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Page Rockwell

Page Rockwell
San Francisco, California, United States
February 28
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I am a mostly-obedient tester of Open Salon. I am very tall.


MARCH 4, 2008 6:56PM

Liam Finn on Letterman

I don't watch much Web video, in part because the SF office network is so slow that it's nearly impossible to watch video at the office. So for the upload-a-video challenge, not a lot of options spring to mind. It's either the overdone Kimmel/Affleck video, Japanese teenagers reenacting Live… Read full post »

The other Salon magazine


Whenever I see this magazine on newsstands, it looks like such watered-down Salon logo to me.  Read full post »

Here's the deal (in California):

If you are a registered voter, you have the right to cast a provisional ballot at your polling place for the following reasons:

-- You were issued an vote-by-mail ballot that you are unable to surrender and you want to vote at the polls;

--Your name does… Read full post »