Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
September 26
I am a poet-essayist-singer-songwriter, and advocate for the poor, with a teaching and counseling background. I grew up in Florida, now live in Asheville, North Carolina. I also lived in New England 20 years. I love nature, music, and poetry. I am married and we have three adult-kids between us and four grandkids! I am interfaith, leaning toward Taoist, Celtic, and Native American spirituality, and an "Obama Democrat." My book of song lyrics (Back to the Sun) and mv book of essays on creativity (On the Blue Ridge Line) can also be found on Amazon.


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JULY 10, 2014 1:43AM

Dealing with loss (prose-poetry)

Up at 1 a.m.I lost a few good books on our trip, leading me to reflect on the broader issue of loss in one's life, and how to handle it...

You can obsess upon a loss
but what good does that do?

Eventually, you must refocus
and rebuild your creative life

either that… Read full post »

Admitting I am afraid

It's not easy, it hits you so fast

you don't know you're afraid


and you've sold out

before you know it

and you've run away


from the evil man

leaving the innocent behind

to suffer


Don't leave the innocent behind to suffer Read full post »

JULY 7, 2014 7:14PM

The Flow of Life, 4/6/14

The cats, after our 3 week absence, all over us today all of the pets and scratching they missed....We are very tired from this around the country car trip....Amazing how artists I once dismissed are now at the top of my list, e.g. U2 and Springsteen...Good that Israel arrested those idiots… Read full post »

JULY 7, 2014 5:45AM

We Must Reach Out

Published in the Asheville Citizen-Times, July 6... 


I am concerned for our generation, but more so for the next two, with all of the political and religious acrimony floating around the political terrain in America, and far too many other countries.

I think that distrust is a normal emot… Read full post »

JULY 2, 2014 11:22AM

My View of Mindfulness

Minefields, they are out there
It's not ernough to dwell in the present
One must also look forward

Traumas, they are inside
It's not enough to dwell in the present
One must also look back

Look back
and deal with the woundedness
But you may need help

JUNE 30, 2014 9:33AM

A Few Tips for the Newly Homeless

When you are cast adrift in a new place, it is easy to get disoriented. It is important to not panic, and realize that you will have to flail around for a while before yu get your bearings. This has been true of our sojourn to Ventura, CA. But it is… Read full post »

JUNE 28, 2014 8:50AM

Gift of a Pebble

A child gives me
one of his precious pebbles
to keep

a pebble so small
barely the dot of an "i"
yet so precious

an orangle pebble
worth nothing on the Market
but what a gift

one of his precious pebbles
His heart  Read full post »
JUNE 27, 2014 9:24AM

The Nation Needs to Come Together

The nation needs to come together

Too much division between
young and old
rich and poor
black and white
left and right

I see smiling faces
on our trip west

But I also see grim faces

Some people
are weighed down

Others have been set free… Read full post »
JUNE 26, 2014 8:42AM

Making a Relationship Work

Relationships will be bumpy
at times.Then they will smooth out
if you want them to

You have to delve
into a relationship
to make it work

More than that, delve into it
to make it more than surface

You have to take some risks
You have to tolerate… Read full post »

Communication is so important. Honest, yet unabrasive communication. We can easily get out of the habit of face-to-face communication because of the internet, too much  busy-work and other factors. Also, some of us have an introverted personality to begin with. But it is important to do what one… Read full post »

I bought a U2 CD and am looking forward to listening to it in the car as we travel through the West. Reading Jewel's poetry and am so impressed. So turned off by politics, so much about strategy and winning, especially as presented by the cable news channels, so little about… Read full post »

JUNE 21, 2014 8:06AM

Ghostly Dreams

Dreamed someone published a novel
in my dad's name, a warning dream

and my father's spirit floating around

I've been thinking about him a lot lately
Someone, I feel he is traveling with us

through the Rockies, unfamiliar territory
but stunning in its vastness and ghosts

of the past, endless freight trai… Read full post »

