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Emily Conyngham
Homey Airport, Nevada,
December 31
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JUNE 4, 2013 1:58PM

The Field of Stars

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field of stars


 Was it yesterday?

We jumped the fence

To lay in that twilit field

Bonding the curvature of our spines to Earth’s arc

The crepuscular crickets paused their clicking

On this timepiece, my feet at twelve and yours at six

Ears pressed in a vacuum

Signals clear

Hush, hush holding us til dusk

The disks in our irises floating away

When our lenses reflect the starry shards

Wavering over us in the lamp black

Heaven above

I am still


Eyes open

Listening for you

In that field over the fence.


Emily Conyngham, 2012 


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Another summer is here.
your poetry made me swoon, and I had to stop at the end of the line, "The disks in our irises floating away" to catch my breath and savor its delicious. i remember swooning over this poem once before. just as delicious now.
another beacon ~
Do you ever see those floating disks, Maria? Thanks for swooning.

Catch - Happy to see you here. What you said reminds me of those searchlights they have in car lots. :)
floaters? yes.
but it was the simplicity and timing of that sentence, the way discs and irises and floating brought in other meanings, allowed it to be cosmic - especially since the poem was so visual to begin with, so that i was seeing what you painted with words, so that the vision that I was moving out toward suddenly came right into me, into my iris, into the blooming disc of my own eye, so the I spun right out on that disc, to float within the circle of sky, cosmos, and with the bursts of light in black, blooming irises of light in the night.
O how beautiful!

You carried me there with such ease.

Some part of me will always be there now.

Thank you....

Yes! Maria, you feel poems, that is wonderful for the writer of poems.
sky pixie, well look at your name, you are meant to be carried away. Thank you for reading.
Loved this before, love it even more now. "ears pressed in a vacuum" may be my favorite line. A wonderful visual of a connection between two people.
I loved laying down as my back curved to match the earth's curve. Wonderful poem. Thank you.
If this isn't your best--its in the top three!
Shucks, CG, if you keep that up, you'll only encourage me.
Rita, thanks.
Whoa, dude. This is terrific! Thanks for breaking up my morning with loveliness. /R
OH, this took my breath away, a feeling doubled by reading your and Catch's work earlier. Very very beautiful.
Excellent. And forgive me, but I must observe how cleverly you turned 6 and 9 into 12 and 6. But then again, that may just be my hyperactive dirty mind at work.
Hot, hot. Make it rain !

Aaaah ... that's nice :-)
Hope you remember it tonight or some other summer night when you get a chance to lie outside, nilesite. Thank you.

Antoinette- I was deeply honored when Catch said I had inspired her. She is a favorite poet. Thanks for reading.

Tom Cordle - a fecund mind is capable of anything.

Kim Gamble - You make me laugh. Get a hose. Praise from you means a lot. Thanks a bunch.
You are a poet. You know that, right? ~r
Oh, Joan. Thanks. I like poetry. It doesn't use a lot of words, just the right ones. Leaves more left over for other stuff.
Z! What a nice surprise to see a Wow down the road. Thanks :)