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Outside Myself
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January 19
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I am now 47 and perfectly OK with that. I've been a mom for over 14 years now. I live a rather simple yet difficult life of trying to make sure my daughters are polite, well-educated and know they are loved beyond question. I do my best to give my family whatever they need. And I'm trying to take care of myself. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am infinitely trying to make people happy, make people laugh, make people feel good about themselves. I compliment often, but only with sincerity. I spend way too much time thinking about what might be the "right" thing to do in any given situation. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a personal journey for me. I have grown in ways I didn't know were possible. AND AN UPDATE: Don't forget your worth. This speaks to everyone, not just me. xoxoxo ~~~~ And thx, B. My heart was beginning to thaw but your beautiful friendship has melted it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FURTHER UPDATE: - B, darling, you have brought me love and peace. You sent the words, "Be gentle with yourself." I am able to do so only because you have been gentle with my heart. I love you, soul mate.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And now, it's been 18 months... So incredible to recall where I was and where your love has taken me...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And now, two years have passed since those first simple PMs...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd now, three...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd now FIVE!!! :-)


JANUARY 31, 2011 5:06PM

"Death Chili"

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I know!  Who would give a chili that name?  I assure you, it was not the maker of the cookbook from which I obtained this recipe many moons ago.

Yes . . . I'm afraid that I gave it that name.


Logic, of course! 

It makes a ton.  It freezes well.  It's warm.  It's comfort food.


Perfect for someone who's just lost someone - with plenty for guests and/or leftovers. 

And, sadly, I had to make it quite often a few years back, so I just sort of gave it that unfortunate moniker. 


No, I haven't suddenly become cold and unfeeling.  It's just that I have always tried to find something that will satisfy someone when they are feeling blue and food fills the bill.  I have plenty of heart- and tummy-warming pasta dishes, but don't we all?  (Except for my sister, who hates to cook, but she's also not the type to be bringing you food to make you feel all better, either...but that's an entirely different post...)


I wanted to find something other than pasta to make someone feel loved. 


And, before you lose all respect for me, I don't just call it "Death Chili." It's also called "New Baby Chili," "New House/Apartment Chili," "Breakup Chili," "Get Well Chili," and "Crappy Day at Work Chili."


But feel free to name it any disaster or triumph you wish!


When my beloved next-door neighbor Ron died unexpectedly, I made this, um, "Death Chili" and brought it over with all the fixin's and some honey cornbread. However, the cornbread looked a little different to me when it came out of the oven and I wasn't quite sure how it tasted so when I brought the food over to my now-beloved-widow next-door neighbor Sue, I announced to her and her son and his wife that I wasn't too sure about the cornbread and that I hoped it wouldn't make them feel worse.

Well, that brought a laugh and now I use that line every time I bring over feel-better food, even if it's not true. It helps ease the tension and hopefully brings a much-needed laugh.


Although, admittedly, on the days when I make it just because I want to eat it myself, I have a sliiiiiight worry in the back of my mind that perhaps something bad will happen now that I have it ready to go. Like reverse karma.


So far, so good.  No chili-induced disasters.


So call it whatever you wish:

Death/New Baby/New House/New Apartment/Break-up/Get Well/Crappy Day Chili...


In reality, if you've taken the time to give of yourself and your heart to make this for someone to brighten their day, you may wish to call it:

"Love Chili"






Sweet Corn Chili 


What clearly makes this chili special is the addition of corn which gives a slight crunch as well as a mild sweetness. I never make any other kind of chili now.  


1-1/2 lbs ground beef
1-1/2 cups chopped onions
3 TB vegetable oil
2 green peppers, chopped
3 crushed garlic cloves
2 TB chili powder (or more to taste)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 28-oz cans crushed tomatoes
2 15-oz cans kidney beans, drained
1 28-oz package frozen corn (I have YET to find a 28-oz pkg of corn! Just buy what you can to get enough) or canned corn

Brown the beef in a frying pan over medium heat. Meanwhile, in a soup pot, saute the onions in oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes, or until translucent. Add the green pepper and garlic and cook for a few more minutes. Once the meat browns, drain the fat and add the meat to the onion mixture. Lower the heat, add the seasonings, tomatoes, beans, and corn. Stir well, cover, and simmer for 1/2 hour.


Serve with shredded mild cheddar cheese, sour cream, sliced green onions, and tortilla chips.


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Angela, where have you been? This looks too good for its name. Although it would be so appropriate for someone I knew who loved chili. A few extra jalapenos would make it live upto its name.
Sounds yummy! Good to see you OM! xox
hey, girl, i missed you!!! the corn is a nice touch - for color and sweetness, like a bean and corn salad - and would work well for kiddos, i bet. hope all's well up there (and with that lovely guy, too). xoxo
Hello, lovely ladies!

Fusun - Sooooo much has happened in the past year, and I just can't seem to get my head above water to be here much. But I think about eveyrone all the time! And yes - bad name, but jalapenos would be a hot addition!

Robin - Good to see you too! And this is the best chili I've ever made! xox
femme!! I miss you too!! All is very well (busy!) and my sweet man Smithery is still the absolute love of my life. I'm incredibly lucky. I hope you're well, too. Oh, and yes, this is great chili for kids - healthy and yummy indeed!
Next time, I expect a post that won't a) burn out my digestive tract or b) add weight to my already overweight frame. Where the heck have you and Smithery been? No. Wait. Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that question. OK, I do.
At least no one was hit by a bus crossing the street to taste this concoction. The name reminds me of Woody Boyd's aunt "killer brownies".
As someone who has made a number of your recipes, I have no doubt this one is as fantastic as the rest...Love Chili indeed.

