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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 5:36PM

I’m Right, You’re Stupid

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arrogant cat 

I was born into church-going-live-your-religion kind of family some decades ago (never you mind how many!).   I tried off and on through out the years to understand the religion of choice of my family and to find my own belief, or testimony, of that religion.  I found I did enjoy parts of it.  I never did find that testimony.  I prayed faithfully for most of that time trying hard to catch that feeling of connectedness to a higher power but found instead a deep dark void of aloneness.  The walls heard me better than any higher power did and I never prayed out loud! 

All that time I kept thinking something must be wrong with me that I’m not getting what everyone else seemed to be.  I did finally find a religious belief.  I believe I received no divine guidance or burning feelings, not because I was too dense to get it, but rather because there was nothing to get.  I got up off my knees, shook off the religious dust and walked away from all religion and I never looked back. 

Many of you, I am sure are shaking your heads at me right now saying poor little lost sheep.  I’m okay with that.  What you think of me is none of my business.  You own it free and clear. 



So now here I am on the atheist/agnostic side looking at the whole picture and a lot of what I am seeing in the behaviors of my fellow atheist/agnostics is no better than those they mock.  The believers.  The mere fact that they are mocking pretty well says a lot to me.  Why is it so hard for people to sit down and have an honest to goodness discussion about the issues, be they religious or political or any other genre? 

This has been an ongoing thought in my head for a while now but what has set me off today is a post on The Thinking Atheist group on Facebook.  All the way down the page are comments calling the other commenters stupid and sheep-like, etc…  “My opinion/intellect is superior to yours!” 

I ask you, how does this behavior jive with being a “thinking” atheist?  Or a “thinking” human being in general?  In all fairness, there are commenters that are able to present their views and research in an intelligent, well spoken manner.  In fact they probably outweigh the attention starved, loud offenders, but it only takes a handful to shut down the lines of communication.  How can any kind of meaningful and productive discussion ever come about if our only goal is to tell people how stupid we think they are? 


Just shaking my head today and wondering when will we learn how to talk to one another from the higher planes rather than from our knee-jerk, baser selves and hoping it is soon.

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I always think it is the insecure who call each other names/ yell the that will make what they say seem smarter. Or maybe they are afraid they aren't as smart so try to hide it. Who knows but I tend to agree with your thoughts!
That's what I think too, Lunchlady. You have to ask, what are they trying to hide.
Good points.

Gotta say this, though. I've visited several atheistic oriented sites...and talked the agnostic talk.

Boy...what a reception that gets from atheists.

But I love 'em anyway.
Frank: I find it interesting that people who claim that those who follow a religion have a closed mind while displaying their own closed minds on the other side of the line.

Communication methods have long been an interest of mine so it bothers me when I see an increasing breakdown of those skills.
Two thoughts hit me. Whatever works for you, or whatever brings you peace and joy is good....whether your an atheist or not. It just so happens that being an atheist wouldn't work for me....or bring me peace and joy. Secondly, I hate how the Far Right Conservatives have given Christianity a bad name. Their righteous talk turns people off especially when it's all talk....and no walk. I still say that actions speak thunderously more than cheap words.
"Why is it so hard for people to sit down and have an honest to goodness discussion about the issues, be they religious or political or any other genre?"

Because they don't know what to say, especially on the subjects of religion and politics. You would surprised how little people know about their own religion; therefore, it is very embarrassing to talk about it. I am glad you found some kind of enlightenment. R
Patricia: Agreed. I naively thought that the non-religious would be less offensive as they complain of the constant preaching of the religious extremists but I find they are often every bit as "preachy" and obnoxious. :S I don't actually consider myself an atheist. I fall in more with the agnostics. I like to keep my mind open to all possibilities while keeping my feet planted in reason.
Thoth, you are so right about that! That is a big part of the problem I am seeing. The less one knows, the more they resort to name calling and to being insulting. We forget, too, that it is okay if we don't know everything. That is what discussions are for. To learn from each other.
Great post. I can't really figure out atheists, if they do not believe, then what is there to talk about? That nothing is there? That's a short conversation at my house!
Thanks Shanghai! There is actually a whole world, nay universe, to talk about in the atheist world. You might be surprised at what you are missing by not engaging one in conversation now and again. ;)
Well said - but then - I'm fairly, you know, STUPID! Not really. Sorta... Mostly not. Sometimes so....

Seriously, you did a really fine job with this!
Kit! Thanks. I really appreciate that from you! You, my dear, are definitely NOT stupid!
Here! Here! Organized Religion frightens me a bit and the Organized Atheist/Agnostic crew do as well. Too much rancor on both ends for my taste. And there will never be any compromise between the two factions.

No "group" is fully civil. However there is no dispute in which side has the brightest minds. I could make a list of brilliant people in history and sadly I can't do that list for the "opposing" team. And on that list of absolute brilliance only 1 comes to mind who was "hostile"... he was still eloquent though and his hostility was due to a disease, so...
Exactly Charlie! I can understand wanting to be heard and to get your points across but there are effective ways to communicate and then there is what we usually see.