Emily Conyngham

Emily Conyngham
Homey Airport, Nevada,
December 31
I Enjoy It
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FEBRUARY 3, 2013 1:05PM

License to Laugh

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angel boy

Vertebrae twitched

As he examined the parchment in his hands

How still

Beautiful he stayed

Looking at my letters

With paper, ink and string

I unknotted

His gravity

Bestowing a license to laugh

For the flight ahead…


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poetry, wings, companion, men, laughter

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A companion to Angel Trumpets in the Garden posted by me earlier.
Always laugh when you can.
There was a time of my life when my father was suffering and dying of cancer, when I was unemployed and desperate to find work, when my wife started looking around at other men, when my wonderful quadriplegic son was trying, day by day, to get enough air from his breathing machine and when, in casual conversation with someone at a coffee shop I mentioned these difficulties I found that I could not help myself from bursting out into laughter, to the consternation of my companion. It was a Charlie Chaplin movie and so bad it was ridiculously funny.
Nice! Well said. R
Oh Jan...I am moved to bits by your comment. Levitation. Sometimes that is all you can do.

Thoth, thank you so much.