FEBRUARY 12, 2013 3:29PM


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Do not be afraid of the snow.  It's getting so every time we have a snowstorm they try to scare us.  We all have P.T.S.D. after Sandy.  But for heaven's sake, a little snow, even a lot of snow, is normal.  It is Winter after all.

And let's not lose sight of the fact that snow can be beautiful.  Like angel's wings.


Snow is ethereal, fluffy and white. 
And it's fun.  While some of the sensationalist channels just wanted to show stranded cars, and talk gloom and doom, some very brave newscasters actualy showed kids playing in Central Park.

Global warming is a reality. And outtages are no fun.  But let's face it.  We have a grid set-up so a squirrel can take a bite out of a wire and a whole neighborhood is in the dark (this happened in a neighboring NJ town).  And that has nothing do with any storm.

So loosen up folks.  Don't forget snow is to be enjoyed.  It is not a monster that will eat you up.



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I have to admit that I've become a fuddy duddy in regards to snow. I'm going to have to build a snowman again one of these days.
I live next to a 600 acre equestrian/nature park. Taking my dog out to the trails is Big Fun for both of us. I'm with you, it shows up like it not, so we should enjoy it.
That's what I do, Pam, that is what I do. R
Thanks for your comments. Phyllis, a certain significant other has become a bit of a fuddy duddy, which is why I wrote this. Not to discount what the people up in Massachusetts went through. That was too much snow, and if you don't have a generator or know what you're doing (which we don't) it can be rough. Onislandtime, quite a contrast for you from Florida, no? I grew up in California, which may be why I find the snow so amazing. I was 18 when I saw my first real snow.