.

On 10/12, as I always do, I checked all my posts to other's blogs only to find this (see my first post on Maria Stuart's blog)


I have no memory at all of either reading her blog, posting or even being on OS.

Now that's some bad-ass shit Harry :-)
Funn. We all should have such problems! What did you say?
I read all your recent posts and noticed nothing wrong. Dancing is good.
glad you are feeling better!
*I* love your good doctor, too!
Dance and don't worry about the spelling. I hereby apologize for anything wrong I have said or done since the beginning of my existence. There, now, I am going off to doodle. R
Well, I never make speling misteaks. But I loved this, your writting is so very funny.
I wasn't an observer of whatever the manifestation here on OS may have been, but I'm glad you saw the prince of a guy doctor and are getting whatever the problem was/is cleared up. I botch up the spelling quite a bit in my own posts, usually clearing it or most of it up through the editing function after posting, but I've wished many times that there were a way to edit our comments placed on other people's posts. Once there they stay there unless that person delete's the whole comment.

If the med situation isn't straghtend out already I hope that it soon is. Sounds like you're on the right track. Go dance your ass off.
Just be sure you're taking care of your health...the spelling, don't worry so much. Have a great weekend!
I have another Oser that helps me with my spelling, mom was my English teacher in HS and knows how bad I am, or knew I should say..dont worry..you are among friends, have missed you. Pm me with posts if you like.
Heck, it's all good, you're a bird, I've been told birds have issue, just like cats!!


Enjoy the fun and costumes.
Put on your dancing shoes o'stephanie! I wish the comment mode as well as the new post mode had a built in spell checker. Why can't it?
Hi Steph! Glad you are feeling better :)
Thank you so much my many friends! What do they say about true friends? That they see your flaws and blow them away with the breath of kindness.
Thanks for breathing kindness my way.
I love you all!
(ps had to drive home because I forgot to bring along the aforementioned medication. Told you I am not hitting on all for cylinders!)
Off to dance my ass off...
I didn't notice a thing - can't wait for a full report (pics?) about the partay.
No apology necessary. If you ask me, most words have far more letters than they need anyway.
Yes this is a problem and a lot of the correctional drugs make you addicted to your dreams instead of reality.