Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
September 26
I am a poet-essayist-singer-songwriter, and advocate for the poor, with a teaching and counseling background. I grew up in Florida, now live in Asheville, North Carolina. I also lived in New England 20 years. I love nature, music, and poetry. I am married and we have three adult-kids between us and four grandkids! I am interfaith, leaning toward Taoist, Celtic, and Native American spirituality, and an "Obama Democrat." My book of song lyrics (Back to the Sun) and mv book of essays on creativity (On the Blue Ridge Line) can also be found on Amazon.


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MAY 25, 2014 4:59AM

Images of Others (poetry)

We have our images of other people
some accurate and some wildly off base
We need to be aware of this

We can assume this or that about a person,
but it takes time to really get to know someone
and some in-depth communication

Then there are the sociopaths,
experts at presenting a good image,
who have… Read full post »

MAY 24, 2014 5:39AM

Doing the Best I Can (poetry)

Finally, can't walk

now must use walker


I've passed through anger stage

skipping depression, and now, hopefully

have moved on to acceptance


But you never know about those stages

They don't unfold according to plan


I hate being dependent

leaving more for my wife 

to do...It'… Read full post »

MAY 22, 2014 10:05AM

What Is a Friend?

Many people have made up a list of what is a friend. Here's one more try:

1) Someone who believes in your potential to grow.
2) Someone who is aware of your strengths and appreciates them.
2) Someone who is aware of some of your flaws, but accepts you.
3) Someone who will be… Read full post »

MAY 22, 2014 5:22AM

Looking out at the Night

Lily the cat
looking out at the night
Me, too, Lily

There is the deepest darkness
Later on, there is the pure light
That's the way life is

My dreams tell me
the most important thing
is to have true friends

To be lost
in a world of strangers
is the worst thing

No one want to live or… Read full post »

MAY 21, 2014 1:18PM

The Inner World of Impotence

You enjoy pleasing her

but can't have an orgasm


You are afraid this will last forever

The docs haven't been able to help


You feel like a failure

less of a man


Meeting her needs seems crucial


You miss the release

but will never give up


  http://frRead full post »

MAY 20, 2014 8:51AM

Invisible Dawn

Birds crying out, in the darkness before dawn

My spirit cries out in unison with them.


We are sending a greeting

to the invisible dawn.


There are many invisible things

that touch one's spirit out in nature

and awaken one's… Read full post »

MAY 20, 2014 2:21AM

Makin' It on Your Own

Makin’ It on Your Own


Sometimes you just have to be completely on your own, out in the world, to make a significant growth step. I think that I jumped from marriage to marriage, in part, because I did not want to face truly being on my own.Read full post »

MAY 19, 2014 4:35PM

Life Is Complicated and a Mystery

Life can be complicated. That's why it's hard to figure out how I became homeles in the late ninties--homeless and pre-homeless. How I lost so man jobs, went through so many changes, and moved so many times, before finally settling down. Yes, the treatment for Bipolar was pivotal.

But life IS… Read full post »

Boundaries, we may not like them, but we need them 

Of course, we can carry this thought to far


Some boundaries beg to be broken

like the boundary of racial segregation


Other boundaries we ignore

at our own or others' peril


Is it wise to invade someone's privacy… Read full post »

MAY 18, 2014 10:23AM

Homelessness and Self-Reliance

Makin’ It on Your Own

Sometimes you just have to be completely on your own, out in the world, to make a significant growth step. I think that I jumped from marriage to marriage, in part, because I did not want to face truly being on my own. My homelessRead full post »

MAY 18, 2014 7:25AM


Boundaries, we may not like them, but we need them
Didn't Frost say "Good fences make good neighbors"

Of course, you can carry this thought too far
If you never cross a boundary, you will never know
why it exists in the first place

Something like that...

MAY 18, 2014 2:10AM

Everyone Needs Their Own Space

I love to be awake
when most everybody else is asleep
Sometimes I love to drive alone
on the ancient highway
I love to have my own space
to think and feel

This does not mean I don't love
the people I love, but I also need
my solitude

Everyone needs their own space sometimes full post »

MAY 17, 2014 6:39PM

Keep Movin' On

O when things fall apart
sometimes it's best to pick up the pieces
as best you can

and just keep movin' on

O when things are dark and foreboding
and hope seems to hang by a thread

sometimes it's best to just pick yourself up
and keep movin', keep movin' on

Pick yourself up, walk… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2014 4:08AM

It's ok

It's ok

It's ultimately ok

as long as your soul lives

and your love survives

It's ok

It's ultimately ok

as long as you do not lose hope… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2014 3:01AM

This Venue May Be Dying

This venue may be dying

but the poets will not

They always find a way

to break through

with their song 


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MAY 15, 2014 2:45AM

Explosions in the Night

an explosion shatters the calm
of this spring night

You open the window
and listen to the quiet rain

The cats share this moment
Somehow, they understand
your feelings

So many explosions
and heartache in this world
but also love

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MAY 14, 2014 4:59PM

Beauty Lies Within

It does not matter if beauty fades

into the mist of the mountain

because beauty also lies within

It does not matter if beauty

vanishes from your presence

It also exists 

within the farthest reaches

of the universe

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Watching a survival show last night, the man stranded on a mountain in winter stressed that sometimes it is better to hunker down and rest and think things through and other times better to move on down the mountain. It's all a matter of timing. Isn't that true in life in… Read full post »

MAY 14, 2014 4:40AM

Your Soul On Fire (poetry)

You're going along through life
Sometimes, with no warning
Your soul is on fire

Your soul is set ablaze
but in a good way

Like a rushing wind
thoughts and feelings explode
You let go of old constraints

You encounter beauty
and it changes you

Suddenly you accept
something about yourself
neither good nor bad… Read full post »

The circus tent is coming down
leaving this bedraggled town

The clowns sit on their wooden crates
playing poker, the trapeze artist
is painting her toenails
The barker is barking, imitating the dogs
The big boss counts the money
in his double wide

The elephants are strung together
with thick ropes, the trai… Read full post »

MAY 13, 2014 3:58AM

Don't Cling to Beauty

Don't pick the flower
Don't cling to beauty

The beautiful live their lives
unencumbered until they die

There's a little wine bar downtown
where unknowns share their poetry
And why not?
with everyone trying to be a celebrity
or rise to the top
Its all about making money, or is it?
Maybe for some, it's about sharing
their spirits
Maybe it's about breaking through
the walls that divide
Maybe it's just about sharin… Read full post »

MAY 10, 2014 5:51PM

Resisting Negative Attributions

Someone who I barely know blurted out to me, "You're in poor health." That stung and later made me angry. That sort of negative attribution is not helpful--the opposite. Besides, I am not simply in "poor health" I  have very healthy parts and other parts that seem to be breaking down.… Read full post »

MAY 6, 2014 8:25PM

The Cosmos Within (poetry)

sun going down
peaceful feeling

The stillness of approaching night
calms my spirit, healing my body

I hear cricket sounds
maybe in my head

Does it really matter?

Inside and outside are one
The entire cosmos within

MAY 6, 2014 9:22AM

The Good Side of Individualism

My column published in the Asheville Citizen-Times today:


Listen to authority figures, but in the end, you must decide for yourself, in accordance with your own considered judgment and personal conscience. An authority figure can be dead wrong, as in the case of the ferry captain or crew telli… Read full post »