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NOVEMBER 1, 2010 6:40PM

Exclusive: Talk with Rep Peter DeFazio

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Well, there were a few other folks there but I was the only one with this sign:

Impeach Justice Roberts

DeFazio has been in national news because of the large amount of secret corporate money funneled into Oregon to defeat him. Peter calls his “very own” Wall Street fat cat (Robert Mercer) “Bob”. Bob unwisely spent $400,000 trying to unseat DeFazio who won reelection with 83% of the vote in 2008.  Peter (who is running against a tea party wingnut who wants to abolish public schools) is being reelected again by a comfortably wide margin.

DeFazio said the reason that “Bob” does not like him is because Peter supports the securities and derivative transaction tax of 0.25%, which would result in a tax of $250 on a $50,000 stock buy. He also supports raising the capital gains tax to normal income levels. Both of these proposals would diminish Mercer's earnings.

As DeFazio puts it, all he wants is for Bob to “pay taxes like an American”.

Peter DeFazio 

After the rally, I asked DeFazio if he was going to press forward with his investigation into articles of impeachment against Supreme Justice Roberts. He told me that he was committed on this course of action and was putting out the word to attract lawyers to argue the case.

Apparently, Bob is homeless and lives in two post office boxes: one in the Bahamas for tax purposes and one in New York:

Bob Mercer

P.O. Box 1507

Stony Brook, New York 11790 

As an Oregon voter, I am going to write him a letter telling him how I do not appreciate him trying to subvert the democratic process in Oregon.

I am also going to tell him that I heard Santa was not bringing him any more cars for his train set.

Team DeFazio: Powered by the People 

Team DeFazio: Powered by the People

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While you're impeaching, can you take out Alassho, Thomass and Scaliar, too?
I know I have been calling him Super DeFazio but I think taking out the chief would be sufficient for one man.
Oh, if he only could get rid of those four jerk-offs. I'm not talking about replacing them with liberals either. Just people who believe in the constitution and don't go bird hurting or to parties thrown by the very people that they rule on.
You got it, scanner.
The old boys system has to go...
I've got your back, but don't leave behind Scalia and Thomas.
Nobody I'd want more backing me than you.

What was cool was how he looked when I asked him. He looked over my head into the middle distance like he was imaging the fight this would be.
Great post. I support your mission fully!
Thanks, Dicky!
You keep up your cartooning! I ama fan!

The Wright Sight,
I already done it! (Voted that is)
As a proud Colorado voter, I was very happy to send my $25 to Defazio to influence Oregon elections!
How about a Sanders/Defazio ticket?
Your money I do not mind at all! LOL
Sanders/DeFazio sounds great!
(Santa is going to be good to you this year!)
I didn't even know you could impeach a Supreme. I read about that out-of-state donor. Sounds like he didn't get his way after all - good!
Hello Blue!
Yep. It might not work but it will put a very bright spotlight on all the doings of the Supremes.

(How's that tea?)
After 2000 and the hijacked voting...the SC really amazes me every time!
I am hoping that this action will put some light on their actions. There is also a group that is beginning the long process of a Constitutional amendment restricting the Bill of Rights to living, breathing human beings.
I've always liked DeFazio and love his call to impeach Roberts. You go girl!
Go, De Fazio! We need a Supreme Court that doesn't try to subvert our elections with corporations allowed to act like individuals.
Thanks, Trish!
He is so cool. Was a treat to shake hands with him.
And my shirt!
Just to let you know, I've been walking in Springfield solid for the last two weeks.
Hello Shiral!
Yes, the corruption is pretty plain. Power and greed...
old new lefty,
Good for you!
I just back from the phone banks. Saved three ballots from teh post office.
DeFazio-- one thing going right.
Like your sign, your hat, and your shirt!
Thanks, Sweet sister.
He pulled it out of the hat tonight. Too close for comfort...