December 16
I'm sure details will emerge as I write, but how does one encapsulate one's life in words? I consider myself a Michigan native, now misplaced in the southern MidWest. Friends and family have called me a story teller, which is possible. To anyone who reads my work, though, I offer this caution from Isabel Allende, as she describes herself: “If you ask me to tell you my life, I will try; but it will probably be a bag of lies, because I am inventing myself all the time. And at the same time, I am inventing fiction, and through this fiction, I am revealing myself.” Cast of Characters: The Raven = My Wife. To be clear, I'm also her wife. The Giant = Our Son. I haven't legally adopted him (though I would have), but after so many years, he knows I am his parent, AKA Tia.


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AUGUST 28, 2009 11:08PM


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Tiny House - I'll take it.


(Rule) Sweet (Page).

There's no place like (Run).

(Plate) is where the heart is.

Keep the (work) fires burning.
Bring (the chickens come
(nothing to write
(drive the point) about)
to roost)
the bacon.

You can never go (until the cows come) again.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like your castle. 

The lights are on, but . . .






Image from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.



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I love having my own castle. I love the thought of plating my heart and keeping my fires burning. :)
Reads like poetry to me, doll.

Hope your weekend is an easy one.
Hey, it's interesting as hell.
mypsyche - Heh, heh, heh, me too - for now, the thought of it must sustain!

wakingupslowly - Thanks, Lady. Yours too.

Unbreakable - I couldn't have said it better myself!
xox i get this you know i do
Robin - I know you know. Thanks, man - truly.
exceptionally clever.
and don't you LOVE Tumbleweed Tiny Houses? i want three on a couple acres somewhere up north and a close friend: one for me, one for him, one for people we love. heaven.
Cute little log cabin. Big enough for me and my pitbull.
How many miles to the gallon does it get?
"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like your castle.

The lights are on, but . . ."
Those lines, plus the wooden little castle, are very sweet.
femme - I do love them! Someday, I want to build an earth home modelled on the way space is utilized in the Tiny Houses - it's just great design!

littlewillie - Your pitbull must be a friendly sort, then.

john - depends on what you pull it with. If you use a team of oxen, the question is how much land would you need to graze them.

Marcela - Thanks, my friend!
What a cute little home! And what a clever you!
Here's wishing you a (on the range). (pretty lame, huh?)
Sharon - that's not even remotely lame. I only hate that I missed one!
There is no place like your own castle. I loved it, and it made me think.. reads like a poem to me..
I liked the tags too.. I liked the warning about not watching hgtv, because of possible side effects.
I do hope things get better for ya.. {{HUGS}}
I feel like I'm being hugged in parenthesis.

Er, maybe hugged parenthetically.

or just proper (hugged)

This would be beautiful performed by a choir. Thank you for sharing it, Owl.
want the tiny house as at this point am completely tempted to throw the few boxes i did move into the rain and let them unpack themselvesl by slow disentegration into the night's rain.

more hoping that you are doing well.
Having lost my own house six months ago, that looks pretty good. Small bathroom, huh!!
This is so cool! Dicea's idea is perfect. I could just imagine it as a choral work or a multimedia installation where the words float off the screen in different typefaces and font sizes as their significance clicks with us, to a rousing, building (!) orchestral score. Rated!
Less is more. And a point for the guts to post!
I get it! I really, really do!
Sad (and spared by the feed!)
Being in transition simply means not having yet arrived. Think of it as being Homeward Bound.
There is nothing like a home on wheels... where the heart goes, so goes ones home!
I hope your virtual home soon becomes a real one - to fill with your family, love, laughter, home cooked meals, and all those other things you can't get on hgtv!
Even a cramped tent under the stars becomes home if the ones you love are there. But I daresay I too would prefer a castle.
fireeyes - Thanks - I really wasn't sure what I was going for when I put it together. And things will get better - it's the nature of the way things go . . . bad and good, sometimes simultaneously!

dicea - Cool. I wouldn't have thought of a performance . . . I wonder if anyone would "get" it.

bah - We actually did that once, when downsizing from one place to another. It wasn't intentional, but the boxes did, in fact, unpack themselves . . . not pretty! We're doing ok, actually.

scanner - The idea behind the Tiny House is actually pretty darn cool. They're pricey as hell, though.

psychomama - Hmmm . . . Interesting thought . . . I may have to think about it.

screamin mama - Thanks!

