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SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 10:20PM

Owl's Prayer: September 12, 2001

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Prayer Flag for America, 09/12/2001  



I had something else in mind to write about today.  


It is September 12, 2009.


Darcy Shaw on OS wrote "The ultimate astroturf project known as the 9/12 March on Washington will encompass all aspects of what's left of the Republican party in one place this weekend."


Middle Aged Woman Blogging just posted pictures and a rant that I can't disagree with.


Not unexpectedly, a bunch of folks with whom I disagree have been demonstrating, holding up signs of what I perceive as fear-driven idiocy:



          AP photo1


          AP Photo2



September 12, 2001 I was pondering what was going to happen next.  I was broken-hearted at the short-sighted rhetoric.  Everyone was asking why.  I was asking myself why did it take so long for it to happen:  when you're the bully on the playground, someone, somewhere will want to take you down.


I was bombarded by images, even in my dreams.  The world was waiting to see what we would do next.  I could not find a prayer that seemed adequate to cover the grief and fear and anger. 


Robin Sneed posted a powerful prayer yesterday:  "Baruch Atah:  How Then Should We Live."  It reminded me of something.


September 12, 2001, I created this image:

Prayer Flag for America, 09/12/2001  

Recreated from 09/12/2001. (The original was more menacing.)*


I had heard the writing as:  Om Mani Padme Om, though I have seen it written otherwise.


The translation I had learned was:  “As I take in the sorrows of the world, may I give out only compassion.”

It is my prayer flag for my country.

It is my prayer for our world.

I am hereby resurrecting this as my demonstration. 



* The script on the flag is Tibetan.  That it looks like Arabic for those of us who don't read either language made it perfect, especially for the time.



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Owler...that is so beautiful...I love it...xox
These people are digging their own graves. I'm not worried. I was but I'm not anymore. This is essentially a decent country.

The flag is amazing, touching...Thanks for this. R
What a wonderful antidote to what is happening in Washington, D.C. today.

I remember waking up on 9/12/01, and wishing I could go back to the way I felt waking up the day before - before it all happened. I knew that things were going to be irrevocably changed. Still, I didn't feel hatred. What's happening today seems to be that people are being encouraged to hate, and this is deeply saddening.
Robin - Thanks for the inspiration in your piece yesterday! I had almost forgotten it . . . it was a focal point, a counter-image for me during the height of the duct tape and visqueen days. Namaste.

John - I hope you're right. When they do, I hope we're prepared to work for justice instead of revenge.

Jeannette - The beginning of the hate cycle, in my opinion, began in 2001.

I remember the question: Why do they hate us so much? The usual response was "because they want to take our freedom. They're jealous."

The response I only made at home was: "Because the US has been the bully of the world for a very, very long time."
I think the hate has come full circle.
A perfect perspective! rAted!
It is refreshing to see prayer with a righteous motivation. I'm with Jeanette: Thanks for the antidote, Owl!
Chuck - If only I could keep that perspective more effectively.

Chicago Guy - Thanks, man.

Zuma - You have a knack for righteous prayer. It's almost midnight, here, so Happy Sunday, Zuma!
Amen! The Prayer Flag is perfect, well done, Owl.
Marcela - Namaste, hermana.
Owl, I am trying to understand this. Is that Arabic on the flag? And did you make it? Is it made out of something material somewhere, or is it an image only? I'm sorry to be so dense--just trying to figure this out. At any rate, I love the sentiment on it, and I was with you on Sept. 12. As I wrote on Heather Michon's blog, I was terribly moved by a handmade sign I saw briefly on television, courtesy of a panning camera; it said, simply, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And I had such a vision in that moment that our country could go in either direction--toward understanding or vengeance. There were a few months of tense standoffs between Colin Powell and Dick Cheney that followed, and then suddenly we were bombing the poorest nation on Earth, and I knew that we had chosen the route of vengeance.
Of course from you we receive peace..... thank you! You set my world right again!
Lainey - You're not dense, I wasn't very clear!

It's Tibetan script. I liked that it looked like Arabic to those of us that don't read either language. I made it - image only. I've been thinking about doing a tattoo of it, although one of the reasons I didn't place it into any other form, especially at the time, was that I thought I might get my ass kicked.

