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NOVEMBER 2, 2012 5:27PM

After Sandy

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Weary of it all! And we are the lucky ones. No harm to our house or property. But no power, or hot water. We were toughing it out as long as we could. Boiling water in spaghetti pots for baths, cooking by flashlight. But one can take only so much. The October temps started to turn into November frostbites. We're no 1%ers but we are now in a hotel. We are using the money we saved for our Anniversary trip in January.

The second night the candlelight calmed me and I wrote this poem:


The candle light mezmerizes

the face of the Virgin illuminates

a spontaneous shine

for what I'm feeling now

Zenlike, not to listen to constant updates

Zenlike not to click on the computer

The words of cable not rattling in my brain

I am at peace

What I hear is Silence

What I feel is Grace

That was a wonderful poetic moment, but I admit it didn't last forever.  Nor did playing scrabble by candlelight. That game gets tired  fast when your 18 year old granddaughter beats you by 127 points.

The hotel is warm and cozy, but they won't extend our reservation and we will turn into refugees on Monday.  We are told that we won't get power until next Friday, Nov.9.

At first the hotel was kind to the community. People were huddled in the lobby getting warm, getting free wifi and even getting free showers at the spa.  But this morning the burly hotel security guards started asking if people were staying in the hotel, and if they weren't they had to leave.  One mother with two kids managed to plead and succeed in staying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

My son's basement was flooded, trees blocked his driveway and conked into his chimney.  He has no power and we each promised to provide the other shelter but we're all in the same boat.

My husband, Joe is going nuts and threatening to move, but where?  I don't like anyplace but here, and our two sons, and grandchildren, plus friends all live here.

Enough complaining.  What are some of the highpoints?

I had a very cosmological mystical dream last night, though I think it was a metaphor for death.

My 18 year old granddaughter is stuck with us, so we are having fun being BFF's.  We went to the mall which was horrendously crowded with people seeking shelter.  At least they weren't turned away there.  Retail therapy=her expression.  She bought a bracelet watch, and I bought glittery turquoise winter gloves that really cheered me up.  I can't wait to wear them, and since the temps are dipping in the 30's I won't have to wait long.

We can watch TV. Not that I want to see anymore depressing pictures of what happened to our beloved NJ shore.  If you saw my blog, "The Real Jersey Shore", that town, Belmar, was totally underwater and people were being rescued by kayaks. 

 But my granddaughter and I watched X Factor together, and that was fun.   Britney Spears made a big mistake getting rid of Diamond White. She's the new Whitney Houston and is incredibley talented.  I'm a fan of Jason Brock.

I'm going to say Adios now.  Hope you all are doing well, Keep the Faith.

(to view photos of some of Sandy's wrath in NJ see my new blog, "Frankenstorm Sandy Photos:  The Trees Revolted")

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Thank goodness you're okay, and getting retail therapy! Friends of our family were not so lucky. The Atlantic Ocean ate their entire house in Mantiloking.

Power and light to you and yours.
Yes, Mantiloking got hit hard. I'm sorry for your friends. Thanks for your good wishes. I was out of the loop politically, and now that I can see TV, things are looking pretty good. President Obama responded beautifully to the Sandy crisis. But I am going to have to drive in a ways to vote, which causes me a little anxiety. Then I'll be up all night in a hotel room hoping for the right results.
Things just went from bad to worse!!! Because the traffic lights were out, we were just in an accident. I stopped and looked both ways, but a jerk came speeding from nowhere and hit me. I used to hate airbags, but since they just saved my life, though bruising my shoulder, I'll have to revise that. Anyway, now we have no car, but hope to rent one tomorrow. One sure can get discombobulated when these things happen. This happened, by the way, when I was trying to vote at the courthouse because I was told you could and power is out in our town. Obviously I didn't make it. But now I just got an e-mail saying though power is out at my polling place, I can vote at the rec center in my town. Hallelujah!
Our power's back and Obama won. Yippee!!!