Out on a limb

Out on a limb

Out on a limb
August 10
My goal it was to reach a star... I spread my wings, but flew not far I hoped to make it past the rim. Instead I'm stuck... out on a limb


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JUNE 15, 2011 12:49AM

“Guilty on all counts your honor.”

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Guilty on all counts your honor.”

In a dark bar, two men were fighting over a woman. A shinny knife slashes, but misses, his opponents dull, blunt bullet didn’t! A dozen witnesses are questioned, then released. Police take the winner to jail, the coroner gets the loser. The woman cries.

Later, in a bright courtroom, two lawyers are fighting over the man. The shinny defense miscalculates, but not the dull prosecution. Twelve jurors recess, then return. “Guilty on all counts your honor.”

The gunman, leaves with a bailiff, the coroner awaits his next loser.

Another woman cries.

This week, the Wednesday Fiction challenge, was to write a “Flash Fiction story”. Wikipedia defines Flash Fiction as, “a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity”. The above, flash fiction story, contains 100 words, including the title.


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I thought it was 500 words..:) But this was amazingly well done.
rated with hugs
Ha, Limb...we both did crime in 100 words...I didn't count the title with mine. I wonder why...sort of a like headline news? I've been slow to this Fiction Weds with all my stuff going on...I've got reading to catch up on, too...
Excellent and well done.
Wow! The "shinny" defence must have been totally incompetent. The blade artist slashed first?!!!
That was as clear a case of self-defence as ever I've seen.


Flash response.
I love the 100 words. That is flash fiction at its best. 500 is what I usually write anyway. Your piece was dramatic and well done. thanks
It was fast paced! R
Very good. "The coroner gets the loser" is the best line I've read all week!
It has a nice, Chandleresque brevity to it; you can imagine a callous cop, tired after twenty years of seeing this side of humanity describing his day like this.
Excellent! R, matey!
"Police take the winner to jail, the coroner gets the loser." So well-put! Very poetic and rich.
Concise and nice on all counts!
Yes, short but so bittersweet. I loved the implications of the returning themes "shiney, dull, dozen, loser, cry"
Boy this was like a stilletto....
Perfect, not one extra word.
rated with love