JUNE 21, 2014 4:45AM

Thinking and Writing as We Travel

Up in the middle of the night. Cannot sleep. Oh, well. Might as well do some writing. I love Wyoming. Beautiful state. We are in the mountains now, 8k+ elevation. Bought the City of Angels soundtrack, very good, including a U2 song and Angel by Sarah McLaughlin. I never saw the… Read full post »

JUNE 20, 2014 11:38AM

Dreams Can Shape the Future

Dream of errors in judgment
Warning not to head them off
at the pass

Settle down, take care of business
think ahead, make good decisions
even if risky

going into them with eyes open

Risk is sometimes necessary
but it must be well-considered risk
understanding the consequences

acting with care, correcting m… Read full post »

JUNE 15, 2014 4:49AM

New poetry compilation, 6/15/14

A night bird calling at twilight

The day winding down

Time to punch that internal time clock

Let go of anxieties, relax,

And do something that you just enjoy









 … Read full post »

JUNE 11, 2014 4:17PM

The Idea Is... (prose-poetry)



The idea is to keep on keepin' on

to not give up, to be your own self

to take some risks but not all risks


to reach out, but if you receive rejection back

to not let it eat away at… Read full post »

JUNE 10, 2014 12:43PM

The Hot-Air Balloon (poetry)

I keep on going to sleep

and waking up and talking back

to characters in the dreams


It doesn't scare me

I'm not hurting anyone


I'm hearing voices

but I have to believe

this too will pass

 … Read full post »

JUNE 9, 2014 6:47PM

Came Back to Life (poetry)

I came back to life at dusk
Heard the cry of the dove

Cooled the house down
Straightened things up

Faced some hard truths
Got rid of headache

Played some Tom Petty
"Runnin' Down a Dream'

I came back to life at dusk
Heard the cry of the dove Read full post »

What would I do without my car
riding through the pre-dawn
down the highway

heading for my favorite coffee shop

listen to my favorite artists, like Bruce Springsteen
U2, Bob Dylan, riding alone, feeling free, reflecting,
the road almost empty, the past, present, future

flowing throug… Read full post »

JUNE 8, 2014 7:23AM

Better in a Crisis (prose-poetry)

When things start to fall apart
I get very calm, I focus body and mind
I'm better in a crisis, don't know why

I get very quiet inside myself
start to listen to bird cries at dawn
feel a new day rising

another chance to get it right Read full post »

JUNE 7, 2014 12:41PM

Time to Let Go

A time to engage with problems
and a time to let go, completely

Let go of all of them
Give yourself a rest

There are problems that cannot be solved
right away, some that cannot be solved at all
Sometimes only a change of attitude will do,

a realization that not everything
is in our control,… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2014 6:13AM

Finally Found My Music

I finally found my music
great artists, great songs

the music that transforms me
Now I no longer looking beauty
in the face, in the eyes

I no longer fear beauty
because of the great artists
great songs

and in there somewhere
my own beauty and song Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2014 4:42AM

Down at the Stop and Go

Down of at Stop and Go

the muck-a-mucks don't show up

the very poor, working poor do


and I do


Sometimes I feel like

I don'[t fit in anywhere


I have been poor

I have been middle class… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2014 4:36AM

The Nature of Trust

I think that there are two kinds of trust. One is one based on feelings. The other is one you intentionally place in another human being, just as there are several kinds of love: agape, intentional, romantic. We need more than one word for trust in English, but due to the… Read full post »

JUNE 3, 2014 3:07AM

Quiet Night, More Than Quiet

Quiet night, more than quiet
Totally still out back at 2 a.m.

Totally still inside, too

Even the cats are not bugging me
I need the silence, need to just rest

in the stillness

Now suddenly my psyche goes
to the muffled sound of waves

on the ocean

like music turned down low
allowing my… Read full post »