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NOVEMBER 10, 2010 4:06PM

Google Translate, 一半半

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Hazel came home yesterday with a newsletter from her preschool that featured a little blurb about her.  I was able to recognize about 90% of the characters used, but the actual translation was a bit laborious.  What really shocked me was that Google Translate did a half-decent job:

"Hello everybody, my name is Hazel, we Dukua I am a cute and quiet little girl, hee hee, in fact, I think so! Maple Leaf Nursery in me happy every day, so the teacher and the kids called me 'happy little angel.' I like it here, because in addition to, and the children at their games, they could also learn from them in the game in Chinese, of course, I can help them learn English."

Neither Google Translate nor I could make much of  hzwu. I finally concluded that the best translation was "everybody flatters me by saying..." And Google Translate mucked up the mid-section pretty badly, but I'm still impressed that it got so much right. Here's my final translation:

"Hello everybody, my name is Hazel.  Everybody flatters me by saying I am a cute and quiet little girl, ha ha, I myself think so! I am happy every day at Maple Leaf Preschool, so the teachers and the kids call me 'happy little angel.' I like it here, because in addition to playing games outside with the kids, I learn Chinese while playing games. Of course, I can help my little friends learn English!"

Nothing to argue with there. Except. Angel, my ass.


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Hazel is very lucky to have this international period in her childhood.