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JUNE 7, 2012 10:43AM

Yesterday's TO DO LIST

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Today: Drink six glasses of water, eat the damn watermelon, add more keywords to indeed.com job alert, get back on tumblr, do not hang out on OS, day two in gym.
Oh, the OS one I soooo understand!
I was just thinking of you, Alysa, as I posted this, and wondering how to make the image bigger here on OS, like your big photos in your wonderful piece.
Funny as heck PSB...

btw, went out to watch the transit of Venus the other evening about 8 (on the 5th). Thought I saw it! Took an iPhone pic even, and was going to do a post here with the pic. But when I blew it up, it turned out to be a streetlamp on the horizon... sigh
Got me laughing on that one trig, and busted me for clicking over to my OS tab. Back to making myself irresistible, or at least unavoidable, to all those employers out there.
You have seven lines after "read three OS blogs, then get OFF!" Cheated a little, did we? Sorry, dear, you are HOOKED!
Mr. Paust, dear sir, it's true, I was here a lot yesterday...and should not here now. Ciao, baby. More soon.:-)
what a damn cool post! too cool for just one comment.
my brain is selective, and selects inspiring words
and images according to its own rules. i got
no control over that.

that leggy chick in red was awesome. also that dress,
a pointillisitic kinda thing, dot dot dots down in
the leg area. good dress.

uh, also, well...

fuck sue, and job apps, always a depressing thing.
fuck registering for anything (never brought me any bliss)
and...uh.. writing 500 words is actually easier than u think, but
i say fuck that too...as for
water, there is such a thing as water intoxication.
that is why the kiddos are sniffing and inhaling
and drinking energy/booze and
drinking 12 gallons of water.

a girl was hospitalized today, with water tox.
she was given dieuretics, obviously,
and give nabekov too:
Play! Invent the world! Invent reality!
Look at the Harlequins! (1974)
Thank you, James. Your enthusiasm will only encourage me in this business, you know. You may have misunderstood, however. I DID the things I crossed out, and counted the countable things. Sue has been with me since the beginning of this story, and is my friend.

Today, the heroine of this vignette goes out in the world of young turks who are changing the way we think about borders in mediums. Marshall MacLuhan will be in my thoughts.

Keep writing from the heart.
Why isn't this list get an EP and get on the OS Cover. It's WAY more interesting then a "20 Best Places to Get a Hair Cut" list. You got ROBBED!!!!

BTW, I would second this post if somebody nominated it for a Readers' Picks Award. Just the right touch of personal and the right touch of humor to be creative.
amy, I love the way you come on to things. thanks.
Watermelon pops! YAY!!
I am good at writing lists and losing them.....speaks volumes!xx
MM, ok the watermelon is still on the counter. I'll cut it up, eat some and make pops out of the rest. You make me smile.

Sue, same here.:-)
Hey fellow list maker! Lists are wonderful, they keep us on track/task and help us avoid la-la land when our easily distracted minds find another shiny thing to focus on. Or at least that's me, oh look another shiny bobble!

Just don't lose your spontaneity and sense of fun.
Lists are your inner mother, I agree, Asia! You have fun this weekend, too, OK? Whaaa??? weekend? Time flies when you mismanage it. :-)
A healthy, reasonable list. You seem almost sensible :-)