Painting The Star's

Painting The Stars

Painting The Stars
Somewhere in the, USA
January 08
That doesn’t stop me having a tremendous need for, shall I say the word — for religion — so I go outside at night to paint the stars, and I always dream a painting like that, with a group of lively figures of the pals." ~Vincent Van Gogh


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JULY 14, 2012 6:19PM


In my mind, I am floating on this body of water listening to the sounds of nature and the lapping of the water.

Relaxed. Comfortable. Mind, peacefully calm and quiet.

I'm not alone for he is with me but we do not speak. The rest of the world soRead full post »

JUNE 27, 2012 9:52PM

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Boilermaker Finish 2010 

 Ed crossing the finish line at the Boilermaker

Back in 2010, I wrote about my friend, Ed Bradley, who was returning to the Boilermaker race in the wheelchair division in Utica, New York, after a long absence. Ed had raced in the Boilermaker for 13 years, as well as manyRead full post »


Last April, 60 Minutes reported on author Jon Krakauers allegations that Greg Mortenson lied in his book Three Cups of Tea.  According to Krakauer, Mortenson lied about the events of his failed attempt to climb the world’s second largest mountain known as K2, and how that led to h/Read full post »



13 year old Jada Williams of Rochester, New York, wrote an essay for a contest, comparing Frederick Douglass’s masters ban of learning to read to the “overcrowded, poorly managed classrooms (that) prevent real learning from happening and thus produces the saRead full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 8:27PM

It Takes A Family To Make These Cookies



Somewhere around 40 or more years ago, my dad made a heart shaped cookie cutter out of a tuna can for my mother and, I’m told, an aunt or two.  It has always been my favorite cookie cutter and though I have looked, I’ve never beenRead full post »

JANUARY 14, 2012 11:25PM

Feed The Birds

 bird lady


I have a confession to make…..


Big breath…………




Here it is…………………………………………………&heRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011 5:36PM

I’m Right, You’re Stupid

arrogant cat 

I was born into church-going-live-your-religion kind of family some decades ago (never you mind how many!).   I tried off and on through out the years to understand the religion of choice of my family and to find my own belief, or testimony, of that religion.  I found I d/Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 10:29PM




Alejandro Vigilante and one of the policeman that jumped into the car with them.


Like all of us, I remember the morning of Sep 11, 2001 still quite clearly.  Nearly 2000 miles away from New York City in my home in Utah I watched on The TodayRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 7:04PM

In Search Of Peace

peace flag 

Do you remember the Oklahoma City bombing?  I don’t know why but it came into my mind today.  I have actually been working on a piece about 9/11 so I guess I was in the right frame of mind for it. 

From Wikipedia: The Oklahoma City bombing waRead full post »

JULY 7, 2011 4:21AM

The Casey Anthony Verdict


Do you read Ann Rule books?  I do.  Ms. Rule takes you through all sides and angles of a crime story and tries to help us understand the what’s and why’s and how’s of a criminal and their victims.  She helps you to see how important evidence is and under/Read full post »

JUNE 30, 2011 3:39AM

My Affair with Haagen-Dazs

Seeking him out in my private hour
Salivating at the mere thought of us alone
Wonderfully hard, he slides into my mouth
all too soon melting into creamy goodness
slowly sliding down my throat
savoring his taste on my tongue
dribbling out the side of my mouth
and down my chin
my body shivers with delight

Following my post on the 60 Minutes reporting of humanitarian Greg Mortenson’s philanthropic activities I was called on the carpet by Whirlwind, and fairly so, for not having actually watched the 60 Minutes segment on Mr. Mortenson and the CAI.  I did post the link to the seRead full post »

sitaraschool1 (Mobile)


The education of girls in all corners of the world is a passion of mine.  As an African poverb states: "Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community."  Or put another way: "You can hand out condoms, drop bombs, build roads,Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 1:32PM

Best Blog in South Korea!

*      Hamish’s latest adventure, eating typical Korean foods found at the local convenience store




I want to point you to a blog that is among my favorites.  It’s not on OS tho/Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 6:43AM

Online Harvard Courses, a repost

The following is actually a repost from my previous blog here.  I just came across it again and thought it was worth reminding people of.


A friend just posted a link  to a great series that can be watched online.  I'm rather excited abo

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Greg Mortensen became one of my hero’s after I read “Three Cups of Tea” and learned more about him.  Now I support and promote his work through his charities, Central Asia Institute, Pennies For Peace and The Girl Effect whenever I am given the opportunity. 

Today, howeveRead full post »

AUGUST 7, 2010 3:08PM

Peace Is Possible

Today I wish to share another's word's.  Forgive me for reprinting rather than original writing but I cannot improve upon these words.  Peace begins with me.  

Picasso Dove 


♥ It is human beings who decide to start wars and, if they want — in the next five minutes &Read full post »

JULY 10, 2010 3:21PM

Ed and the Boilermaker!

Ed Profile 


Come and listen to my story ‘bout a man named Ed.

A New York drummer till his sister came and said:

“I think the Boilermaker is where you ought to go.”

So they found him a wheelchair

And he raced it like a pro.2Read full post »

JULY 7, 2010 5:16AM

Man Is His Own Worst Enemy


Friday, July 9th is the anniversary of a ‘fireworks’ show that should never have even been considered, let alone carried out.  Sadly, in a spectacular display of man’s stupidity, it is in fact the anniversary of the first H-bomb explosion set off in space from an/Read full post »

JULY 2, 2010 1:54PM



In my last post I spoke of Oneness and it is a subject of which I intend to address and readdress over and over.  It is that important to me.  I received the following message on Facebook from the CIRCLE OF LIGHT group created by, Shirlee Hall,  also the/Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2010 5:40PM

I Am Not That Filth


Bear with me as I build on some random thoughts that have been brewing in my noggin for some time now.  Recently there was an article in Salt Lake City’s City Weekly newspaper about the transgender Latino community in SLC.  You can read that here.  One City Weekly r/Read full post »

JUNE 20, 2010 12:31AM

A Call To Help Heal The Gulf

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a desperate one, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that.  It's easy to get frustrated because we want to help and can't or don't know what we can do.  Not everyone can donate time or money or both.  Here is… Read full post »


Fast on the heels of reading Kathy Riordin’s post about the Neda Video, an article about a proposed bill that would give the president of the United States emergency power to seize control of or turn off part or all of the internet.  I can imagine valid reasons why/Read full post »

JUNE 7, 2010 8:09PM

You're All A Bunch Of Animals!

Okay, okay, not YOU guys and gals!  Well, maybe some of you.  These two, Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick Coonhound, definitely are and they have a wonderful lesson to remind us of.  The lesson of the importance of friendship. 

After losing his  parents, this 3 ye… Read full post »

JUNE 1, 2010 2:14PM

Every One Wants It

heart potato 

Aww…. Isn’t that just sweet?  J

Every family has their favorite dish or dishes they always want for get togethers and mine is no exception.  Hot Fudge Pudding Cake is one such yummy and decadent favorite, but the one that is most looked forward to is mom’sRead full post »