Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank
Arden, North Carolina, USA
September 26
Beckoning Dove Press
I am a poet-essayist-singer-songwriter, and advocate for the poor, with a teaching and counseling background. I grew up in Florida, now live in Asheville, North Carolina. I also lived in New England 20 years. I love nature, music, and poetry. I am married and we have three adult-kids between us and four grandkids! I am interfaith, leaning toward Taoist, Celtic, and Native American spirituality, and an "Obama Democrat." My book of song lyrics (Back to the Sun) and my book of essays on creativity (On the Blue Ridge Line) can also be found on Amazon. In addition, I have a book of sayings on Amazon--Sayings for the Creative Person, Reflections on Personal Growth, Things that Matter (prose-poetry), and Alive and Free (2-14 poetry). In 2015, I hope to write new books on creativity, homelessness and aging, along with new poetry.



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NOVEMBER 11, 2014 12:25AM

Loving until the End (poetry)

When you lose something or someone
precious, it makes you want to search
and search and search

It makes you want to not give up
You go over the same places over and over
turning things over on the table

You don't feel able to go on

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NOVEMBER 10, 2014 6:58AM

Hitting Bottom

Sometimes you just have to hit bottom
to come back up, and often when you
come back up, you're in a better place

It could be in losing your home
It could be having a rough patch
with your partner

It could be being laid low
by a serious illness
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NOVEMBER 10, 2014 2:40AM

"I sing a song for the bad man"

"I sing a song for the bad man" (Ronnie Van Zant)

That's how I feel about the orange cat intruder who keeps wanting to fight with our cats and take over our house and yard. I--unaccountably--have compassion for it, because it is a creature mostly

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NOVEMBER 9, 2014 12:40PM

If I were to Lose You, Baby


If I were, to lose you baby, somehow
I would feel empty, completely empty
I would hear the sound of a night train
Deep in the night

If I were to love you, baby
I would feel like a deserted alley
at midnight
I would feel like a/
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NOVEMBER 9, 2014 7:35AM

The Creative Never Grow Old Inside

The creative never grow old inside
They are always coming up with new things
They are open in spirit

They might look old on the outside
but inside, there is a flame that will not die
Their work will somehow be passed on

that includes their work with

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NOVEMBER 7, 2014 2:48PM

Inspired by Super Jane's post

I like the honesty of this writing. I don't feel the least bit guilty of the time I spend on the net because I use it creatively, and do get out and about, not as much as other people, because I am an introvert. It is a major writing tool for… Read full post »

A strange peace, a strange calm
has come over me

Outside, we have brilliant sunshine
and wind, blowing the leaves

and a cool breeze, but now the wind is rising
blowing the leaves into a cloud of leaves

and suddenly, we have thunder
and power flickering on and off

That's how fast our world
can be transformed

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NOVEMBER 6, 2014 5:31AM

Crow Returns with a Message for Me


Crow returns with a message for me

 A dove cries from deep in the woods


Crow issues a warning

I am afraid but not afraid

The future is uncertain


But the Spirit Birds

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It may seem like the world is going crazy
but there's no excuse for going crazy with it
when you know better

Do the best you can
and accept help when you need it
No one is perfect

and we don't see ourselves
exactly as others see us

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I thought a lot about the future of our democracy on November 4. I have a coffee cup with an image of the Statue of Liberty imprinted on the side, the Statue newcomers to this country would view on crossing the Atlantic.


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NOVEMBER 3, 2014 5:00PM

How Long Do I Have to Live? (poetry)

How long do I have to live?
How long do I have to give?
How long do I have to love?
No one knows for sure
So I keep on writing
I keep on singing
I keep on dreaming for a better deal
for the people of the USA and world
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NOVEMBER 1, 2014 9:09AM

When the First Snow Appears Suddenly

When the first snow appears suddenly
Well, you could not see it overnight

and it continues to fall in first light
Sometimes there are no words that will suffice
to express the feeling of peace

that comes over you
that comes over you

You go inside

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NOVEMBER 1, 2014 7:29AM

First Snow in the Mountains

First snow in the mountains
Spent the whole night just organizing
my thoughts and immediate space
No poetry, just organization

That what I needed
"It's my life, it's now or ever
I ain't gonna live forever"

(Lyric by Jon Bon Jovi)

NOVEMBER 1, 2014 7:29AM

First Snow in the Mountains

First snow in the mountains
Spent the whole night just organizing
my thoughts and immediate space
No poetry, just organization

That what I needed
"It's my life, it's now or ever
I ain't gonna live forever"

(Lyric by Jon Bon Jovi)

OCTOBER 31, 2014 5:52PM

The Night Is Falling on Halloween

The night is falling on Halloween
No trick or treaters, there is too much fear
and it is turning bitter cold

It didn't used to be this way

America has changed
The media has helped
to instill fear in us

but the streets are less safe

Blacks are afraid of whites
Whites are afraid of blacks

far too often

How do we… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2014 4:07PM

When People Talk Past Each Other

When people talk past each other it means they have not found of common reference point for intelligent discussion. It is as if their frames of reference are extremely disparate and, in effect, they are not speaking in a common language. This happens between political opponents, people from different… Read full post »

OCTOBER 30, 2014 5:32PM

Calling All Angels

"Calling all angels" (U2)
we need you now

The country and world are in peril
freedom, justice, democracy too

Extremists don't want mere victory
They want to crush the opposition

physically or otherwise

Calling all angels
We need you now

We must exercise wisdom
put our selfish needs aside

These are not ordinary… Read full post »

OCTOBER 30, 2014 2:46PM

Voted early!

Voted early for Democratic Senator Kay Hagan, NC!

OCTOBER 30, 2014 9:05AM

Poems on Napkins

I used to write poems on napkins
when I was in college, hanging out
at coffee shops

I learned to write brief poems that way
but threw them away, in the end, I wish
I hadn't

Threw them away, but the memory remains
of a college kid surviving on

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OCTOBER 29, 2014 7:06AM

Sirens at Dawn (poetry)

Approaching dawn

A siren already shattering
the darkness

Many sirens.
Oh my God, someone in peril--
A dark feeling arises

There are certain sounds
that touch the deepest part
of the soul

For me, the sound
of the train, the cicada
the dove

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OCTOBER 28, 2014 2:20PM

To Leave the Person Hanging (poetry)

To Leave the person hanging

There is something in our culture
that says it is OK to ignore someone
who is trying to communicate

okay just to leave the person hanging

I guess it's easier that way
to simply shut the person out
with no explanation

Nothing,… Read full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2014 9:43AM

Confidentiality, Writing and Counseling

It is a real issue with writing when you write about real life how to not hurt anyone. This goes beyond FB to blog and websites and publications and articles in the paper. One way to deal with it is to keep the focus on yourself. Another way… Read full post »

I have this desire to reach back into the past
to try to understand better why things turned out
the way they did

The way they did

Looking back
a chaotic series of events
and some near disasters

Looking back, reaching back
I try to re-establish relationships

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OCTOBER 26, 2014 12:57PM

A political prose-poem

Anyone who thinks it's ok to literally buy an election
Anyone who think it's fine to skew the vote by gerrymandering
Anyone who tries hard to demonize the other Party
Anyone who rejects dialogue and compromise on The Hill
Anyone who thinks all liberal ideas are bad (or good)
(the same
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OCTOBER 25, 2014 1:36PM

A sign from the grave

I am just amazed that when I asked for a sign from my Dad that his spirit is alive and with me I felt that he did send me a definite sign. Now, would it be greedy for me to ask for a second sign from him?