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Painting The Stars

Painting The Stars
Somewhere in the, USA
January 08
That doesn’t stop me having a tremendous need for, shall I say the word — for religion — so I go outside at night to paint the stars, and I always dream a painting like that, with a group of lively figures of the pals." ~Vincent Van Gogh


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JULY 14, 2012 6:19PM


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In my mind, I am floating on this body of water listening to the sounds of nature and the lapping of the water.

Relaxed. Comfortable. Mind, peacefully calm and quiet.

I'm not alone for he is with me but we do not speak. The rest of the world so blessedly far, far away.

There is just the two of us and though we also do not touch, for he his steering the boat and ensuring our safe passage homeward, the companionship between us is as palpable as two lovers entwined in deep, intimate passion.


serene fall lake 

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Another fascination fantasy-dream...
Patrick, yes... a meditation mixed with fantasy and a longing for a friend recently lost.
Beautiful poem and stunning picture.
Thank you Phyllis. Daydreaming in print.
I interpreted the imagery to be that of God steering the boat.

It reminded me of this Delacroix:
Jared: When I said "he" I knew it was likely someone would think "he" was god. Trust me, that was not to whom I was referring to.
"...The rest of the world so blessedly far, far away...". When two close in heart, can close the rest of the world outside their minds, lifes, hearts, then this is a true blessing to me. Beautiful image and feelings, sorry for your friend.
Thank you Olga. The loss is still very fresh but every day is a little better.
Passionate indeed and beautifully said. R
Such an intoxicating flow of words with relaxed, calm, intimacy. The deep passion adding another layer of deep feeling and emotion. How sweet this scene seems.

Love, Light, Peace, and Blessings.
Thank you What I've Learned. Sometimes I read over it and feel a little embarrassed that I posted it, so I am glad you enjoyed it.