Lea - That is often true! And I'll take that point!

Micheal - I hear ya' - and thanks. We someone "gets it," it makes the thought feel more valid.

Steve - We'll get there (feed or no feed).

AtHomePilgrm - That's a good image - I'm keeping that one close.

gmgaston - I've often thought that. Part of our dream for retirement (if we should be so lucky) is significant travel.

mamoore - Amen!!!

AshKW - I've actually been thinking about tents, lately ... I'm not opposed.

JK - Thanks, Betty - you ought to look them up, they are pretty damn cool! As for letting it slip through . . . well, it was kind of an experiment to begin with, so I posted it when I felt like it was done. The cabana boy did well, no? Robin throws great parties, no question!
It almost looks like a little church. Are you a (worship space) mouse?
Achingly lovely. Here’s hoping you’ll soon find a home where you can alight and rest your wings again, Owl.

We all should be as comfortable in our own (crispy duck). Nice poem.
Max - I could be. I've always wanted to renovate an old (here is the) into a home.

Starlings/Melissa - It will happen. It's only a matter of time. And thanks.

Stacey - Amen, and thanks.
Owl, you clever wit!

I enjoyed this twisted poem!
spotted_mind - I trust you to recognize twisted! (And thanks :~)
I really liked this Owl. I love the ideas of your own space no matter how different it is to other people's.
"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like your castle.

The lights are on, but . . ."

As if you read my mind, loved this :) The phrases all resonate, the last in particular, again, like a spiraling set of emotions with the point at the end.

My girlfriend and I often talk about getting a tiny house. She's all about it, I think I'm less adventurous. Our compromise is that when we crawl out of debt and become rich like other middle class Americans who own things we'll keep renting and buy one of those to stick on a beach somewhere.
Kirsty - No doubt. Having a place that feels like it is where you belong is a wonderful thing - and it can take any number of forms . . .

Jimenace - You read it exactly the way I felt it, man . . . exactly.

aaroncynic - That sounds like a marvelous idea; much richer than most!
I like the way your image, words, and parentheses work together to make three different ways of seeing this one post. Nicely executed, Owl.

And to continue the strange way that Wallace Stevens keeps coming up on OS (as Trudge164 noticed) it reminds me of his Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.
Caroline - I'm flattered by the comparison! I need to re-read that poem . . . and thanks for coming by.


Sorry, I'm kind of a geek for those.
Cristiona - me too. Ever since I heard of them, I have lusted for one.
With you! (Love the house, one like it may be my last abode!)
scupper - as abodes go, one could do worse!
Awwww. Love the pic and the little, quirky poem. I hope you have a home soon. I can just picture you and your family at a little fireplace, roasting marshmellows and listening to Johnney Cash. ;)
Thanks, Gwen - it ain't much (poem wise), but a home would do us nicely! Love that image with the fireplace.
I love the sentiments you express in this post.
Oh I like it! Experimental writing/poetry. I think it captures an essence that yes, home is wonderful and perfect but not easy to find and sometimes we call it home when it's empty inside...did I just rhyme by accident?

Anyway, Dada to you.
marytkelly - Sometimes a narrative just doesn't work. But I couldn't tell if this worked either - still learning my own rhythm, I guess.
Beth - Thanks, Lady - this was both fun and sad in the writing. But feel free to rhyme anytime - my grandad used to say, "You're a poet, and you don't know it, but your feet show it - they're Long fellows."
We have pipestone red and wood on our cozy house too. Thanks for this :)
Hey Y Heron - great to see you around! Those colors are wonderful together - very harmonious.
Damned cows left the light on again, eh? Just wait until they come home...

Dug it. And rated it.
Todd - thanks . . . yeah, kind of like Motel 6.
Owl - you are a wicked talent. I have to say your posts have ::moved:: me the most of what I've read here so far, and I've been reading. I love things which stir my soul. Thank you for your honesty, cleverness and bravery. (Rated)
Kate - Thank you for your kind words. I don't know if I'm brave, but I do strive for honesty, always.
Gary - Thanks . . . some days are better than others. In this case, challenges begat something interesting, at least!