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OCTOBER 3, 2013 7:13PM

The Boat

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The boat, yes, the boat will deliver us, Beloved

Refugee boat 

We will not speak

My treasure, of what is behind us, the dust and dysentery cramps

The tense stench in the lorry , three days from Asmara to Misrata


You remain the diamond of my life


Yes, I grieve the baby too

A baby girl will come to us in Italy

Abrihet, we will call her

Your feet, my darling, I will wash them

Soft and sweet again, soon, soon

We survived the camp in Misrata


The beatings


Gathering the Libyan land mines (click link for side story)

We earned our passage

You will have a quiet place to work

Indoors, safe, and regular


You will speak a new language quickly; you are gifted that way

Sunday nights we will gather with friends

Survivors, threshed, like us, from Amsara to Palermo


The boat is burning.

We, five hundred, plunged into the sea.

Hold my hand.

It is not far to the shore.

Hold my hand, my Almaz.

We are together.

Do not unclasp my hand.

Fear is behind you.

I am with you now.




Today, a  boat, with five hundred refugees aboard, mostly Eritreans and Somalis, has burned and sunk  a half mile off the island of Lampedusa, on its way to Italy. At this writing, only 150 people have been pulled from the water alive. These people have risked their lives to escape the strangling desperation of a fallen country.


Also in the news today, a group in in the American Congress risks sinking a viable country into mayhem. The repugnant contrast in circumstance and views of what is vital to survival could not be more striking.


How do you pilot your boat? Will you let it sink in order to make some extra fares on this passage?


The business of transporting refugees is an ugly business. Captains,  of boats and governments: people are depending on you. 


Get your passengers to shore.


Reuters story on refugee boat here

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So sad and what a well done post. Thank you!!
Stunning and spot on. Well said, well writ. /R
I came home this afternoon, mulling over my first-world problems, and saw this story. I stopped thinking about my "issues." What these people endure to survive is monstrous.
Thanks, Zanelle and Nilesite.
Powerfully stated Emily.
I am appalled and disgusted today.

Thanks, aka, and Jeanne.
This is ---in my mind--the most important story of the day. Well done Emily.
It will come as no surprise that, in the end, those who were behind both tragedies are one and the same.......

R - ☆☆☆☆☆
straight to the heart through which the clarity comes clean with your good question. exactly.
Emily,your words are like a mantra.It should be repeated over and over again until theyhave brought change,and beyond that.
So sad this tragedy...with rescue in sight.
...until it has brought change...and relief...
Sad. A captain is not captain just because his/her hand is on the tiller/wheel. Also interesting to compare this tragedy with the recently refloated cruise ship. The luxury cruise ship "industry" being one of the most blatent and obscene examples of coporate capitalist empire.
Great post, Emily....our government is a ship of fools...
This is chilling. Well done, Emily.
I'm glad you think so, CG.
Sky Pixie, sigh, you're right, I bet. Hey, how do you make those stars? I want to do that sometimes.
Maria, I get confused about a lot of things until I listen with my heart. Sounds corny, but it keeps things straight for me.
Heidi, I do hope there is some relief soon. Now is the time for the people with brains to use them.
Inverted I, yes, the cruise ship phenomenon is another perspective on the gross inequalities of the system.
Mama, that's a great line.
So well said, Emily.

corporate = eaten body
Wow. This is terrific in every way.

Well done, and an apt comparison. R
Click on "Edit" at the top of your screen; then on "Special Characters" on the list that drops down. You'll find hundreds of things there!
wow Emily.. didn't see it going there - well done
The human tsunami is a crisis like nothing we have experienced here in this country, Jaime. The contrast between their lives and ours is shameful. Then there is the issue of leadership and responsibility, no matter what the circumstances.
Catch, now that's a visceral observation.
Jon, thanks.
Gerald, your thumbs-up means a lot.
Sky Pixie, I'll look for that. I presume you mean in Word. Thank you.
Trig, even I never know what connections I'll see. Ha. and YOU can do italics in comments??? Maybe you guys are composing in Word. Thanks, buddy.
So powerful Em. I have been offline a few and did not see this, thank you for sending me there.
The photos are amazing and the emotion in the poem correspond perfectly. Well done.
What good are we?
Why do we accept
perpetual crises?
Either refugees
are dying of thirst or
drowning in their
escape to freedom. Or
starving or dying from
preventable illnesses.
What good are we?
Powerful and heartbreaking. Very well done.
all a person needs..
so damn hard to get.
"You will have a quiet place to work

Indoors, safe, and regular
Be well, Rita. Thanks for coming round.
JP Hart, what good are we? Excellent question for all ages. We are the good we do. Simple to think.Tough to do.
Desert Rat, thank you.
onislandtime, it is heartbreaking. And we have so much.
James, nailed it, buddy. A little respite.
They were screaming, their arms in the air, reeking of kerosene. The divers are extricating more bodies from the hold. You can, of course, find more information on your own. Here are more staggering statistics about African refugees, more specific BBC coverage of recovery efforts and EU spokespeople saying that NOW they will act to to address the issue. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24407808
Words can hardly describe the horror of this, but your words along with those gripping pictures make this tragedy devastatingly real. It's hard for me to comprehend how bad something must be in a person's homeland for him to take the kind of risk these people did.
The best thing of yours I have read. Without question. An apt comparison.
This was so beautiful and so heartbreaking, especially when I discovered it was based on a true story. May those who lost their lives trying to find peace and happiness in a new land, rest in peace. And may those who survived, find it. I think so many who are against illegal immigrants merely show how little they know about the truly awful lives some people are born into. No one would risk such a dangerous journey for nothing.
This is a real eye-opener, Emily, and you've done a wonderful job of humanizing the story. I was not aware that refugees in that part of the world are beset by their own "coyotes," as we know them here on the Mexican border, extorting money from the desperate to transport people to safety. Thanks for this.
Wonderfully written...important. Eye-opening. Thank you.