We need to do more counter-demonstrations, I think, using these types of sentiments. "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" is perfect - it calls on the humanity of us all.
(((MAWB))) - Awww, well. I get really angry, and then I try to do think of something constructive. It's always a work in progress, no?
Owl_Says_Yahoo! ho! I don't no?
I listened to a few minutes :`barfs!
I heard some rapper-song:`hokum!
It was on a public-radio kooky corny!
I was in DC for a H- Street Farm Market.
What's are these protesters sipping? Sops?
I think 'um need child's Pinata and bamboo?
Fill pinata? Salad, celery, beets, and arugula?
They're demented as if they are in the DC zoo?
I should no comment. The 'Speak Easy' bank from West Virginia play music at my daughters wedding. I just left the wedding shindig because another farm-market table is being spread in another town. The most interesting/bizarre normal (?) 'stuff' will be again, again, a class in 'wild'and 'deranged' or Owl_Say_Who can find a good word-lingo? Life will be happening again tomorrow! I need to go and flops? It's to be put-down, and go snooze! West Virginians say:` Naps? Bedtimes of any sort are:`Put downs! If Ya take s Nap Ya are conked?
It's to sleep.
The wedding was wild and fun. I teared and so did other folk who were there at a pleasant Place. DCs seems to be a Place where more and more folk gather.
IT'S an insane kook-place.
Off-topic. I need to act sane.
I'll go to DC and act like Owl!
I'll be sad I no go hit hay-sack!
What wild day's indeed O Owl!
I'll try to learn 'cuts and paste'!
Now, I shall go caress a pillow!
I updated the post to help with any confusion regarding the script used on the flag.

Sir Arthur - Sounds like a wonderful event! Oh sleep well! Oh have dreams of blueberries and cream! Namaste, dear poet!
perfect! Absolutely perfect!
This is exceptional work, Owl. Thank you for reminding us what is truly significant and important, and the only real thing y worth striving for.

“As I take in the sorrows of the world, may I give out only compassion.”
Owl- Stunningly georgeous...image and philosophy.
Fab, Stephen, Mothership - It held me together for quite awhile, like a focal point in a world gone mad. I was just so tired of the fear and the hate trying to find a home. I'll never know perfection, but perhaps we can still find the compassion within ourselves.

I can only send love. (xxxxxxxoooooooo)
wakingupslowly - Namaste.
mypsyche - It's a worthwhile endeavor, I think.
we have to find a way to reach out, as mission said to touch a neighbor, to be human again. we are losing our humanity, both sides. I'm guilty of this, as much as anyone, of objectifying the opposition. I have to step back and then move forward. thanks owl. good post.
nofrillsmonkey - I know, and especially in the escalating environment, it's a huge challenge not to just react to what's going on. Especially when I'm feeling enormously pissed and overwhelmed. Namaste.
owl, sometime I want to meet you in person. You are truly awesome.
voicegal - What a compliment! As we know, it's a small world. And awesome is a mighty big word. Namaste.
Thanks for the flag (my new computer wallpaper). I also have Cindy Sheehan's protest sign - "WAR - it's how Americans learn geography."
Don't we know it.
dragonlady - I'm honored. Now that it's "in the wild" it's only a matter of time before it appears on a right wing site, and someone starts hunting me down. In which case, remember where you saw it first, folks.

Guess it's time to stand up for compassion. I'm good with that.

Owl, I cannot say how much this touches me.
tears are my answer.
You have such a giving soul, I share your prayers for our world.
Touched. (Rated).

Owl - We were driving by some demonstrators today after an apt. w/ my 7-year old daughter (I call the "rook"), and she said, what are they doing mama? I said, "they, unfortunately, are spending a lot of energy being angry instead of working to find things we can all get along about."

She said, as she was reading some of the signs, "they're wrong! I don't like the way they make me feel. Helping the President is what we need to do, not try to hurt his feelings." Oh my GOD, out of the mouth of babes.

Peace, Love, and Understanding...

Must post about this, too.

Thought I would share...it helped me a lot today.
oh wow, girl. this is just wonderful!!! what a fabulous image. i did think it was arabic and that moved me greatly. thank you for this!!! love love love and so glad you came to see my wonderpups in their raincoats!
Can't add a thing...that is perfect.
You are so good! Let them have their fun. It looked like a large crowd, but in reality it was but a sliver compared to other marches like the Million Man or Gay and Lesbian marches. Now THOSE were crowds!
You've inspired me to fight back against the hate with words. We must keep at it and fight back in our creative ways.
I'm beginning to think that it will be up to women more than men to save this country from disaster. One thing we have going for us is that we can't seem to shut up. Now is not the time to shut up. We have to yell louder.
Mission - The way your heart is moved touches me as well. I often think that tears are a physical prayer. Namaste.

Kirsty - Likewise. Together we make little differences and keep each other looking for new ways to make bigger differences.

Tink - Thanks, man. It's no Lesbian Lunch, but fortunately we have you to cover that beat!

