FEBRUARY 25, 2009 9:40AM

Better and better

Judith Levine:  

If you're at all Freudian, you'll certainly explore the psyche of someone who is prone to save a lot, to see if they're withholding/anal, and those of those who buy, buy, buy, to see if they have unmet oral needs.

And if you're at all a fan ofRead full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2009 8:54PM

Warm, loose, and crafty


There might just a bias against warm novels/films, in critical circles. Forrest Gump could be said to be large and encompassing, to show, through the story of one man, an entire nation's. (Your suggestion that Great Novels show a period through the eyes/perspectives of several characters, dRead full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2009 8:58AM

Rhetorical persuasion and true love


There's something about Dark Knight which leaves one thinking it's about getting the best from every particular scene, rather than from the whole plot, which would seem to give real credence to your argument that there is little or no character development in the film. But there are many dRead full post »

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 12:25PM

Ben Stiller's mockery of Joaquin


I thought Stiller's bit was mean, too, but not effectively so. He enjoyed being Joaquin too much, and who wouldn't?--while Joaquin plays with/feels out dropping out, being impromptu, in a way which suggests he might just get real about it, Stiller and others can go mean at Hollywood "scripRead full post »

Yeah, Dark Knight--thanks for that. Dark Knight was an exploitive film, but it did bring back some of the 9/11 chill. Wall-E did something of the same too, and perhaps for this reason they both struck me as vital. Neither so bleak, though. Both are as much romances as they areRead full post »

Yeah, if there was a nation out there where parents and kids had it figured out, or which showed how differently parents and kids can relate to one another, it'd make it more difficult for us just to throw up our hands and accept, that that's just the way it is.Read full post »

FEBRUARY 21, 2009 9:02AM

Flee for the Forest of Arden


Obama is going to keep the camps going, because he's going to need them to place all the Nation's best and brightest. When the Germans went crazy awhile back, they sent Jews to camps because they thought they were too uppity, thought they were symbols of liberty, freedom, prosperi… Read full post »

dorothy: Well, I like both yours and Sarah's style. Part cowboy coffee camper, part cafe coffee dillettante--why not?

gerard: Your comment about wishing for the low-key is interesting, worth thinking about. But perhaps making something a movement gives it momentum, strength, a protective shell, eve

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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 9:38PM


Maybe they're all hanging out in the same cave? Chillin', figuring out who's worth chilling? Won't be Hillary, 'cause though she's almost a different breed, and came near to being a firebrand!, she's now all there with a pack of chips, herself. So of Obama and Hillary: Peace to both, butRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2009 6:56PM

Losing yourself, losing friends


photo by Mark Abel 

Re:  “‘Newsflash: Whores and wanton hussies happier, more productive than ever! Bed-hopping tarts rule the small screen,’ is the headline of Heather Havrilesky's column in Salon this week. She writes, ‘We want to watch as want

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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 1:07PM

Dog wags its own tail (Dec. 11, 2008)

Articles like this one do continue to prop up the idea that if only the centre-left would get a fair hearing, the Canadian populace would receive them well. Most of the left, it seems, still believe that the only way you could have an economic/political system exist which produces a countryRead full post »

What follows will likely prove a PR slaughter. My guess is that Harper will easily manage to depict the more left-leaning coalition as presumptive (and therefore un-Canadian), not owing to PR cleverness--better produced You Tube videos and the like--but because Cdns are getting in the mood to blame

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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 1:01PM

Child abuser eyes (Dec. 12, 2008)

quarry bay:

If Harper destroys everything of value, then he is doing exactly what the populace who voted for him, wants. Accumulated wealth makes people who received insufficient love from, who were treated sadistically by, their parents (with the nature of their relationship to the mother being of pRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2009 12:56PM

Prince Charles Generation? (Nov. 20, 2008)

I'm sure eventually Gen Xers will not only see pricing housing go down, so they can have houses if they want them, but will have that same kind of moment liberal American baby boomers had when the likes of Clinton and Gore got the white house (it's finally our

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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 12:53PM

Sin (Jan. 4, 2009)

Alda, here you (in effect) equate pleasure with sin [and also sort of suggest to me that you might find a return to living in these old times, a bit overwhelming]:

"You couldn't be more wrong. Who wouldn't love like to return to our childhood era of the 50's and 60'sRead full post »

Alda, regardless of how many friggin' resources there are out there, we should never want to be responsible for hurrting, abusing anything/anyone. That is, we don't need for resources to be limited to start encouraging people to really think about the consequences of there actions. (The current argumRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2009 12:46PM

Let them play I say (Nov. 21, 2008)

I'm far more concerned that our youngest remain playful, than if they if they know how to do "practical" things (which sounds vaguely Thatcherite--didn't she want Brits, owing to the ostensible demands made by contemporary necessities, to stop studying English and the like, and learn how to make thinRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2009 12:44PM

Burn off the fat (Jan. 7, 2009)

I still know some people who read almost a book a day! In addition to getting them to think more about why they overconsume, I'm also trying to get them to be more environmentally friendly, and go Kindle.

(Actually, overconsumption is for me all about trying to make up for lackRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2009 12:42PM

Four Christmases

It's interesting to hear about this phenomena. Thanks for directing our attention to it. Certainly does bring to mind that the biggest film (Four Christmases) so far this season is about a couple who do everything possible to avoid Christmas gatherings.

I wonder if avoiding the Big Wedding means we aRead full post »


photo by wolfgang.wedenig-wusch 

James, While it is true that I do one day hope to find myself sucking on Lloyd's titties in an effort to secure for myself some delicious DeMausian milk, I know for certain that I cannot have, as you suggest, a cult-like interest in DRead full post »

I'm thinking about your reply.  I admit I'm surprised:  I would have 
figured the numbers had increased.  Mustn't have felt very good to 
take risks and have the numbers dwindle like that; being "punished" 
with relative obscurity for doing right--Hmmm.  Maybe, though,/
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FEBRUARY 17, 2009 12:11PM

The happiest war best

James, the sort of "hyper-adrenalized" state I associate with animal 
passions(!), is something I associate with those who have experienced 
the sort of brain development that follows a traumatizing/menancing 
childhood.  Love, empathy (the higher emotions!), I associate with 
th/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 17, 2009 12:08PM

Nymphs and pixies fight good, too

No, not a fantasy, James.  The most advanced psychoclass would be all 
about peace, of course.  However, they would have within their ranks 
the most creative (lea… Read full post »

America got both the healthiest and the least healthy people in 
Europe.  (Remember to check out Lloyd's discussion of American 
immigration in his first book, Foundations of Psychohistory, and his 
discussion elsewhere of the repercussions of America being the most 
free nation
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FEBRUARY 17, 2009 12:02PM

Obama's dress (October 30, 2008)

As we well know, the last attacks on Obama have centered on him 
ostensibly being a redistributionist, a commie.  The American Right 
seems to enjoy thinking of him as such.  My sense is that the Right 
(though of course they could never admit this to themselves) actually&nb
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