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JULY 13, 2013 10:10AM

From Your Mother in Texas

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Dear Kids,


It's Saturday morning here in Austin. I know you're busy and happy with your lives, and that makes ME happy. I'm a little tired, but it was important to stand up last night.


I went down to the Texas State Capitol with thousands of other people to protest House Bill 2 which will make it extremely difficult for a woman to get an abortion in Texas.


 We filed in through the security gates, past a lot of big state troopers who lined the halls and the circumference of the rotunda. I stood in the rotunda outside the main gallery along with all kinds of people, a lot of women wearing orange. I did not get that memo. Most of us stood in the middle of the rotunda while the folks on the edge were required to keep walking so as not to block access to the exits. A lot of others had made it up to balconies that looked down on at us on the floor. They fed us news from the chamber. Picture a roll-on deodorant filled with bodies.


Stuffed in there for close to four hours, we were chanting, clapping, and making an enormous racket while the legislature proceeded with their nasty business.  My throat clenched from hollering, and my ears rang because of the thunderous echo reverberating under the dome. When you get that many women putting out that much energy in a tight space, it gets hot and smells ripe. That's how we get when you get us riled up. State troopers circled us and made arrests in the chambers. On the cool walls above the s were portraits of old white guys, former governors of the state (just for the record, Ann Richards was among them wearing bright blue). My heart banged when I looked at those complacent portraits.


Despite the clamor, the bill passed and will be sent to the current governor, Rick Perry, who will sign it into law. The constitutionality will be challenged in court. The fight will go on. It must.


You know I am apolitical and have only a couple issues that make me so hopping mad that I will go ballistic, rant, and make a scene when they come up. What makes your Mom angry? Bullying. Bullying behavior is what these guys here in Texas are doing. Their disingenuous tactics mark them as cowards, which is what all bullies are underneath.  I will not tolerate it. When your mother gets angry, it's time to listen. As you know, I save it for rare occasions, and when it happens, I will not be shut down or up. 


I want you to know that you were both choices. You are the best choices I have made in my entire life. Your father and I chose you, nurtured you and have put everything we have into raising you. Nobody else, no church, no government was involved in choosing whether to have you. I have never harbored resentments or regrets for your births or the magnificent years of tending to you.  I happily accept full responsibility for your care. You are mine, my children. 


Every woman should make her own choice based on her own beliefs, about giving life to such joy and such responsibility. Nobody should be bullied into motherhood.


That's why I stood in the Texas State Capitol last night. I'm a mother by choice, and I'm one tough mother when I have to be. Don't mess with me or my children, Texas.





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Right on! It is about bullying. Pure and simple. Good for you for taking a stand and shouting!
Yay for stamping out bullies! Thanks for being there,
go on wit ya bad self, mama. If I were in Texas I know where I would be standing and I know what color my t shirt would be, too.
If I were these guys' mother, they would never be doing this.

Yup, CG, bullying is always hideous on a fundamental behavioral level.

When times are tough, Phyllis, call a mother.

Catch, I know you would. Thanks for being here though! Call these guys out.
I am at a loss as to how these legislators can in good conscience set up a situation that supports unplanned parenthood over family planning. You are correct that they are bullies. I want to thank you for standing up for us.
Wonderful~! thanks here from me and my daughter and sisters Em! Good work. Love the letter too.
This is so insane and I cannot believe it. Your mother is right.. It's my choice, your choice and none of their business.Hugggg
This is so insane and I cannot believe it. Your mother is right.. It's my choice, your choice and none of their business.Hugggg
Good for you Emily! I admire you and your compadres for standing up in Austin. Y'all shook the bastards up!
Why in hell was the south let back in?

Right, onislandtime, I mean, what about conscience? It makes me angry that they mask their actions as stemming from a conscience.

Rita, it's my obligation to stand up when I care deeply about something. I care about children. Thanks, good buddy.

Well, Linda, my mom is dead, but she would have been right there, because she felt very strongly about this. She would be incredulous that it's still being debated. I mean Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

Dicky, we shook something, that's for sure. I wondered if the roar would bring the rotunda down. The bill passed, but the roar is still reverberating.
I think I will refer that question, Jon, to political experts. :) Hey, thanks for being here!
Well done Emily. Thank you for being there. I do not live in Texas anymore, thank heavens, but I would have been there if I could have!
You go, Emily! So proud that you were there, and that you posted this dipatch from Congress (Ave.). If I had been in Austin that day, I would have been there too, wearing orange.
Excellent, Emily-Mom. Right on. ~r
Thanks for doing this. It makes a difference.

Abortion rights are protected here in TN for the time being, but they are just biding their time.
They are bullies. I wasn't happy this morning, I felt the collective sad, and I am feeling it one too many times of late due to these bullies.
Well said -- those bullies make my blood boil!
Your attempts to stop them are much appreciated!
They'll turn up anywhere we citizens let them -- we all need to stay vigilant.
@ Jon: "Why in hell was the south let back in?"

Geez, Jon, there are some really wonderful southerners in the world.

