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December 13
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NOVEMBER 16, 2012 12:52PM


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You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.  Getting tired of seeing ERRORS every time I try to come on here.  Getting tired of seeing the same cover for a month.  The election's over.  Those blogs are getting cold.  Rigor mortis is setting in.

To all my fans, and I am greatful to you, I have moved on. I am now at http://oursalon.ning.  Hope you will come on over and check me out, along with so many open salon favorites who defected before me.  My first blog is titled, "I"m New, Hi". 

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I do not wish OS ill.
I absolutely hope OS will overcome the technical problems it is having-
but I'm also concerned about the "Great Spam Wars"
I would suggest that in order to keep its membership
and serve the membership that has drawn the "Spammers"
That OS CLOSE the membership for a while.
Thia would discourage the spammers,
and allow a SERIOUS weeding out of those who view OS as a "marketplace" for junk
I understand that OS makes its money by "Selling Eyeballs"
I'm fine with that
But it makes no sense to allow freeloaders to sell in the feed
and dominate others writings and community
with commercial nonsense.

I'll be hanging around, but not posting.
I probably will comment ( if i can do it in under 15 minutes)
OS needs to sort out the community from the scavenger pack
I suggest closing membership while people go "inactive"
and cleansing the roll of itinerant marketeers.
It was good to see your work at OurS.
It is my sincere and hopeful wish that full use of this wonderful site will one day actually be restored so we may blog freely here once again.
This conjures up The Amityville Horror (For God's sake, GET OUT!). See you on Our.
Thank you for joining us.
Just for the record, OS didn't tell me about any of these comments, like they used to. So now I know I have to come over here periodically just to respond to commenters.