JULY 13, 2009 6:10AM

¿À quoi ça sert l'amour?

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Tonight, I stopped a while on Facebook where I found posted on a friend's profile this fantastic animation that flashed me back to a quest at dawn with my childhood sweetheart for crêpes au beurre et sucre along the awakening rows of cafés and kiosks that line the narrow Parisian side-streets just off la Champs-Élysées.

Almost a decade before, in our Missouri middle school, just after we'd exchanged our first I love yous, I'd promised her we'd someday see Paris together; and in high school, together we saved two years of dimes to this end, amassing a small fortune ($200-or-so), which I spent on a PlayStation 2.

It wasn't until we studied abroad together as undergraduates that I finally made good on my promise.  It was early-2005 and our trip was the dazzling frustration that ended us...or rather, beginning-of-the-ended us.  

She has since moved on, and I have since remained alone and convinced that Paris with the wrong lover is the loneliest romance in the world.

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Believe me, it doesn't need a geographic location...But it made me smile and tear up a little at the same time.
Likewise. No shame in it. Piaf et Sarapo are one hell of a cycle of lament & reconciliation.
Yours is such an American story -- a fellow named Manriquez from the dead-center of the heartland, Missouri, a Continental who yet has the sensibilities of another continent, pining for a Paris that never was -- or at least was not as you imagined -- and that probably only exists in the imagination of hopeless romantics.
Just loverly. You are such a romantic fellow.
Oh, there is nothing like the French to capture l'amour just so.
Vous avez raison. La prochaine fois avec moi, peut-etre? ;)
This is the best post of the day! I LOVE this video. Now you really have me in the mood to celebrate Bastille Day. How charming and lovely. Thank you, Pablo!
ah, you made me long for Paris.

(is it "what's the point of love?" or something to that effect?)
Paris est pour des amoureux !
Paris by yourself--is sad but also liberating. I was there at 20 for a little while. I actually (seriously!) wrote in my journal something like, "I've been in Paris for 20 minutes and nothing has happened yet." I still don't quite know what I expected.