You of all people must see how abhorrent your broad sweep of stereotyping is in that sentence.
Progs do their own bullying, if that is the nature of reality in any event, in the end.
You're exactly right and that's exactly how I feel.
There's only one cure for this sort of insanity, and that's to get out the vote in 2014 and beyond. If Repugnants start losing state and local elections, they'll stop this nonsense, regardless of their moral posturing. But as long as Texans keep electing clowns like Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz, you can expect WAR (War Against Reason) to continue.
Kellylark, what an awesome name you have. Glad you have your eye on Texas. This is just the beginning.
Tom (comment above) and Emily, the cavalry is on its way. If you don't already know about it, check out "Battleground Texas." Our family will be enlisting.
Congress Avenue and the Texas State Capitol are symbols right now, Dan, or maybe the first stone splashing in the pond. Symbols and noise are important first steps. See ya next time. Thanks for coming by here.

Joan, this is important. I'm glad I was there.

Thanks, Jeanette. Yeah, it's funny, isn't it, that we keep having to go over this ground. I guess rights are not inalienable, but, rather, they are fragile. Keep at it in TN.

Sheila, thanks for coming round. You know something? I'm sad about a lot of stuff, but bullies make me mad.

JT, I really am not political; I just don't want anyone telling me/insisting that they have a right to interfere with my beliefs, whether those beliefs are personal or religious. To me, this is simply not a political issue, it's personal. I am a private citizen.I usually confine my citizenship to voting. And it makes me mad that these guys made me get off my lazy ass in freaking hot weather because they're sneaking around bullying women. You can bet they'll see me again in November.

Don- I've taught my children that bullying is bad. I've told them that bullies are people who make people cry and feel small, take away their self-respect, invade their space. Anyone who does it, regardless of their political views should go back to their mothers for a good talking-to. I guess this goes back to JT's point about vigilance. It makes me mad that I have to be afraid of these guys. I've just got my Mom lenses on, and that's what this looks like to me.

Razzle Dazzle. I want your name! Thank you for reading.
Way to go "Mom." You do us all proud...
You're the political guy, Tom. Honestly, I don't know much and have only been here for a year. I do know that Texas also has Wendy Davis, Julian Castro coming on, if you're looking for progressive leaders. Other demographic forces affecting change:
Hispanics make up roughly forty percent of the population, and are the fastest growing ethnicity in the state.
Texas is the second most populous state in the country and the fastest growing altogether.
I can't project what those factors will do to politics here, but change is upon Texas already.

You can count on Moms, Rob. Hey, thanks for coming round.
It's so interesting to me that women have to fight men for the right to make decisions about their bodies.

Why are so many men so passionately concerned about abortion when they couldn't care less about other issues that would help women and their real, live children. For example, how about safe, affordable daycare. Or universal health care coverage. Or making sure women achieve wage parity with men for doing the same work. I wonder how many men who are so against abortion know what it's like to be a single parent and all the stresses - time, financial, emotional, etc. that go along with it.

Not to knock men (only the men who want to abolish abortion) but why is this one issue so damned close to so many of their bleeding, breaking hearts when history and voting records show that women and children just don't rate very high on the priority checklist.

I'm sure this wouldn't prove anything but I'd love to know how many men (esp. men in government and the military) who've sexually harassed a woman in any way, also support a ban on abortion. Just out of curiosity.

I have a theory that men who feel like they can tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body don't like women very much.
Margaret, I think you are right in that last sentence. And the tenor of this issue IS personal to women. All day today women have been asking me me variations on the WHY question...Why do they want to do this to me?
Emily, just read your reply to my comment, that brings even more appreciation from me that you went down -- I'm not very political either but there comes a time when it's not really a choice unless we want freedoms to disappear altogether...which seems to be the direction too much of America is going in.
You are absolutely right, JT. I'm just a regular person, most of us are, and we can't/don't all care deeply enough about everything to DO something to change the situation. I am increasingly feeling that so many issues are getting ratcheted up to uncomfortable levels that we ( the lazy asses) are getting up away from the TV feed tube and exercising our responsibilities.
So very well said!! I hate bullies especially those who hide behind closed doors to do their bullying.
Bully for you. I am so proud to know someone who went through this and can still write about the anger. This article really pissed me off and I back you and the cause 100%~

Thanks for coming by LL. Glad you're outraged too.

Kenny, the last line of that article is spot on - this has galvanized normally quiet people like me into a state of outrage and action. It is the beginning of change here, I am quite sure. Thanks for reading.
Ha! I am glad you like my name. I adopted it in 1996 (when I moved to Texas, actually,for the next 10 years) and I don't think many have noticed what a great name it is ;-)
One of the last and worst things that IDIOT Governor will be remembered for. Jobs, HA HA HA my ass.
Go, mom! Texas needs more of you.
Thanks for the huzzahs, tg and JL!
Great take on an important topic, Emily! You rock!
Somebody's gotta do it, Jaime. I'll stand in for women of the babymaking variety. Thanks for coming by.
I saw a photo of hundreds of Texas Rangers climbing the stairs in the Capitol building. My caption for it: "After the party, they're all going ice skating, and will get orange lattes". Not so funny, the way they treated folks there.
Thanks for being there. I have yet to visit Texas.
If men could get pregnant, abortion and the morning after pill would be legal the world over. Birth control would be free.

I hate being bullied too. Go get 'em Em. You're one bad-ass mama when you're riled.
Whadya know, Wendy Davis is running for Senator from Texas according to media reports today. Your visit is timely, Desert Rat. Thanks for stopping by, and the endorsement.