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Emily Conyngham
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December 31
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FEBRUARY 9, 2013 11:37AM

Fanny Shenanigan's Big O

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happy place


She left the big city and headed out West

My Fanny Shenanigan was looking to test

Her mettle and fettle and jingles and wrangles

So she packed ropers, and blue jeans, perfume, and bangles

She dropped outta touch for what seemed quite a spell

Some thought maybe she wasn’t doing so well

But I knew my Fanny was just scouting for land

Where she could do what she dreamed, what she always had planned

She looked high, she looked low, she looked all around

Then I got the note saying she had finally found

Just the right spot where she thought she could grow

She chortled and said it’s called The Big O

She’d named her ranch and then hung the sign

Fresh Air, Food, Laughter and Wine

Everyone needs to let go, she said

Sometimes in their lives, before they are dead

Come join me here, Fanny wrote to me

Life can be huge I’m beginning to see

I’m living quite large and starting to glow

You can find me these days at Rancho Big O.
















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Going to my happy place this morning and indulging my whimsy.
Autobiographical, perhaps?
Is the Big O close to the G spot?
Rancho Big O doesn't look very Texan from here.
But it certainly seems whimsical and breezy.
Try a cashmere sweater if it seems cool at the edge of the cliff.
Sounds like the place to be! ~r
Aka that is the happy place in my mind.
Steve i am afraid there is no photography allowed at this location.;-)
Joan yes indeed. Its chi time!
It sounds delightful! Sort of west coast breezy. Nice ocean.
Phyllis...yes, breezy and sunny and fresh..that is what my happy place is like!
atta girl, Fanny!
All cowgirls need wide open spaces
(and one or two other things) to put smiles on they faces...
Catch- A cowgirl knows which way to ride to get to the best spot!
Sounds like the perfect place for a meetup!
I have a feeling I would just laugh and laugh with you, Jaime...:-)
I don't think fanny is a person, but it sure is in the right place! R
A joy, a journey, a landing O! x
Thoth, well...Fanny is a name...a fun one! Thank you for coming by!!

Sue, yes!! Fanny O Shenanigan finds her groove...:-)
I'll bring my hat and my boots. (No spurs.)

I imagine you know the way, MTN. ;-)
Nothing better than that happy place!