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OCTOBER 23, 2010 1:14AM

Rep. DeFazio Calls for Impeachment of Justice Roberts

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To the Corporate Right, US House Representative Peter DeFazio from Oregon is a dangerous man.

DeFazio has been targeted by the Concerned Taxpayers of America (CTA) which represents exactly two taxpayers, neither of them from Oregon.  Robert Mercer, a New York hedge fund executive, and Daniel Schuster, a concrete magnate from Maryland, donated a total of $500,000 which is being spent to unseat two Democrats, one of them DeFazio.

In an interview with Huffington Post, DeFazio announced that he was investigating articles of impeachment against Chief Justice Roberts for perjuring during his Senate hearings, where he said he wouldn't be a judicial activist, and he wouldn't overturn precedents."

DeFazio cites the dissent of Justice Stevens on the SCOTUS case which makes the point that “Roberts decided a case that wasn't even before the Court, and invited the issue before the Court.” 

Peter DeFazio is beloved by those of lucky enough to be in his district,so he won the 2008 election with 83% of the vote. Even with the money that these east coast billionaires have poured into our Oregon Election, DeFazio is projected to win handily.

One reason that we have loved Peter DeFazio since 1987 is that he is not afraid to confront power in order to serve the middle class. DeFazio has earned  A+ ratings by the independent organization middleclass.org which rates legislators on their dedication to the middle class.

Mercer and Schuster, you wasted your money.


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And don't forget his opponent, Art Robinson is funded also by billionaire vulture kapitalist Sam Zell, the man who stole pension money from Carter Hawley Hale (now nonexistent) and the Tribune Company (now bankrupt).

A man is known by the enemies he has. This means that Rep. DeFazio is a very worthy man, indeed.
Your Rep is amazing -- I need to move to Oregon. I have wondered myself if the SCOTUS, principally Roberts, had crossed the line with the corporate donors decision. And even how he openly displayed his "disagreement" (by shaking his head and mouthing not true) with Pres Obama during his last State of the Union -- a BIG NO NO! Obviously, they have lifetime appointments and the Conservatives would fight tooth and nail against this. It will never get any traction, but I think it is good to bring to the light. Thanks
I MISS PETER!!!! He always tells it like it is and is not afraid to do so!!!

I miss him, because I moved from Oregon to Arizona and we don't have anyone like him here!!!!
Old new lefty,
You are amazing! Should have known that you would have all the details.
DeFazio is made in the mould of the greatest Oregon Statesman.

The Wright Sight,
Wasn't that State of the Union head shake a shocker? (It is a shame that Roberts is so young.)
Roberts drug that case in from the parking lot. All part of the plan.

Proud and Progressive,
Love your moniker!
Too bad we cannot clone Peter. Sure need him in AZ!
nothing if not audacious!

on the face of it, there's a case for impeachment to be made here, and certainly a political donnybrook

and wouldn't it be gratifying to see cases made against Thomas for perjury during his confirmation hearing, now that his wife has brought it back into the public conversation, and against Scalia for his shameful and shameless political meddling that led to overthrowing the results of a presidential election in favor of his political cronies
Whatever its consequences I am always elated to see a courageous individual attempt to obliterate a descending nuclear ballistic missile with a fully loaded water pistol.
I am all for people who stand up for the average guy. It shows they are not some big follower.
Best Wishes,
Peter is audacious if nothing else. I suppose that is what makes him so dangerous to them.
At the very least, I'd like to see that hideous self-satisfied Godly man's (roberts) smile wiped off his face. I am positive he thinks he is unassailable in his special underwear and black robes.
What a bunch of slimeballs we have on the court now, eh? Why did they confirm Thomas? Scalia is certainly involved in the corporate takeover we are experiencing.

I love your comment! That is definitely Peter. At the very least, he will get Roberts soaking wet and, perhaps, we will be able to see through that black robe of his.

My favorite blue kitty!
If you knew Peter, you would rub against his ankles.
kind regards,
I've always loved Oregon and Washington, not only for the beauty but for their progressive attitudes. Dafazio is not your average politician, but then he couldn't be coming from Oregon.
Thanks, Bob.
Even for Oregon, he is a man among men.
I laugh at those billionaires who wanted to take him out. Did they not research this at all??! DeFazio won with 83% of the vote. (And he didn't have to buy them.)
To be fair, poor Art Somebody who is his opponent, didn't even know who these guys are. It would not have mattered who he was to them.
Mercer and Schuster...kinda sounds like a songwriting team, doesn't it?
A song or a dreaded new STD of some kind :-)
I only wish that Roberts, Thomas, et al will be forced out in disgrace. Not likely, but we can hope! In the mean time can we clone Rep. DeFazio? R
I think you got it.

"Sorry, Mr. Smith, I am afraid that you have Mercer in your Schuster."

If only. I wish I coud share him. But, if he makes a big stink like I think he will, he will be sharing himself with the nation.
This is great to read Steph. Ive supported the following and only the following ~ Defazio, Sanders, Feingold, Kucinich and Grayson. I hope to encourage more like them, but I dont see any on the horizon.
Hey Tim,
DeFazio is a standout. He is hopping mad about this.
I got my fingers crossed here Steph.
I do wish more politicians had his balls.
Oregon sounds like a great place to live.
Thanks for this info. I didn't know anybody was trying to impeach Roberts. Representatives who do their jobs are a treasure!
You make me laugh out loud!
(Actually, Peter and I are about the same height. Mighty mice.)

Oregon is just fine for me.
(And so glad to see you out and about!)

DeFazio announced it yesterday when the super PAC against him had to report its doners to the FTC--all two of them. Mercer and Schuster. (Sound like antibiotic-resistent bacterias...)
He rightfully blames Roberts who drug the SCOTUS case in off the street.
Lucky you -- thank you stars you aren't represented by someone from East Tennessee. Ironically, DeFazio and Roberts are both perfect examples of the foolishness of those who say elections don't matter, all politicians are the same. DeFazio goes without saying, but does anyone think Roberts would be Chief Justice or that Citizens United would have been decided the same way if Al Gore had been President?
Insightful comment, my friend.
What a difference a vote makes. Look how every close it was.
Thanks, Trish rainbow!
Cannot be repeated too much!!
I love DeFazio. You are soooo lucky to have such a superb representative.
Thanks, Fay,
I am beginning to call him...