I'll try this one, sweetheart, and I won't wait for someone to kick the bucket to do it! And I'll send pictures! (Of the the chili ;)

I like the name Love Chili!

Death Chili sounds like cool band name though, death metal!! ;D

Rate! Thanks for sharing!
I'm a sucker for sweet corn anything! This sounds awesome!
Smithery ~ My darling man... Yes, we've shared a great many recipes and I look forward to the day that I can make it for you - and without any bad stuff associated with it. How about "New Home Together Chili"? That would be Love Chili indeed...

This a great recipe.. This is mine too.:)
rated with hugs
Boanerges - Hey, read the ingredients - there are vegetables in there! Cheese....sour cream....well, we can ignore those, right?? Ahhh, where have Smithery and I been...? My next post will give some more details as to that. Stay tuned, big man.

Sheep - Killer Brownies certainly do have an interesting adjective. Although I don't think I'd eat Death Brownies!

Tink - Totally! That would be a great band name!

Cathy - You like to cook - you should really try this. It's soooooo good! I hope you try it!
I bet it is, OM! xox
Linda - Did you do a chili recipe? I want to read it!

Robin - xox :-)
My wife loves to make it and freeze it for an easy meal that good and filling. She's going to try yours next!
Scanner - Hi, honey! This really does freeze well and since it makes so much, I just put serving-sized portions in freezer bags and then thaw as I need it. I do hope she tries it - let me know what you think, if she does.
Sounds truly wonderful!!!
Sheila - Ohhhhh, it is! Really. Take it to a friend and you'll find out!
Angela, first of all it is a pure joy to see you in here again. You have been missed by your many friends, two of which are me and Mel.
Now as for the chili, well the addition of sweet corn sounds really good. I never thought of doing that. Of course you have touched upon an ongoing war in my home as your chili includes beans and this is something Mel and I argue about constantly.
This sounds delicious...I just don't want anyone to die in order for me to eat it.... :-)
Torman - Thank you, my dear friend, David. I think about you and Mel often... I am not taking sides (I don't know who believes what), but chili IS with beans. An easy way to remember is that chili "con carne" means "with meat" - so now the argument is settled. (And either way, I'm sorry to the one who's wrong!! :-) It's a really good recipe - I could see you and Mel liking it...even though it has beans... SMOOCH!

Alysa - Welcome! I agree - nobody dying is the best way to enjoy this! :-) Find a friend who's having a crummy day, or just fake it yourself. Or celebrate the rain with a nice bowl of warm chili...and a beer! :-)
Hmmm. Like the corn idea. Nicely done (though you might want to work on the matter of branding. . . . )
You've been missed in these parts. "Death Chili." I was hoping it was so hot that is burned through someone's esophagus. This does sound wonderful. Does it taste better the second day?
Bah! Humbug!
A woman's chilli. Pap. You could feed this to a 2 year old.

Somebody said jalapenos. Better - but not by much. Here's a wee added touch that will make people understand its name.

Add a bit of extra water to your mix when it is in the pot (if you are a chili purist the hamburger will be cooked separately and added on the plate). Then take a whole Scotch Bonnet pepper (leave the stem on) and drop it into the pot. DO NOT STIR. Cover and let the pot simmer until the pepper bursts on its own. (About two hours of simmering. It'll go kinda flat and soggy looking). Remove that pepper and now stir the pot.

Do not serve to anyone not old enough to drink beer - beer is the only thing that can cool your mouth enough. NEVER let anyone drink water after tasting this chilli. Water reacts with the capsacin in the pepper and multiplies the heat beyond endurance.

NOTE: Scotch Bonnet peppers can be found at most supermarkets but if not then at any Caribbean food store where they are known as "Country Peppers".

Bad name, good intentions! Your story about the neighbors was a sweet touch, I'm sure anyone would appreciate a pot of this chili.
I can get behind this chili. The corn is the thang!

this looks very good. this week I'm loving the chili. been eating it for days. I made two batches last week. can't get enough of the stuff, we being all snowed in and frosty toed. And guess what we're having tonight? you guessed it. with some angus hotdogs we got for christmas. yee ha!

I'm thinkin I've done the corn with the white chili but never with the red. I think for a changeup this might be the ticket. mmmmm mm mmmmm corn chili dogs. mm mmmmm mm
Hey, OM, it's good to see you here. I love chili and I love sweet corn, so I know I would love this recipe. But...since I'm more like your sister when it comes to the kitchen, I'll open a can of Hormel and pretend. :D

Pilgrim - And would you believe I work in Marketing?!

Stim - Thank you, you sweet thing! I've missed y'all too. No, not the burnin' kinda chili, but definitely better the next day and the next and the next...

skypixieo - I love learning something new...never heard about adding the hamburger after. Hmmm...I may have to try that!

Grace - Thank you - I sure wish I never had to bring this chili next door... :-( But you're right - good intentions, just have to work on the name... You and Pilgrim think alike.

Monkey - The corn is just such a great addition. I've not had white bean chili (although sometimes I make this and just throw in whatever beans are in the pantry). I'll make it over to your recipe soon...

Lezlie - I'd offer to send you a batch, but the long ride there, bacteria and all that icky stuff...maybe Hormel really is your best bet... ;-) And good to see you, too, hun.
A rose by any other name ... when it comes to this Chilli, I don't care what you call it .... just be sure to call me. Good piece, young lady! {{{R}}}