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Utah, USA
November 29
Just after Thanksgiving in 2013 I decided to switch to an all raw diet. In Oct. 2010 I switched from the Standard American Diet to a 100 percent raw, organic diet with lots of sprouts and fermented foods. But I fell away from the path, gradually at first -- with a slice of pizza here or a bit of movie popcorn there -- and then with quite a bang as my life became hectic. There are many interesting variations of the raw food diet out there today. Just about everybody knows somebody who's picked up a daily green smoothie habit. But 80 percent raw or 90 percent raw just isn't good enough for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and improving and maintaining my quality of life is a high priority. After research and experience, I'm convinced that a 100 percent raw diet with living foods and fermented foods is the healthiest diet on the planet. Join me here at Uncooked for twice monthly posts on the subject of raw foods. I'm trained as a gourmet raw food chef and a raw food holistic health counselor and I lived at the oldest Raw Living Food Center in the United States for a year and a half to acquire my education. There I met amazing people who have inspired me on this whole food, raw food, organic sweet living adventure. In this blog I'll share recipes, tips, triumphs, experience and occasional stories about other raw foodie folks who inspire me.


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