Kate - Out of the mouths of babes, indeed! Thanks for that.
thanks! I really needed this today.
Great comments, too.
Theo - Blessings, sister . . . and I wouldn't want to miss the wonderpups (or you).

mamoore - Namaste.

Michael - It would not surprise me if "we" end up raising a million marchers sometime. It might surprise the media, and the rest of the world, if our signs had words reflecting a calm, loving, powerful vibe . . . appealing to that side of "them."

Lea - Anymore, I think our words and creativity, aligned with our hearts, will have more effect than anything else. Our anger provokes theirs. Their fear provokes ours. In reality, the division itself is an illusion - but it's a damn convincing illusion.

O'Really - There are a number of men who are right there on the line with us. Although I wear a "chick suit," I am one of them. And I have often thought the same thing - women may the the saving grace of the country. I've been toying with the idea that rather than shouting, we need to sing.

Marnehb - :~) Namaste.
Elena - I know, right? I had an image in my mind of a million marchers, carrying signs advocating compassion, and singing Kumbyah . . . what would teabaggers do? There are other songs that would probably be better, but I bet it would stick in some heads . . .
What a wonderful message to send. Thank you for sharing this Owl.
Penguin - Namaste. Thanks for coming by!
Duane - That means a lot coming from you, man! Namaste.
That's just beautiful. Ugh, astroturf. What fools. The sad thing is that as they sink in to poverty and can't get medical treatment, they will continue to rail against illegal aliens, socialism, and the Obama bogeyman and never see the connection between their insane rejection of their own best interests and their deteriorating lives.
Serenita - Thanks, Lady. I'm trying to find ways to dwell on ways to go at this stuff that keep me in a functional state of mind, rather than the apoplexy which rises from my aggravation.
Ne rien haïr, mon enfant ; tout aimer,
Ou tout plaindre.

- Victor Hugo

(Hate nothing, my child. Love all, or pity all.)
Steve - I strive for the first. Sometimes I end up with the second. Excellent advice on the whole. Thanks for your comment - I like that quote.
Owl... I come late to this post, but I'm glad it I have it to face another week. Rated for humanity.
“As I take in the sorrows of the world, may I give out only compassion.”

That phrase should be sent to every single politician in our government. Might remind them who they work for, and more importantly why.

CK - It's never "late." This is OS - we're open all night! And if it helps, then I'm glad I put it out there. Have a good one.
Bill - I'd like to think it would help, but as far as I can tell, they don't understand the sorrows of the world.
Kate - Sure! Knock yourself out. :~)
Oh Owl...this is beautiful.
Ash - thanks. Sometimes words aren't enough.
Well, I've tossed around the idea of getting a tattoo so maybe...

anyway, thanks for sharing your idea from your dreams. There is always something very powerful about those thoughts because they are not entirely of oneself, but from beyond. You were, and are, being used as a messenger. Thanks Owl.
Y Heron - Thank for your kind words. I can only hope. I can only learn to listen. And if it makes a difference, then I'm doing something right. It's really good to see you around! Namaste.
The flag prayer is wonderful.
Jimmy - Thanks, man. That means a lot, coming from you.
Thank you, Owl. Simply beautiful. That's my prayer too.
Gwen - I often think that when we join together with our intentions, it strengthens the energy of that movement. Namaste.
I love your prayer flag!
Mary - I love your heart. Thanks for coming by!
You are always such a supportive owl to me, thanks for that. I did not realize you were an artist. The flag is beautiful.
Ariana - I wish I were an artist; as it is, I get an inspiration now and again. As for being supportive - it's pretty easy - I just say what I think! Namaste, Ariana.
Consider this a belated but hearty amen. Thank you for blessing this community with your love and your light, Owl.

Melissa - Blessings back at you.
I like this prayer flag, and the feeling it represents.

As Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show: I don't particularly want to be the person I was on 9/12/01'; I don't want to be angry, frightened and grief stricken all at once forever. The aftermath of 9/11 and the toxic breed of patriotism it engendered lasted longer, and the consequences were even more devastating; worse, our own leaders did it to us.

Om Mani Padme Om
Shiral - my sentiments exactly!
Wow. Just saw this. It's wonderful!
I'm glad I got to attend your demonstration.
Caroline - So glad you did - the more the merrier!
If there is a better moral maxim in the world then I haven't found it. I will carry that in my mind always - perhaps on my skin as well when I can get the money for my next round of body art. The word "inspiring" is inadequate.
amittaizero - I've been thinking about a tattoo of it also, for the same reason . . . (and putting it off for the same reason, too.) Thanks so much for coming by.