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Outside Myself

Outside Myself
West Coast Body, East Coast Heart, California,
January 19
Don't even have to knock...come on in.
I am now 47 and perfectly OK with that. I've been a mom for over 14 years now. I live a rather simple yet difficult life of trying to make sure my daughters are polite, well-educated and know they are loved beyond question. I do my best to give my family whatever they need. And I'm trying to take care of myself. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am infinitely trying to make people happy, make people laugh, make people feel good about themselves. I compliment often, but only with sincerity. I spend way too much time thinking about what might be the "right" thing to do in any given situation. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a personal journey for me. I have grown in ways I didn't know were possible. AND AN UPDATE: Don't forget your worth. This speaks to everyone, not just me. xoxoxo ~~~~ And thx, B. My heart was beginning to thaw but your beautiful friendship has melted it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FURTHER UPDATE: - B, darling, you have brought me love and peace. You sent the words, "Be gentle with yourself." I am able to do so only because you have been gentle with my heart. I love you, soul mate.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And now, it's been 18 months... So incredible to recall where I was and where your love has taken me...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And now, two years have passed since those first simple PMs...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd now, three...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd now FIVE!!! :-)


JULY 25, 2011 4:30PM

where do i stand?

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Climbing up?



Or walking down?







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I don't know from looking at the photo...but I do know you've got the cutest damn feet !
Ok, I'm not prepared to comment on the cuteness of your feet, but I love the shoes. However, I would point out that they do not appear to be activity appropriate, missy!
Smithery ~ Hi, sweetie! I just felt like a silly post today - sorry I didn't alert you to it (I know you're busy today!). And you are too damn cute yourself - silly!
MMII - Cracking up here! I don't even remember where I got the shoes....but you are not required to think about how cute my feet may or may not be! They were decidedly inappropriate for the activity, indeed, missy. I ended up, spur-of-the-moment, at the beach with my girls last summer and decided to take a little photo. :-)
::snertk:: all unanswerable questions. made me laugh and remember that kung fu guy that david carradine played, asking questions of the sensei ... who *was* that guy? love the beach rocks, OM, even if you were there in very not-beach shoes. :)
Candace - some questions are just meant to remain unanswered. :-)Glad I provided the laughs I was intending. I was worried someone might think I was having a mid-life crisis...
I say climbing up and yes those shoes are cute...I wish I had tiny feet :)
Ll2 - Ahhh! Finally! A guess! Still laughing about the shoes/feet. When I was in my church choir and we'd practice on the risers without our shoes on, they used to ask me, "How do you balance on those things?" But trust me, "Objects in Photo Are Larger Than They Appear." :-)
Can't tell from the picture but looks like near a beach. = -}
Just read your tags: I didn't know you played curling! ;)

At least you're not on shifting sand, kiddo!
blufeather - Welcome! Yes, I was! It was near Pescadero, CA, a favorite location to bring my girls and visitors from the East. Thanks for popping in!

Pilgrim - Oh, if you could see me on ice skates...not pretty!! I look much better on little rocks - even shifting sand! But none here, thank goodness, you're right.
I dunno, but those look like the wrong kinda shoes for rock climbing...hmmmm
'Tis a cool photo. feet, shoes, or not.
I like those rocks honey...
Gabby - They were absolutely the wrong kinda shoes! I'll do a post with the Ace bandage on my ankle... (just joshin')

Mission - I love those rocks, too. I'd love to scoop up a bazillion of 'em and put them in my front yard around my trees...but if everyone did that....yada, yada, yada... ;-)
Nice paralax here of another nature.
Why were your pants so ironed? :)
Algis - Why thank you!

Mypsyche - Yeah, what's the deal with that? (OK, I'll admit I like ironing... :-)
love your tags. And smithery's comment. You two are just too cute.
Mime - The tags are my favorite part. ;-)
The shoes are adorable
Will you tell us the answer.
loved the thoughts you inspired
rated with love